Unfortunate love update Tuesday 16 January 2024

Unfortunate love 16 January 2024; The Episode starts with Malishka walking in the hospital with blood stains on her face and hands. Ayush calls Shalu and asks her to wave her hand. Shalu waves her hand. Ayush tells that he will come in the front so that the truck driver don’t doubt us. Shalu asks Driver to drive slow so that the guy behind them can follow the auto. Auto driver says ok.

Ayush follows the truck owner’s auto and says you crooked, you will be caught. Sonal thinks to talk to malishka, and then thinks she shall settle with the truck owner. Rishi tells everything to Inspector. Inspector says this means someone tried to kill you. Rishi says a lady had come to kill Lakshmi and says she is suspect for me. Inspector says she is a prime suspect and asks did you see her face. Rishi says no, I didn’t see her.

Virender asks did you see her on the accident spot. Rishi says no. Nurse comes there and tells Rishi that it is time for him to take injection. Rishi says he can’t take injection as he has to search Lakshmi. Kiran reaches hospital and sees Malishka walking towards Rishi. She sees blood on malishka’s hands and clothes and says everyone will know that she has murdered Lakshmi. Rano gets worried and calls Bani.

Bani says we are going behind the truck driver who did their accident. Rano asks did you catch them. Bani says no. Rano asks her to call her, if she comes to know anything. Rishi says I don’t need injection, I am getting late. Virender says it is important. Nurse asks him to come to ICU. Ayush calls Virender and tells that he will catch the truck owner. Kiran thinks how to take Malishka to changing room. Just then wardboy comes there shouting that the murder happened here.

Truck owner calls Sonal and asks if she reached and brought money? Sonal says yes. Rishi comes back with Nurse and says she can’t be Lakshmi. The manager says we shall go there and identify. Rishi says she can’t be Lakshmi and says you have taken swear from me that I will not let anything happen to Lakshmi. He says I am alive, and that’s why she will be alive too. Kiran thinks don’t know what punishment, Rishi will give to malishka. Virender goes inside to identify. Kiran thinks to call Sonal to help her. The truck owner is coming to meet Sonal and gets down from her auto. Shalu calls Ayush and says we are on the way and keeping eye on her. Ayush says we will follow him. Sonal gets a call from truck owner and she asks him to come near her car. Truck owner thinks she is in which car and thinks to wait for her. Sonal gets Kiran’s call, and Kiran tells her that Malishka has killed Lakshmi and she will be caught soon, as she has blood stains on her. Sonal asks her to do something. Kiran asks her to go home and bring her clothes, so that they change her clothes. Sonal says Malishka has killed Lakshmi, but I have to save Malishka. She sees Shalu, Ayush and Bani and thinks I shall not be here, else I will be caught. She leaves from there and calls the truck owner. The truck owner asks where are you? Sonal says someone is following you and asks him to leave from there, and call her after reaching safe place. Truck owner looks at Shalu and escape in the auto. Ayush follows him in the car. Shalu calls him. Ayush says I am following him. Bani asks if someone informed him and tells that may be that girl informed him. Shalu says how does she know us? Bani says she might know us.

Kiran asksMalishka to come in her senses and says do you know what you have done. She says Virender has went to identify Lakshmi’s body. Virender is going still and prays that Rishi’s trust shall win and she shall not be Lakshmi. He goes inside and finds Lakshmi. He shouts Lakshmi, my daughter. The guy says don’t touch her, this is a police case. Virender cries. Rishi is sitting outside and says she can’t be Lakshmi and Dad will tell me nothing has happened to her, and go and bring her. Virender comes out and calls Rishi.

Rishi asks Virender what happened, why he has tears in his eyes? He says nothing has happened to Lakshmi. Virender says Lakshmi will not come now, she is Lakshmi. Rishi says she is not Lakshmi. Virender says she is our Lakshmi and hugs him. He says I wish that I would have done a mistake, and tells that she is Lakshmi. He says that girl did this, who came here as the doctor. Kiran asks Malishka to be quiet. Malishka says she has killed Lakshmi.

Rishi stops hearing her. Kiran thinks Rishi heard, and says Malishka didn’t do anything. Rishi sees blood on Malishka’s face. Kiran says she has not done this. Rishi asks if you have killed Lakshmi, and asks why your hands and face has blood on it. He asks if you killed my lakshmi and asks what she has done with you. He says you had come wearing mask to attack and kill Lakshmi, that means you did our accident and made us fall down from the cliff. He cries badly and asks what Lakshmi has done with you, you have been jealous of her since day 1. He says you took revenge from her. Malishka says yes, she has killed her and says Lakshmi has snatched my life, so I killed her. Rishi says you killed me and not Lakshmi, my love and life, I will end your life and will not leave you. He holds her neck to suffocate her. Kiran says Malishka loves you. Rishi says what about that, she has killed my Lakshmi. Kiran says you are doing the same mistake, and gives him Lakshmi’s swear. Rishi leaves her.

 Kiran giving Lakshmi’s swear to Rishi and asks him to leave Malishka. Rishi leaves Malishka and says I left you, as she gave me Lakshmi’s swear and promises that he will get her hang punishment. It turns out to be Kiran’s imagination. Malishka asks what happened? Kiran thinks it was her dream, Virender bhai saheb haven’t come till now and she shall go from there. Virender and the manager go inside. Kiran takes Malishka to the room and scolds her for proving that she has killed Lakshmi.

Sonal brings Malishka’s clothes and thinks she shall go confidentally as Rishi will not find out. Rishi sees her and asks her to go to Dad, as he went to identified. Sonal comes to the store room and says take the clothes. Malishka asks Kiran to relax and says

nobody can do anything against her. Virender comes out. Rishi asks him to tell that Lakshmi is fine and hugs her. Malishka asks Kiran to relax and says this is not blood. Sonal asks what you are saying? Kiran asks what is it then? Malishka recallls that she is about to stab Lakshmi, when the latter opens her eyes shocking Malishka, and Malishka falling and colliding with the medicine tray and the syrup bottle falls down, and the medicine syrup splashes on her face and hands. She tells that Lakshmi didn’t die and went somewhere. She says she was scared seeing her eyes.

Virender tells that ward boy mistaken someother lady as Lakshmi, and tells that it was not blood, but syrup. Rishi is thankful that Lakshmi is fine. Lakshmi is walking on the road and is weak. Rishi is going out, but Nurse stops him and says you can’t go and says if anything happens to him. Rishi asks her to let him go to fulfill his responsibility, and inform Doctor also. He stumbles and thinks he can’t go out wearing these clothes, and thinks to go to changing room and change the clothes. He finds a tshirt there and takes it. Ayush is following the truck owner’s auto. The truck guy says he got saved and says if anyone follows him then he will break their feet. The auto driver asks where he wants to go. truck driver asks him to drive and says he will say. He comes ou of the hospital and breaks someone’s car window, and gets inside. He starts the car connecting wires. He enquires with the people on the road and drives the car. Ayush is following the auto still. The truck driver gets doubtful and asks the auto to speed up. Ayush understands and thinks to catch him before his shows smartness. He stops the car before the auto and the truck owner runs. Ayush runs behind him.

Lakshmi is walking on the road. Rishi wonders where is she? Karishma asks Dadi to go to room and rest. Dadi says Rishi is fine, but not Lakshmi, if anything happens to her then what will happen with Rishi. Karishma gets irked. Dadi prays for Lakshmi. Lakshmi is sitting on side of the road. Ayush asks truck driver who tried to kill my bhai and bhabhi. Lakshmi sees Ayush and the truck owner and hears him too. Ayush asks him to tell who was that girl? The truck owner says I will tell and runs away. Lakshmi leaves from there. Ayush senses Lakshmi’s presence and shouts Bhabhi. He thinks if she saw me fighting then why did she go from here.

Rishi finds the way closed and thinks where to go. Neelam and Karishma are going to hospital. Virender comes there and tells that Rishi is not in the hospital and went to search Lakshmi. Neelam says you lied to me. Virender says Rishi was there, but when he found that she is not there, he left to search her. Neelam gets upset and asks if he will defend Rishi’s all wrong doings. Virender says if I am Rishi’s father then I am Lakshmi’s father also, I worry for both. He gets Inspector’s call and tells him that until Lakshmi is found, their breath will be halt. Neelam says how to throw Lakshmi out of her son’s life.

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