Anupama starlife update Thursday 20 July 2023

Anupama 20 July 2023: Maaya tongue lashes Anupama and Anuj for not taking proper care of Little Anu and letting her have fever repeatedly. She says she will take care of her daughter from hereon. Anuj says Little Anu is his and Anupama’s daughter. Maaya says she can see them letting Little Anu run on road in fever. Anuj says its because of Maaya, Little Anu is running on road since Maaya promised to come but didn’t; he is tired of Little Anu chanting Maaya mantra. Anupama asks him to calm down. Maaya asks if they want to finish all talk on road itself. Anupama says let us go to our house and tries to pick Little Anu. Maaya says Little Anu is fine with her. Anupama says Little Anu is fine with her too and lifts Little Anu.

Maaya asks if she really wants her to visit her house; Devaki maa never visited Yashoda’s house, demanded her share in motherhood, or sought Kanha back, but if she had done that, would Yashoda have called her home. Anupama says she would have as a mother doesn’t forget her sanskar even in struggle.Anupama with family returns home. Maaya stops at the door. Anupama invites her in and looks at Kanhaji’s idol. Maaya chants a shloka and explains its meaning that Krishna is called as Devak nandan and not Yashoda nandan as scriptures know who is Kanha’s mother, she seeks her right from god. At Shah house, Vanraj asks Leela why she asked person question to Maaya. Leela says let everyone know who is Little Anu’s father.

Vanraj says they should keep away from Maaya as she is very sharp and hopes Maaya doesn’t create problem in Anuj, Anupama, and Kavya’s personal and professional lives. Anuj asks Little Anu to go to her room. Little Anu says she wants to stay with Maaya and hugs her. Maaya says she will take her along forever this time. Anuj warns her to stop. Maaya says she doesn’t like filters and speaks directly. Little Anu asks if she will take her to an amusement park or picnic. Maaya says to her house. Little Anu says this is her house. Maaya says a house is where mother stays and she is Little Anu’s biological mother. She hugs Little Anu and cries. Ankush, Barkha, and Dimpy are shocked to hear that.

Anuj and Anupama stand anxious. Little Anu asks Maaya if she is her real mother. Maaya says she is her real mother. Anuj asks Little Anu again to go in. Little Anu says she was in ashram where orphan kids stay. Maaya says she had left her there and is her culprit, seeks forgiveness. Little Anu angrily says no and asks her to go. Maaya requests to listen to her once. Little Anu says even after having a mother, she was in ashram and used to pray Kanhaji for mummy papa and cry looking at other children’s parents. She asks why she left her there. Maaya pleads again to listen other once. Anuj says enough Maaya. Anupama asks Little Anu to listen to Maaya once and then decide. Maaya pleads her Little Anu to forgive her. Ankush and Barkha criticize Maaya’s action. Little Anu says even an animal doesn’t leave its dead baby, why did she leave her. Maaya says she had to leave her helplessly but was watching her each moment from a distance, she will explain her everything at home. Little Anu refuses to go.

Vanraj warns Kavya not to invite such people home. Kavya says they are her colleagues, she agrees that she got emotionally attracted to him during work, but she won’t repeat it again. Vanraj says he knows what kind of a man Mohit it. Kavya says she knows what Vanraj is. Vanraj says she will not go to London with Mohit, its her husband’s decision. Kavya says she will not go if he takes up Delhi job, and its his wife’s decision. Vanraj says he can’t do that. She says then she can’t obey her husband’s order and will fly to London at any cost. She warns him to not play a cheap trick of hiding her passport like he hid Anupama’s passort.

Maaya asks Little Anu if she will accompany her mother. Little Anu says yes. Anuj picks Little Anu and says he will not let his daughter go anywhere. Little Anu says she will not go anywhere without his parents. Anuj asks Little Anu not to speak to Maaya again and says nobody can take his daughter from him, let anyone do whatever they can. Barkha and Ankush says Anuj is right, Maaya can’t abandon a child and then return to pick her back any time.

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