Anupama starlife update Wednesday 24 January 2024

Anupama tells Kavya that the story she just told was for herself as people create stories of infidelity for themselves like Toshu and Vanraj did earlier, but excuse or reason can justify infidelity.

She says she will not accept Kavya’s story and consider her as a victim as she is absolutely wrong; Kavya told family didn’t accept her, but Kavya herself ruined Anupama’s marital life by having an affair with Vanraj; family accepted her eventually, but she had an affair with Anirudh while she is married to Vanraj. She asks will she had revealed this secret if she she wasn’t pregnant. Kavya says she doesn’t have any emotional relationship with Anirudh and is not at mistake. Anupama says Toshu also didn’t have an emotional relationship with that girl, but Kavya had criticized Toshu then. She tongue lashes Kavya for betraying Vanraj and reminds Vanraj betraying her for Kavya and humiliating her brutally. She says when she tolerated Vanraj’s humiliation and Leela’s taunts for 26 years, Kavya should have learnt from her. She describes how a person feels when the partner betrays them, etc.. and says she never supported wrong in the past and will never in the future. She says she can’t expect sympathy from her.

Anuj fixes Vanraj’s leg sprain. Vanraj praises him. Anupama reminds Kavya that she had seen Kavya on her bed with Vanraj on her 25th wedding anniversary, etc. Kavya says Anirudh abandoned her after learning about her pregnancy and bluntly suggested her for abortion, she never expected that she would cheated Vanraj for Anirudh. She criticizes men for their insensitiveness. Anupama warns her not to blame men as women also equally at mistake, she should accept her mistake.

Kavya says she would have committed suicide if she wasn’t pregnant; she doesn’t have any expectations from anyone and was managing alone, but then she thought if her child will be deprived of family love like her; she didn’t want to return, but when she got Vanraj’s love and family’s attention, she got greedy and lied that Anirudh’s child is Vanraj’s child; she needed family’s concern and love like any other pregnant woman, but now feels guilty.

Vanraj continues to search for Kavya and Anupama in rooms. Anupama suggests Kavya that she can’t build her world on a foundation of lies, so she should reveal truth to Vanraj. Kavya says Vanraj will leave her then. Anupama says at least she can be guilt-free, truth will be out anyways and her baby will have to bear it’s consequences, etc., and suggests her to reveal truth to Vanraj before he learns it from somewhere, if not now but in some time. Kavya says she can’t. Anupama says then she can do whatever she wants to, but shouldn’t victimize herself and not let women be blamed. She continues.. Vanraj opens door and finds them in that room. Kavya tells Anupama that Anupama’s suggestion is right, but she can’t tell it to Vanraj as Vanraj will shatter when he learns that the baby belongs to Anirudh and not him. Vanraj stands shattered hearing that.

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