Radha Mohan Zeeworld update Tuesday 23 January 2024

Radha Mohan 23 January 2024: Radha has prepared the kheer, Tulsi exclaims it is looking very nice and she thinks even he should like it, Tulsi leaves to check on Mohan as she is sure he would be thinking of something.

Damini finishes her dish but seeing the Kheer on the other side of the table, she picks the bottle of spice thinking today the best kheer of Radha is going to turn into the worst one and no one would be able to eat it, just as she is about to mix it Radha stops her hand, Damini is shocked seeing her as Radha removes the spoon from her hand, explaining Gungun rightly says Damini always tries to mic spice in either the lives or food, she pushing Damini’s hand exclaims her actions should be brought in front of everyone,

Damini mentions no one would believe anything she says as even Mohan is not interested in even her or her kheer, Radha thinks she is right since he himself tried to ruin her health. Damini mentions that no matter how special her Kheer is, no one will eat it other then Maa and she explains that she might even lose becoming the daughter in law of this house, Damini leaves exclaiming that she has cooked the perfect pasta.

Radha thinks Damini is a really bad person but she said the right thing, she prays to Bihari jee that her first day in this house would turn into a failure, she wonders what can she do and what would Maa je think about her, Kadambari asks her to hurry up. Radha gets an idea after seeing the pot beside her. Radha and Damini both walk together holding the dishes in their hands, Radha places it beside Mohan who sees it and after also looking at the dish cooked by Damini, he feels tensed.

Kadambari exclaims today is the first day when Radha cooked the food as the daughter in law of this family, Mohan exclaims even Damini had her first day as the wife of Mohan Trivedi, Kadambari is furious at his words, Radha politely exclaims that she had made kheer for them all and prays they would like it, Mohan with a smile exclaims no one would like it, Damini mentions she had made pasta for them which they all already like, Rahul requests her to serve him as he is really hungry.

Radha gets a bit worried, Kadambari noticing Radha starts pouring the kheer, she is about to eat it but Radha stops her explaining that she did not fulfill the ritual of the Bhoug, Mohan taunts her by saying she should take the entire bowl as everyone here is going to eat the pasta, Kadambari scolds him, Radha leaves.
Radha going to the Mandir places the pot of Kheer, Damini is about to serve the pasta but is furious after hearing Radha constantly calling Mohan to come,

Kadambari is also tensed when Mohan says she would only call him as Mohan jee but is now taking his name, Mohan angrily replies that he is not going to come but Kadambari exclaims he should go if she is calling him, Mohan leaves when Damini tries to follow him but is stopped by Kaveri.

Mohan standing beside Radha angrily exclaims he has come, she asks if he came to perform the ritual of Bhoug, Mohan says he came since she was calling his name, Radha replies that she never called him but was just singing, she once again starts signing hearing which Mohan gets really irritated and Damini is also not able to bear it, she asks if he would waste all of his time standing there as the breakfast is going to get cold.

Mohan asks if she ahs lost her mind, Radha exclaims she has not lost her mind and requests him to wait for a moment, she after fulfilling the ritual asks him to perform the ritual of Bhoug, Mohan says he has no interest in performing the ritual with her and he tries to leave but he is about to fall, Radha helps him but in the process the spoon flies to the feet of Bhagwan and even the ritual is completed. Radha and Tulsi both are shocked, while Damini is angrily staring at them both.

Mohan notices Radha is smiling and is just staring at her when Radha exclaims he has finally performed the ritual of Bhoug, he asks if she has lost her mind but Radha requests him to have a look, Mohan is also shocked after noticing that the ritual has been completed. Mohan exclaims Bihari jee always supports Radha in everything, he asks what happened but leaves furiously. Radha praises the Bihari jee.

Mohan sits back at the table when Kaveri exclaims that Damini should serve everyone the pasta as they know she cooks well due to which they all even eat the spoon. Rahul mentions who does eat kheer in the morning but they all would have pasta, Mr Trivedi exclaims even he will eat the pasta. Radha after mixing the kheer starts serving the kheer, Kadambari instructs her to serve everyone, Radha serves it first to Mohan mentioning this is the Parshad so he should eat just a little bit, Ketki says that no one is interested in her Kheer so she should not call it as Parshad, Mohan agrees mentioning this would remain here in the corner. Radha even then starts serving it to everyone and they all are really furious with her, Mohan once again praises the pasta mentioning that it would taste even more good.

Radha immediately stops Mr Trivedi just as he is about to eat the pasta, she advises him to not eat it since it has a lot of oil.

Kadambari agrees with Radha that pasta is not good for his health, Damini exclaims but it is good for Mohan so she can feed him with her own hands, Radha requests Mohan to not eat it but Damini asks her to not interfere as she is feeding her husband, Radha angrily exclaims then he should eat it, Mohan after taking the bite realizes what has happened, the entre family also take the bite of the pasta and they all feel really weird. Mohan is forced to eat it even when he knows it is really spicy. Ketki and Rahul also start coughing. Kadambari asks what is happening to all of them, Ketki requests water from Ajeet. Damini is confused wondering what has happened, Kadambari noticing it offers water to Ajeet.

Mohan also starts coughing and then demands water, but not being able to control himself he eats the kheer straight from the serving pot without even using the spoon, everyone is worried. Damini is furious seeing it meanwhile Radha starts smiling, Mohan then picks the larger bowl and starts eating the Kheer, seeing which Kadambari is stunned. Radha starts smiling seeing him eating the Kheer which she made on her first day, Damini is really furious at it. Ajeet exclaims it is a nice idea and so they all also start eating the Kheer, seeing which Kadambari starts smiling and is relieved. Radha is glad, she stares at Damini who is furious. Mohan is still not able to control the burning sensation, Ketki asks Damini what sort of pasta she made as it is spicy, Damini says that she would never do it, Mohan explains that Damini would not do it but someone else has done it, he blames that Radha purposefully mixed the spice in the pasta, hearing this Radha gets furious.

Ketki asks Damini what sort of pasta has she made since it is really spicy, Ajeet also informs it is indeed very spicy, Mohan says Damini ahs not done anything but someone else has done it, Kadambari does not understand anything so inquires the truth, Mohan blames Radha for purposefully mixing the spices in the pasta, he asks if they do not remember the last time when Gungun also mixed mushrooms and he explains Gungun is learning everything from her, Kadambari angrily asks Radha if this is the truth and she has done it all, Radha recalls that she was scared when Kadambari called her to be quick, she after seeing the pasta placed beside her thinks about Mahabharat when Bihari jee made a plan to deceive everyone and this means even Bihari jee suggests they should use tricked methods to defeat the evil,

she therefore quickly mixed spice and salt in the pasta which Damini made, Radha accepts that she was the one who did it, the entire Trivedi family is shocked to hear it as Radha accepts that she mixed the spice in the pasta, Damini asks if they all saw that she just acts as she is nice but is really evil, Radha replies she is learning this all from her. Radha takes out her phone asking everyone to see the actions of Damini from the phone of Gungun. Radha shows everyone the video in which Damini is planning to ruin the kheer which Radha is making so no one from the family is able to eat it, Kaveri thinks Radha has finally gotten really smart, Radha says Bihari jee says they should behave exactly the same way with people saying she has done exactly the same thing which Damini was planning to do with him.

Kadambari questions Damini the reason she tried to mix spice in the kheer of Radha, Mohan angrily exclaims that Damini has not done anything wrong because when he does not consider Radha his wife then what is the need for these rituals, Kadambari angrily replies she does not want to repeat the same thing over and over again, Mohan says even he cannot repeat the same thing as he would not be able to make the relation that Radha desires to form with him, Mohan angrily leaves the table.

Ketki says she thought they would get a good breakfast but she feels they would have to remain hungry even today, Radha stops them all explaining that nothing of the sort would happen until she is present, Ajeet gets excited seeing there are a lot of thins in the breakfast so he asks Ketki to enjoy, Kaveri thinks even she would have to eat as she is really hungry, the entire Trivedi family is eating when Radha notices Kadambari is worried, Radha asks what has happened when Kadambari replies that Mohan is really angry and has not had anything to eat,

Radha agrees that he would not calm down very soon but this does not mean e is hungry since he ate the entire bowl of Kheer which she made, so he might not be able to even have anything for lunch, Kadambari smiles realizing it as Radha request her to have the breakfast which the entire family is also enjoying. Damini is really furious seeing that she has once again lost the battle, Mr Trivedi tries to walk away but Radha stops him referring to him as baba, she kneels to take his blessings but Mr Trivedi asks what is she doing,

Kadambari is shocked seeing Radha, who stands in front of Mr Trivedi asking if he would not give her the Shugun for her first ritual, he asks if she desires to get Shugun from him, Radha replies she was just his daughter but from today is even his daughter in law so ahs twice the right over him, so desires the Shugun, Mr Trivedi recalls that he really thought of Radha as his daughter and she also helped him a lot, he explains none of his children have asked anything from him which might be because they think he cannot give them anything but someone has for the first time asked something from him, Damini and Kaveri both are really furious.

Radha asks why he is saying such things and who says he does not have anything to give because a father in himself is the biggest wealth, she explains her own father does not talk with her and neither would he ever talk so he should fulfill the place by giving the blessing, she is glad that she does not have one but two fathers. Kadambari mentions her frustration is for them but he has to fulfill the rituals of a father in law, Mr Trivedi takes out the blessing which he places in the hand of Radha, who starts smiling. Radha also takes them with a smile on her face, she once again kneels down to take his blessings due to which Mr Trivedi also starts crying.

Radha realizes she had made a very big mistake, Kadambari turns to leave when Radha stopping her also takes her blessings, Kadambari praises her for the kheer which she made, but she was wrong to ruin the pasta as it is wrong to ruin the good things, Kadambari explains it is the duty of the women of the house to not let things go to waste, she instructs Radha to always make sure nothing is ruined in the kitchen. Radha promises Kadambari that she will never do anything wrong in the future as she will surely keep an eye on everything, Kadambari then blesses Radha seeing which Damini gets even more furious. Radha thanks Bihari jee a lot for making sure her first ritual as the daughter in law was completed without any problem. Radha exclaims she was able to do everything without their support. Damini taunts Radha by saying that she would also eat in the same dish as Mohan. Radha asks why she would eat in his left over dish rather would eat beside him, Radha questions in which century is she living since wives have the same right over their husbands. Damini angrily says she would never get the right which she desires and warns to take revenge of what she has done to her today, Damini angrily leaves after noticing the keys on her waist.

Dulari exclaims all the food has finished so what are they going to eat, Radha points to the pasta which worries Dulari, Radha exclaims Maa je has just now said that it is wrong to waste food, when Dulari informs that it has a lot of spice. Radha assures her and so in the kitchen places wheat balls in the pasta, Tulsi also praises, Dulari is looking at Radha as she serves the pasta, Radha asks Dulari to check the taste, Radha advises her to serve the plates as they both would have lunch together, Dulari replies she cannot eat with Radha as she is now the daughter in law of this house. Radha explains Dulari helps her in running this house so must have all the right, Dulari says that Radha wronged Mohan jee, Radha assures she would surely one day manage to end all the problems that are in this house. Dulari realizes that Radha is warm so explains that she has fever, Radha explains that she would surely get better, but she starts feeling really ill, Tulsi gets worried asking Radha if she is fine as she starts getting dizzy standing in the kitchen.

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