Destined by fate starlife Wednesday 24 January 2024

Chaman Bahar requests Kanha and Sayuri to let her stay at their house, she will leave once the situation normalizes at her place. Kanha asks how will she find out. Chaman says she doesn’t know and requests Sayuri to convince Kanha. She thinks Kanha is so handsome, she can spend her whole life with him happily.

Santosh and Daadi Mausi walk out and seeing Chaman’s drama asks Kanha to give her some money and shoo her out. Sayuri at first thinks of checking out about Chaman with Nakul and let her stay, but then hearing Saroj and Daadi Mausi’s words refuses to let her stay.

Chaman continues her drama and acts as leaving, then acts as having an epileptic attack. Daadi mausi asks why is she dancing. Saroj says she got an epileptic attack. Kanha rushes to Chaman and gives Saroj’s key bunch to her. Chaman imagines Kanha saying he will not let anything happen to her and wides her eyes in happiness.

Saroj asks Sayuri to send her to a hospital. Sayuri says they should keep her here until she gets well and asks servants to help her take Chaman in. Chaman walks in grinning. Saroj asks Sayuri to take back her keys. Chaman holds it tightly. Servants drop her to a room. Kanha and Sayuri discuss that once Nakul comes, they will enquire him and send Chaman back to her village.

Once they leave, Chaman calls her aide Tinku and informs him that their plan is going well, she gained entry into Chaudhry house. Tinku asks what if Nakul exposes her. Chaman says she will manage. Daadi mausi walks in to take Saroj’s keys from Chaman. Chaman acts as being possessed. Daadi mausi tries to take keys from her, but fails. Chaman troubles her. Sayuri and Kanha get into a cute argument to decide Mithu’s name. Kanha asks what if someone snatches him away from her. Sayuri says nobody can interfere between them.

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