Anupamaa starlife update Friday 1 December 2023

Anupamaa 1 December 2023: Anuj protects gurumaa Malti Devi’s foot when she is about to step on a nail unknowingly. Anupama thanks Anuj. Gurumaa blesses him to be happy. Anupama excitedly introduces gurumaa and Nakul to everyone. Hasmukh says its an honor that she came to bless Samar and Dimpy. Anuj slips. Anupama and Maaya rush to his help. Anuj says he is fine and just slipped, asks Anupama to attend gurumaa. Anupama asks Samar and Dimpy to take gurumaa’s blessings. Gurumaa blesses them and gifts them hand-embroided piece of cloth by her.

Anupamaa excitedly informs that gurumaa herself embroided it. Kinjal says its a very pretty cloth, gurumaa must have spent a lot of time on it. Gurumaa says time is valuable than money and a gift made over time is very previous.

Anupama introduces each family member to gurumaa. Vanraj thanks gurumaa for attending his son’s wedding and giving Anupama a chance to fulfill her dream which he had broken years ago. Gurumaa says it’s good that he is repenting for his mistake, but sometimes one needs more than repention as passed time never returns. Anupama further introduces her to rest of the family members. Maaya says she can’t believe gurumaa is here, even she is a dancer and used to watch her dance videos a lot. Leela starts talking nonsensically and tries to irritate Gurumaa. Gurumaa calmly handles her nonsense and starts praising Anupama.

Gurumaa praises Anupama’s craving for learning dance, her selfless behavior, her helping her mother often, treating her fellow students, etc., and announces that she is making her a successor of her America’s gurukul. Everyone are surprised to hear that. Gurumaa performs Anupama’s aarti and continues to praise Anupama. She apologizes for making this announcement here and says she felt Anupama’s son’s wedding is the best place to make this announcement. Nakul feels jealous and thinks he served gurumaa since his childhood, but she gave his right to Anupama and he will not tolerate it. Vanraj notices him and thinks why this dancer is so angry.

Anupama feels happy looking at gurumaa’s gifted badge and recalling her praising words. Badge falls down. Anuj holds it and tells Anupama that she deserves this honor and gurumaa didn’t make any favor by making her a successor a she deserves it and he knows she will fulfill her responsibility wholeheartedly.


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