Unfortunate love update Tuesday 26 December 2023

Unfortunate love 26 December 2023: The Episode starts with Virender, Dadi and Bani are leaving from the house. Neelam asks them to stop and asks where are they going? Virender says Lakshmi is found. Neelam asks him to go and bring Lakshmi back, so that Rishi and Malishka can get engaged. Virender tells her that Lakshmi is in Vikrant’s captivity. Karishma asks what? She says Vikrant has kidnapped Lakshmi. Neelam asks where is Rishi? Virender says Rishi is there, Ayush and Shalu are also there. Neelam says we shall go there and asks why is he waiting? Dadi says we were going, you had only stopped us. Neelam says Vikrant might be angry and can harm Rishi. Dadi says she is worried for Lakshmi.

Virender asks Dadi not to worry for Lakshmi and asks Neelam not to worry for Rishi, and says he is not weak. Sonal thinks Vikrant got Lakshmi kidnapped on Malishka’s engagement day and worries for Malishka. Rishi looks at Vikrant and Lakshmi, and thinks I messaged Dad and sent him location. He thinks Vikrant’s chapter shall end. Malishka thinks Rishi shall not know anything, he shall not know where the marriage is happening. Saloni brings wine bottles. Vikrant drinks wine and asks Pandit if they shall start the rounds. Pandit ji is reciting the mantras and signs him to wait. Vikrant drinks more and throws bottle in the havan kund, shouting at Pandit ji. Malishka sees Rishi and thinks if it is her dream. She thinks how did Rishi come here, if any miracle happened. She thinks he doesn’t know that Vikrant kidnapped her, and thinks what is Rishi and Lakshmi’s connection that they get together? She thinks what to do, and thinks if I do something then Lakshmi’s marriage will happen, but I might get caught. Rishi holds the goon. Ayush and Shalu see him and asks the goon to open the rope. The goon opens the rope. Vikrant and Lakshmi see Rishi. Vikrant asks what you are doing here? Ayush says wherever Lakshmi is, Rishi will be there. Rishi and Ayush fight with the goons, while Shalu asks Vikrant to leave Lakshmi’s hand. Vikrant slaps her hard and she falls down. Rishi comes to Vikrant and holds his hand, and asks Lakshmi to move back. They have a fight. Rishi says I will not let person like you, see Lakshmi too. He hits Vikrant and holds Lakshmi, asking if she fine. Malishka thinks she is unlucky, as Rishi will take Lakshmi home now.

Sonal calls Kiran and asks about Malishka. Kiran says she has brought her home as her condition was bad. Sonal tells her that Lakshmi is really kidnapped by Vikrant and everyone went to save her. Kiran thinks if Malishka is with Vikrant and thinks she has to save her, if she is exposed then she will have a big loss.

Virender is driving the car. He says he will beat Vikrant so much. Dadi says first I will beat him. Bani thinks di has earned these relations with her love. Dadi says we will make Vikrant remember his nani. Karishma says you all have gone mad, for Lakshmi. Virender shouts at her. Neelam says she will beat him if he touches Rishi. Dadi says we are worried for Lakshmi. Bani says Ayush and Shalu are already there, and Vikrant can’t do anything.

Vikrant thinks he has to do everything, and releases the smoke bomb. Rishi leaves Lakshmi and says I will not leave you. Vikrant comes to Lakshmi and takes her from there, taking chance of the smoke. Malishka thinks she shall go away from there. Vikrant says Saloni, come fast, to make them hear him. Rishi, Ayush and Shalu couldn’t see anyone. Malishka collides with Rishi and realizes she has collided with him. Rishi thinks if I collided with Lakshmi, and then thinks no. Ayush holds Malishka’s hand and calls Shalu. Shalu says it is not my hand. Ayush says I have understood whose hand is this. Malishka gets tensed.

Bani calls Rano. Rano says I had agreed for Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage, as I thought that he will be better due to Lakshmi’s love. Bani tells her that Vikrant has kidnapped her, and that Jiju has reached there already. Karishma says he is not your jiju. Dadi says Malishka is like her sister. Karishma argues. Bani ends the call. Malishka thinks this Ayush has ruined my plan. Rishi thinks why Lakshmi is not answering. Vikrant whispers his plan to Saloni and then goes from there. Lakshmi hits Rishi while going. Rishi realizes that it was Lakshmi. Ayush tells Rishi that he has held someone’s hand who will take them to Lakshmi. Malishka bites his hand and runs from there. Ayush says this Saloni bite me. Malishka thinks he thought me as Saloni. She thinks to go outside. Virender, Dadi, Neelam, Karishma and Bani are coming there. Malishka is running and comes infront of them suddenly, but they don’t see her as the car comes infront of them.

Kiran thinks Rishi will catch Vikrant and Malishka, and if she is caught then Rishi will not marry her in this birth. She thinks how to make her understand.

Dadi asks where is Lakshmi? Malishka thinks she had escaped at the right time. Bani asks Shalu and Ayush, if Di is found. Ayush says we found her, but Vikrant has escaped with Lakshmi. Virender says a car went from here. Bani says they saw Saloni in the car. Rishi takes the bike keys and goes out. Vikrant takes Lakshmi inside the godown and says sorry for hurting her. He tells that he will keep her very happy. Lakshmi says you are a devil. Vikrant says you are calling me powerful, I have fooled Rishi, and tells that I have sent Saloni and my goons in the car, and he will think that I have taken you away from here, and not even his father can’t think that you are here.

 Vikrant telling that Lakshmi that Rishi thought I took you out from here seeing Saloni, and says not even his father will search me. He says we will go to other city, and then we will marry and live happily ever after all life. Malishka sees Rishi going out and coming back again. She thinks how to get saved now? Vikrant gets a call and goes to side to attend it. Lakshmi asks God not to punish her this way and don’t give her death this way. She asks God to send someone for help her. She sees Rishi going and tells in her heart, don’t go Rishi, I am here. Rishi stops sensing as if Lakshmi has called him. Lakshmi throws her bangle from the upper window. Rishi identifies the bangles, saying it is of Lakshmi, which I made her wear it. He thinks Lakshmi is here, she has thrown

this. Lakshmi thanks God and smiles while crying. Vikrant turns to Lakshmi and says everything is set, tomorrow we will go to other city and then you will not take Rishi’s name again and says I am very good person than Rishi and will take care of you more than him. Lakshmi says you are not equal to Rishi’s feet dust, and asks him to stop comparing himself to Rishi in this birth and not in any births. Vikrant says Rishi has lost and went away from here without taking you. He says Rishi can’t be compared to me. Lakshmi says who told you that Rishi went from here and has lost from you, and asks him to count till 3 and says Rishi will come from that door. She says she will count and says 1. Vikrant says not even Rishi’s father will come here. He says we will go to other city and will have happy married life. Lakshmi says 2 and asks if he is scared and says Rishi will come as the storm and will make your ego and evilness fall in the dust.

Vikrant is about to go out and check, when Lakshmi counts 3. Vikrant is about to open the door, when Rishi pushes the door and gets inside. Vikrant falls down and gets shocked seeing Rishi. Rishi goes to Lakshmi and asks if she is fine. Vikrant asks what do you think that you can take her from here, and asks how did you know that Lakshmi is here? Rishi says our relation is such, it is made by God’s blessings which can’t be broken by cheap and disgusting person like you. Vikrant says I do what I want to do. Rishi hits on his face holding Lakshmi’s bangle. Vikrant sits down hurt. Lakshmi hugs Rishi and says I thought I will not be saved. Rishi says until I am with you, I will not let any trouble come in your life. Main teri hogayi yaa plays….

Shalu and Bani come there and hug Lakshmi. Dadi, Virender, Neelam and others also come there. Dadi hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Dadi if she is fine and says you are allergic to dust. Rishi breaks the ghatbandhan which Lakshmi is wearing and tells Vikrant that his end has come and he will spend his life in jail now. Dadi says before sending him to jail, I have to settle scores with him and says you are also a chameleon who changes color. Virender says we don’t change color and our color is of truthful and solid color of an ink and we don’t let anyone do bad. Dadi says we don’t keep anyone’s debt and slaps Vikrant. She asks him to check if he has teeth or broken, and says it is Punjaban hands. Virender slaps him and says this hand is of her son, and says good gets the good end and bad gets the bad end. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she will ask God, why God is taking so many tests. Ayush comes to Vikrant and says you have slapped Shalu. He says my brother has compensated for it. He says your sasural is waiting for you. He takes him. Kiran comes there. Malishka tells Kiran that they shall leave from here before anyone sees us. Kiran says everyone saw us. Malishka says if everyone came to know that I am with Vikrant. She says Ayush had caught me, but he is not sure. Kiran asks her to do as she says and asks her to come with her silently. Malishka thinks I got trapped. Kiran asks Malishka to run to Rishi and hug him, as if she cares for him so much. She asks her to go and hug him.

Malishka runs to Rishi and hugs him asking if he is fine. She asks why did you do this, and asks if last time was not enough, that you come to death mouth again and again. She says did you forget that he is the same Vikrant who had tried to kill you, and then also you came here. Rishi says I have come here for Lakshmi and to save her life. Malishka says even if something happens to you. Vikrant laughs and says you acts wonder Malishka, and tells Rishi that he doesn’t know how is this girl, and says she is a wonderful act, and she is surprised as if she doesn’t know anything, when she was aware of Lakshmi’s kidnapping and had come here before you all. Rishi asks what you are saying? Vikrant says Malishka is with me in this crime, and wanted to throw Lakshmi out from your life. Malishka says he is lying. Vikrant says she was here to get me married to Lakshmi. Malishka says he is lying and asks Rishi to believe him. Ayush realizes if she was Malishka whose hand, he had held or if she was Saloni. He then understands it was Malishka. Inspector comes there and asks who is that criminal? Ayush gives Vikrant to Inspector. Inspector asks Constable to take him. Virender thanks him. Inspector says we shall thank you for doing our work already. Dadi says we shall go home. Kiran asks Dadi if she is trusting the criminal (Vikrant). Dadi says we will go home and talk, and asks Rishi and lakshmi to come. Malishka thinks Vikrant killed me while going and says my everything is over, I am finished.

Sonal telling what is happening in this house, and tells that Malishka is suffering due to them. She says they talk big, but can’t do anything. Sonia comes there and asks where is Malishka? Sonal says she went with Kiran aunty, and tells that she was so sad and hurt. She tells her that Vikrant has kidnapped Lakshmi and everyone went there. Sonia says what option he has as Lakshmi didn’t agree. She says I don’t care if Vikrant breaks her hands or feet, but shall marry her. Sonal says if your family will get her married. Sonia says Lakshmi does black magic or what don’t know. Sonal says she is giving competition to Neelam. Sonia says she is the last one, and tells that they will get Rishi and Malishka married tomorrow. She says Neelam will aunty as it is the plan to throw Lakshmi out.

Everyone reaches home. Virender asks Ayush to drop Shalu and Bani to their house. Ayush says I want to ask something to Malishka. Karishma asks if you are believing that Vikrant. Ayush says no, I am not believing that loser. He asks Malishka if she was involved with Vikrant in Lakshmi’s kidnapping. Malishka asks if you are mad, will I support the criminal who tried to kill my Rishi. Neelam tells Ayush that she will forget that he is the son of the house. Ayush says he is not doing anything wrong. He asks her to prove that she was not there. Malishka asks him to prove that she was there. Kiran says Malishka had come with me there. Ayush asks who told you that we are there. Kiran says Sonal called me. Sonal comes there and says she heard Virender informing everyone. Ayush asks why Sonal called you, and asks if you was outside. Malishka says enough and says you trust Vikrant and not me. Ayush shouts and says I feel that you was there and I had held your hand. Malishka asks him to prove. Ayush tells that when Vikrant released the smoke bomb, he held a girl’s hand tightly and she didn’t shout. He holds Malishka’s hand and she shouts. He says you was there, and says you are wearing black clothes, so that you do criminal activities and nobody shall see you. Malishka shouts at him. Kiran says hats off to you for playing games with her, and says hats off to Karishma for letting her son say all this. She asks Ayush if he is Police. Ayush says he is asking what everyone wants to ask, but nobody is asking.

Kiran says I will answer and says my daughter will not answer you. She says you feel that nobody finds about her, and says yes, she worn these clothes and went out of house. She says after we went from here, Malishka wanted to leave the house as he feels that Rishi cares for just lakshmi and not her, and says thank god, she didn’t take any step. She says she had worn such clothes so that nobody can identify her. She says she had found her, and when she was taking her back home, Sonal called her and that’s why Malishka went there with me, fearing Vikrant might harm Rishi. She says Malishka is sacrificing for Rishi and Ayush is playing games like Lakshmi and he is conspiring against Malishka and don’t want this marriage to happen. She asks if you want to break Rishi and Malishka’s marriage. She says you call Lakshmi as Bhabhi always, even after their divorce. She scolds him and says my daughter is not guilty. She says Malishka is not guilty and says if you all think this, then tell infront of us, don’t say bad behind our back. She sheds fake tears. Karishma pacifies her.

Ayush brings Shalu and bani to Rano’s house. Rano asks if Lakshmi is found. Shalu says she is with Jiju in his house. Rano gets happy. She asks Ayush to sit and asks if Vikrant is sent to jail. Shalu says yes. Rano says I would have beaten him badly. She asks Bani to bring water and tells that she will go and sleep. Shalu asks Ayush not to get tensed, and says Jiju will get engaged and marry Malishka as Di has returned. Bani asks what we will do now. Ayush says Rishi and Lakshmi’s destinies are one, and nobody can separate them. Bani says but we have to do our hardwork. Shalu says destiny supports those, who help themselves. Ayush asks them not to take tension. Bani says how to stop Malishka and Jiju’s marriage.

Rishi makes Lakshmi sit on the bed. He gives her water and says sorry, says you have to bear so much because of that cheap man. Lakshmi says you wasn’t aware of it, he would have married me blackmailing me to kill Ayush and Shalu. Rishi says this was the last way for Vikrant. Lakshmi says you would have done the same thing. Rishi says why I will marry Vikrant. Lakshmi smiles. He says you shall be a lawyer as you argue well. Lakshmi says some people don’t like me in the house. Rishi asks her to do, what she feels right and good for her happiness. Lakshmi says whatever is not in my destiny, I will not get.

Karishma comes to Neelam and says they shall get Rishi and Malishka married tomorrow itself. Virender comes there and says tomorrow. Karishma says even you will try to stop the marriage.Virender says whatever we are doing is for everyone’s happiness. Neelam says even I don’t want my son’s marriage to happen just like that, due to Lakshmi’s fear. Karishma says ok and goes. Virender says it is good that you refused Karishma and says your son’s marriage shall be grand and not simple. Neelam says you are keeping Rishi away from his love, Malishka is his love.

Rishi says atleast you could try. Lakshmi tells Rishi that he shouldn’t have left his engagement to search her. She says you shouldn’t have hurt Malishka and says everyone is sad and hurt. She says you went to me, leaving Malishka and says I become bad and guilty in everyone’s sight. She says I respect you a lot, and when you do something for me, then you mean to me more than myself, but when you come to me…and says you don’t want anyone to scold me, call me bad or guilty. Rishi says I don’t want. Lakshmi asks him to stay away from her. Neelam says you want Lakshmi to be bahu, and says Lakshmi will never become grah lakshmi again. Lakshmi says Malishka is your would be wife, I will leave from here in 2-3 days. She asks him not to hurt Malishka and stay away from her (Lakshmi). She says after I leave, make sure that I don’t come between Malishka and you.


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