Anupama starlife update Friday 21 July 2023

Anupama 21 July 2023: Anuj anxiously pampers Little Anu and says he will not let anyone take away his daughter from. Little Anu says her story is like Kanha bro/Sri Krishna, why did her mother abandon her and now came to take her back. Anuj calms her down. Barkha tongue lashes Maaya for coming after 7 years after abandoning her daughter and doubts she just came back for money. She warns her to leave and tries to drag her away. Maaya frees her hand and shouts don’t. Ankush says she doesn’t have any right on Little Anu. Dimple asks where was she for 7 years and when Anuj and Anupama adopted Little Anu and are giving her love she deserves, she came back from nowhere. Barkha threatens her to call the police. Maaya says they can can anyone, she will easily prove that Little Anu is her biological daughter; its a personal matter and she wants to handle it amicably without any drama.

Anuj says there won’t be any further talks or drama now. Maaya says lets get Little Anu’s DNA test done, she knows Anuj can use his money and powers to defeat her, but she is a mother and will fight with the whole world for her daughter and don’t care what Anuj can do.Little Anu cries looking at her family pic and thinks between Anuj and Maaya’s fight, she will be sent back to orphanage. Anupama asks Anuj to calm down as they won’t get anything from fighting. Anuj asks why is she supporting Maaya. Maaya says because one mother understands another mother’s pain. Barkha asks why should Anupama understand her, howcan she abandon a child without thinking what would a child go through. Ankush says Little Anu is emotionally attached to Anuj and Anupama now, why is she playing with their emotions now.

Maaya asks if they think its right for a child to grow up with foster parents when her biological mother is alive. Barkha asks if she thinks its right to abandon a child in orphanage. Ankush says no mother will leave her child in orphanage unless she is illegitimate and asks if Little Anu is illegitimate. Maaya asks him not to talk about it as he also has an illegitimate son whom he wants to meet and fights with his wife when she resists. Anupama asks how does she know all this. Barkha says that is their personal matter, she should stay out of it. Ankush warns they will dig her past and get her dirty secrets out.

Maaya says let bygones bee bygones and talk about today. She tells Anuj and Anupama that she knows they love her daughter and are good people, she was helpless then but not now and wants to take Little Anu to London forever in 15 days. Anuj says he will not let her take his daughter away forever. Maaya says she is related to Little Anu by blood and can go any extent. Anuj says he doesn’t care, court will ask why she abandoned her daughter and what is the guarantee that she will not abandon her again. Maaya challenges that she will not stop until she wins. Anuj says his daughter is not a toy to be bet; he describes that a father loves a child immensely equal to a mother, he will see what she can do.

Anupama asks them to stop and says they are talking about their daughter and not a toy, so they should talk calmly. She says if Maaya is Devaki, she is Yashoda and doesn’t consider inferior than her; a mother doesn’t need a blood relationship; a mother is the one who brings up baby; Yashoda maiya is always referred as maiya/maa and is respected immensely. She continues describing a value of mother and tongue lashes her for directly speaking to Little Anu unfiltered and leaving her in shock, etc. She asks how will they face Little Anu now. Maaya says she agrees, but wants her daughter back at any cost. Anupama asks if she wants to go to court and face humiliation, she is ready to fight for years but will not as she can’t see her daughter in pain. Maaya begs Anupama to return her daughter. Anupama says even she can beg her. Ankush asks who will explain all this to Little Anu. Maaya says she will and let her try. Anuj says he will not permit her as Little Anu is already upset and must be sleeping. Maaya pleads Anupama. Anupama permits her.

Maaya walks into Little Anu’s room and sees her sleeping with her, Anuj, and Anupama’s photos beside. She pampers Little Anu and apologizes her for abandoning her. Anuj gets angry on Anupama and asks if she has lost it, she let Maaya inside their house and then Little Anu’s house, Maaya can easily manipulate Little Anu and convince her. Ankush and Barkha say Anuj is right. Anuj asks Anupama why she wants to become mahaan/great. Anupama says she just wants to become maa/mother and knows that Maaya is not lying.

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