Imlie starlife update Thursday 30 November 2023

Imlie 30 November 2023: Imlie tells Atharva that people say that children can sense people’s true nature y their face and asks if she was so bad, would Kairi have loved her so much. Atharva says Kairi and Imlie’s special connection is not a magic, Kairi is attached to her because she is her m.. then says Imlie was Kairi’s teacher in summer camp; he wouldn’t have picked Imlie if it was not for Kairi. Imlie says even she wouldn’t have accompanied him, they have separated and will not speak anything other Kairi. Atharva says she is right and thinks he was about to tell Imlie that she is Kairi’s mother, he has to take Kairi from here as soon as possible.

Imlie reaches home and talks to Kairi. Kairi opens eyes and feels happy seeing her. Shivani says they tried so much to wake her up, but she woke up with just Imlie’s voice. Kairi asks Imlie why did she leave her. Imlie apologizes and says Kairi looks weak, so she will give her lots of vitamins, especially D. Kairi asks what is vitamin D. Imlie says vitamin D and parties with Kairi on a song Chand Chamke.. song. Chini watches them silently. Rudra asks how does Imlie know what Kairi wants and Chini doesn’t know anything about Kairi.

Chini gets nervous and cries. Atharva comforts her and says nobody should find out that Imlie is Kairi’s mother as Imlie didn’t want to bring Kairi in the world. Rudra doubts that Kairi is Imlie’s daughter and calls his doctor to get Kairi’s DNA test done.

At night, Chini tries to make Chini sleep. Imlie brings Kairi’s medicine. Atharva asks why did she come here. Imlie tries to leave. Kairi walks behind Imlie. Atharva stops her and says she can’t go anywhere. Kairi insists to let Imlie stay with her. Atharva refuses. Chini says let Imlie stay with Chini tonight or else she may get fever again. Devika prepares Atharva’s favorite sweets in kitchen. Rudra walks to her and reminds how she used to prepare Atharva’s favorite sweets before when he used to go on a trip. Devika says he used to go out once in a month, but now he is going forever.

He asks why she is being so rude to Imlie. Devika says Imlie wasn’t happy with Imlie’s return. Rudra says she already showed her reaction in Goa itself when he met Atharva there. Devika says truth doesn’t change. Their argument starts. Devika demands Atharva and Imlie’s divorce and says Atharva and Chini’s relationship can’t be named until Imlie divorces and marries Dhairya. Rudra hopes Kairi’s DNA report arrives soon and proves Imlie as Kairi’s biological mother.

Imlie tries to make Kairi sleep. Kairi refuses to leave Imlie’s hand. Atharva asks Imlie to leave. Chini says let her be with Kairi or else Kairi will wake up. Imlie sleeps besides Kairi while Chini sleeps on a couch. She gets jealous seeing Atharva, Kairi, and Imlie on a same bed and makes sound to wake Imlie up. Imlie wakes up and leaves from there. Next morning, Devika serves Atharva’s favorite dishes.

Atharva says he will put on weight in a day itelf. Their chitchat continues. Imlie walks in with Dhairya and sits besides Atharva silently. Kairi asks why they are all sitting so silently and asks everyone to laugh loudly like people laugh in a laughter club. They all laugh. Imlie and Atharva feel awkard and stop. Kairi starts coughing. Chiini feeds her water.

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