Anupama starlife update Wednesday 19 July 2023

Anupama 19 July 2023: Door bell rings at Shah house. Kavya excitedly goes to open the door. Leela asks what happened to her. Toshu says Kavya told there is some surprise for them. Kavya returnswith Mohit and Maaya. Vanraj and Leela get stand shocked seeing Maaya. Mohit introduced Maaya as a big name in event management industry. Kavya introduces her family to Maaya. Maaya says she didn’t know that Kavya has such grown up children. Leela says they are Anupama’s children whom Maaya met yesterday, Anuapama also has Little Anu whom Maaya met yesterday. Anuj orders medicines for Little Anu. Anupama asks Little Anu have medicines and get well soon before Maaya comes. Little Anu says she will get well just like that if Maaya comes. Anupama thinks even she is eager to meet Maaya now.

Mohit asks Samar about his dance academy. Kavya tells Hasmukh that she works with Mohit and Maaya and invited them home to introduce them to her family, they respect her a lot even when she is a newcomer. Maaya says she deserves respect as she is doing a wonderful job as model. Mohit backs her. Maaya says Mohit will be handling all her projects, so Maaya should be ready. Toshu says even he is thinking of getting into event management business and can do wonders if he joins them. Vanraj fails to discourage him. Maaya praises Kavya’s determination and says even she is determined to get whatever she wants. Hasmukh asks what would they like to have. Mohit says Maaya likes masala chai. Maaya talks how some rich people like her are still connected to their roots. Hasmukh says she speak simple but deep. Leela thinks she is more complicated than one can see her. Maaya asks Leela if she wants to asks something. Leela nervously asks about her family.

Little Anu asks Anuj and Anupama when will Maaya come. Barkha and Ankush discuss that something is wrong that Anuj and Anupama get nervous when Little Anu talks about Maaya. Maaya tells Leela that she doesn’t share her personal information during 1st meeting. Leela says she is not asking about her age, she is just asking about her husband and children. Kavya says Maaya is not hiding anything. Leela says she is neither revealing anything. Kinjal brings tea. Maaya finishes it and says she will leave now. Kinjal, Kavya, and Toshu insist her to stay back for some more time. Maaya says she needs to visit somewhere urgently. Leela asks Anupama’s house? Kavya asks who told her. Leela says she saw her talking to Anuj and Anupama, so she said that. Maaya says people don’t speak just like that without any meaning. Leela says she is getting late and should leave. Maaya says I will and walks away. Leela thinks Maaya will create a big mess which even Anupama won’t be able to handle it.

Anuj fumes that he wanted to give his name to Little Anu legally, don’t know from where Maaya came to mess their lives. Anupama asks if he asked someone to investigate on Maaya. Anuj says he has sent 2 times, but couldn’t find any past details about her except current profession; its suspicious if someone’s past is not in internet at all. Anupama says let us fee the storm together. Little Anu feels excited hearing car horn. Anuj holds her. Dimpy checks and says its neighbor’s car and not Maaya. Samar, Kinjal, and Toshu praise Maaya. Kavya say she wants to become like Maaya. Leela says she is better as she is and shouldn’t think of becoming Maaya. Maaya says she wants to be in Maaya’s good books. Vanraj says he can be in Maaya and Mohit’s good books but not at home. Kavya says Vanraj wants his wife to work but on his fixed schedule. She taunts Toshu that he should open a detective business with his father and spy on people’s wives.

Vanraj says he doesn’t have to seek information from anyone and is not doing anything wrong. Kavya says he is doing wrong by doubting his wife and says if was doing wrong, she wouldn’t have to bring Mohit home. Vanraj says even he had brought her home. Kavya says he is character assassinating his own wife, anyways she will not bother about all this and will focus on traveling to London as Maaya is sending her to London. She reminds that Leela and Vanraj stopped Anupama from visiting USA, but shouldn’t dare think of stopping her or else she will show what she is. Leela says its easy to handle Kavya, but difficult to handle Maaya; she doesn’t know what storm Maaya will in Anupama and Anuj’s lives.

Little Anu insists to have food only from Maaya’s hand. Anupama scolds her to have food silently and goes to bring soup. Ankush says kids become fussy when they are ill. Little Anu runs out of house saying everyone are scolding her, she will go to Maaya. They all run out of house searching for Little Anu. Anupama notices a speeding car heading towards Little Anu and pulls her aside on time. Maaya joins her. Little Anu ges happy seeing Maaya. Maaya pampers her and asks if she has fever. Little Anu says a little bit and asks why she is late. Maaya says she had some work, but now she will take care of her.

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