Twist of fate update Wednesday 17 January 2024

Twist of fate 17 January 2024:The Episode starts with Dida asking Pallavi to stop and tells that I can’t run and will fall down. Pallavi stops and asks if Ranbir is here? Dida says yes and your son told me that you keep you safe here. She says something is happening there. She says your son loves you a lot and is not returning home, as he is not yet ready, but he will come.

Pallavi asks why you didn’t call me. Dida says Ranbir said that you shall not go there, so you shall obey him and pushes her inside the boutique. Pallavi says I will not listen to anyone, not even you. She says I will go home with Ranbir and everything will be fine and smiles. Mihika and Divya are scared and check for network. Prachi comes there and tells that she had seen Divya caught by the robbers. Divya says Ranbir saved me, but he is still there. She says there is no network.

Prachi says we can’t contact anyone, as they have put the device to jam the network. Mihika says I will go and save Ranbir. Prachi says I will go. Mihika says you want to take risk for me, but I want to save him, as he always helped me. Divya says Ranbir has saved me also, now it is my turn to save him. Prachi says ok, come with me silently. The robbers ask the salesgirl about the Manager, and says we will not go home until he comes here, and will bring him out from the grave also. He says we will not go from here, without taking anything. He asks him to help them, if they want to go home fast and bring manager here. Prachi, Mihika and Divya see Ranbir on gun point. The trolley gets pushed accidentally alerting the robbers.

Prachi, Divya and Mihika hide in the shop. The robber comes there and goes. Prachi, Divya and Mihika come out, and the robber aims gun at them. Prachi pushes the trolley on him, while Divya throws another trolley on him. Other robbers come to them. Ranbir hits the robber who have held him on gun point. The others also run. Prachi comes out and takes phone from someone, and calls Police. The robber comes there, snatches phone from her hand and breaks it. He then aims gun at the guy who gave her phone. The guy runs away. Akshay tells the customers and staff to let him go, else he will tell the robbers that they are here.

Akshay and Abhay come out of trial room. Abhay asks him to keep control on his anger. The robber brings Prachi inside and scolds the other robbers for letting her going out. The salesgirl tries to go, but the robber shoots her shocking everyone. The robber is their boss and tells that his men will kill whoever don’t cooperate. He asks them to give their jewellery and money. He then asks Prachi to give her mangalsutra. Prachi refuses. The robber asks his men to kill her. He tries to snatch the mangalsutra. Ranbir comes running there seeing her in danger. Prachi asks why did he come? Ranbir jokes.

Prachi says she will break the robber’s hand. He asks Prachi to give mangalsutra. Prachi refuses. Ranbir says it is not of my name so it doesn’t matter to me. He says you have kept so many fasts for me, but we are not together for 7 births. Prachi says you know what it means for me, and then also saying this. Ranbir asks the robber to wait and asks Prachi to give her mangalsutra. He tells Prachi that they are 6 more robbers with the robber, and asks what is your strategy to fight with them. Prachi refuses to give her mangalsutra. Ranbir gives his money and cards and says it is more costly than the mangalsutra. The robber says I will take it, but will also takes the mangalsutra, it has many diamonds in it. He snatches it hurting Prachi, while Ranbir is held by the other robbers. The Mangalsutra falls and flies in air. Ranbir hits the robbers and catches the mangalsutra. He then hits the other robbers, hold Prachi and hits them while lifting Prachi.

They run and hide. Prachi asks him to leave her hand. He asks why you are showing attitude, I have saved your life. Prachi says I didn’t mean this. Dida sees Prachi and Ranbir together and says they are together. Pallavi sees the goons and asks Dida if she knows them. Dida is shocked. Pallavi says you said that they are together. Dida asks if you don’t know them. She says even I know them and asks her not to see, else they will be in danger, as they will see us and we will see them. The robbers come near Prachi and Ranbir, but don’t see them and go to other side.

Ranbir sees Prachi scared and sitting closer to him. Rabba Jaanda plays….Akshay tells Abhay that he has forgotten the way due to his talks and says this mall is not good. Some men comes there running and collide with Akshay. Akshay hits the guy. The other guy asks him not to beat him or shout, else the robber will come. The robbers come there. Akshay and Abhay run. The guy who had fight with Akshay, is still standing. The robber asks if they saw a guy and girl going from here. The guy is scared and says no. The robber is about to shoot him, but other goon stops him. Ranbir tells Prachi that she got hurt on her neck. They look on.

 Prachi and Ranbir look at each other. Ranbir looks at her mangalsutra in his hand. Prachi takes her mangalsutra and gets up to wear it, says Akshay liked its design so bought it. Ranbir asks her to tell the truth. Prachi says you know all the truth. Ranbir helps her wear it. Prachi goes away from here. Ranbir says this is not garden, they will shoot you. The robber tells their boss that the girl is not found. The boss asks him to bring that girl and says she didn’t let me take the mangalsutra and also called the Police. He asks his robbers to bring that girl and asks the people to give whatever they have, as Police will reach there at anytime.

Prachi recalls and a fb is shown, she recalls Ranbir buying another mangalsutra for her. She says she has already a mangalsutra which he has given her during marriage. Ranbir asks her to wear it alternatively with other mangalsutra. Prachi says it is beautiful. Fb ends. She turns to go and sees Ranbir coming there. He says he wants his answers. She says she has no answers. He asks if you love me? Prachi looks at him and says no. She pushes him and asks him not to do the same thing with Mihika or other, which he did with her, and asks her to become of someone else. Divya and Mihika hide in the CCTV room. Mihika says they will come here also. They see Manager hiding there and is scared. She says you are Manager, and asks why you are hiding here. She asks him to go and save people. Manager says I am doing the same and tells that the jewellery section keys is with them, and tells that until they don’t get it, they will not harm anyone. He asks them not to tell anyone. Robber calls Prachi, asking her to stop. Mihika says someone is outside. She says may be robber. Prachi pushes the robber and runs. She then comes to the CCTV room. Mihika, Divya and the Manager get shocked. Prachi says robber has seen me, I will save you all. She asks them to hide and make sure that the robber doesn’t see them. The robber knocks on the door. Prachi comes out and says she is coming. She then pushes the clothes stand on him and runs. The robber doesn’t see Mihika, Divya and the manager. Prachi runs and hides, under the table. The robber checks the place and says she is not here. Akshay and Abhay come there. The robber aims gun at them. Prachi comes out and asks the robber not to shoot them. She comes infront of them. The robber takes them away from there.

The Inspector calls the Robber, and asks him who is he? The robber says if you find out about me then I will not kill anyone with my hands. The Inspector calls him Shera and reminds him what he has done last time. The robber says this time, I have hostages with me. The Inspector asks him not to do anything else he will be jailed for 5 years. Shera says he will loot the mall.

The Inspector asks constables to handle Media, as he sees them here. Inspector thinks he has to do something and tells Constable that Shera is mad. Constable asks if he knows him. Inspector says Shera was my senior in college. Ashok hears the news and gets shocked, thinking they went to the same mall. Divya and Mihika go out being worried for Prachi. The manager thinks it is good that they went and think to lock the door, just then the robbers come there and pushes the door. Akshay, Prachi, Abhay are brought to the boss. Boss asks if anyone wants anything. The salesgirl says she wants water. The boss says he wanted to say that do anything, but don’t eat my brain. He gives 30 mins to Prachi to give the mangalsutra with an apology. Akshay tells Prachi that it is good that she didn’t give the mangalsutra and says it has diamonds of 5 lakhs Rs. Prachi looks upset hearing him. She thinks it is good that Mihika, Divya and Ranbir are not here.

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