Bitter sweet love starlife update Friday 10 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vandu seeing Pammi and stopping her. Pammi dances. Vandu dances next on Sajan ke ghar jana hai… Anagha and Vedika dance with Vandu. Vijay blesses Vandu. Mrunal makes a video call to Vaibhav and shows the mangalsutra. She threatens him.

She says you marry Vandu. He says tell me, what are you thinking. Vandu is still dancing. Everyone is happy for her. They all dance. Mrunal scares Vaibhav and ends the call. He gets worried. He gets Vandu’s video call. Mrunal comes and sees Vandu talking to him. Vandu says your haldi will be applied to me. Vaibhav sees Mrunal behind. He worries. Mrunal leaves. He thinks don’t know what is Mrunal going to do. Anagha gets the haldi. Vandu asks Vaibhav to see. Anagha looks for the phone. She says I have to click Vandu’s pic.

She asks Vandu to wait. She goes. She falls over the bed. She turns to see. They all hear a scream. Vandu leaves her haldi and runs to see. The haldi bowl falls. Pammi asks what problem happened now. Vijay sees the haldi bowl fallen and cries. Vandu sees Mrunal unconscious and is shocked. Everyone comes and checks Mrunal. They see the sleeping pills bottle there. Vandu asks Mrunal to get up.

Kunal and Bobby come. Vandu says someone call the hospital for an ambulance. Pammi says she attempted suicide, is she pregnant out of wedlock. Hemant and Anagha worry. Vandu says don’t say anything wrong about Mrunal. Savita says there is some big reason. Vandu asks Mrunal to say, did anyone cheat her. She cries. They get Mrunal to the hospital. Vandu calls Vaibhav. Kunal looks on. Vedika asks Vijay to stay strong. Savita says I think Mrunal is pregnant. Vaibhav’s sister says don’t know what family did Vaibhav choose. Vaibhav comes to the hospital. Vandu says someone did wrong with Mrunal, there is some guy in her life, she was helpless to take this step. Hemant cries. Kunal looks on.

Vandu says I will never forgive that person. Vaibhav hugs her and consoles. He sees Kunal. Doctor asks them to meet Mrunal. Vandu and Vaibhav run to see her. Doctor says Kunal, we have to inform the police, there is something about this case, I need to tell you, come to my cabin. Pammi says Mrunal doesn’t have her mother, Vandu is just excited about her marriage, Mrunal has big dreams, she would be having an affair with a rich man. Vandu and Vaibhav see Mrunal.

Mrunal gets conscious. Vandu asks what happened to you. Mrunal sees Vaibhav. Vandu says we love you a lot, why did you do this, is there any guy, did anyone do wrong, tell me, do you love someone, did anyone cheat you. Vaibhav signs Mrunal to be quiet.

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