Unfortunate love update Monday 25 December 2023

Unfortunate love 25 December 2023: The Episode starts with Shalu telling Ayush that the goon’s phone is switched off. Ayush says I am so disappointing and asks how your phone is off, if you don’t charge, and says how you will grow if you don’t have target. Shalu says he is a goon, why you are lecturing him. Ayush asks did you tell address to Rishi Bhai. Shalu says no, the phone is off because of you both. The goon pushes Ayush and runs out from there. Ayush says we have lost the chance. Shalu says don’t know how jiju will come here. Rishi thinks the phone is off, I hope that Lakshmi is safe and thinks where did she go? He thinks Lakshmi is infront of him, but he couldn’t hold her hand.

He thinks give me some clue, Lakshmi to find out about your location. He calls his friend and asks if you can tell me about the phone location. The friend asks if the phone is on. Rishi says phone is off. He sends the number. Bani finds Shalu and Ayush’s phone off and thinks if they are in trouble. His friend asks him to go straight and tells the direction. He says I have sent you location also. Rishi thanks him.

Lakshmi is ready for the marriage and recalls Rishi gifting her the bangles. A fb is shown, Lakshmi thinks if I shall wear it or not. Rishi comes there and asks how she can be a murderer. Lakshmi asks what you are saying? Rishi says you have made me flat, and I have never seen such beauty before. He says I don’t want anyone else to see you, and anyone will lose his conscience. He says love will get wings and the heart will want to take you to a different world, where just we are there. Lakshmi asks him to come back. He says I just want you to be infront of my eyes and applies kajal behind her ears. He says this is the same bangles which I had gifted you, and asks why you are not wearing it, and asks her to wear it and change its destiny atleast. Lakshmi says I will wear something else. Rishi says you want to keep me far, but why you are keeping this stuff far from you. Lakshmi says our relation was different when you gifted me this. She says I will not remember you for this stuff. Rishi says I want you to wear it, and makes her wear it. Lakshmi says she don’t want to wear it and says you are stubborn. Rishi says the bangles are perfect in your hands, and says you got Lakshmi’s hands, but I don’t have Lakshmi or her hands in my destiny. He says I really wish that you was in my destiny and vice versa. Lakshmi says now our destinies can’t be one. Fb ends.

Lakshmi says you have risked your life so that I don’t marry this bad guy, I am sorry Rishi, but now I am helpless to marry him for Ayush and Shalu. She says I was marrying him before so that the family and relation don’t break, and says who will stop this marriage.

Vikrant tells Pandit ji that he shall get his marriage done as express train else he will kill him first and if he gets the marriage done then he will get reward of 1 lakh Rs. Malishka asks him to ask Lakshmi if she is ready. Vikrant says Lakshmi will do anything to save Ayush and Shalu, and says she will marry me happily. Malishka says nobody shall know that I am here, and says I will watch Lakshmi’s marriage standing here, as nobody will be happy than me to see her married. Vikrant says it will be gift from my side. Saloni comes there and says Lakshmi is ready. Vikrant asks her to bring the bride. He asks the goon to bring Ayush and Shalu. The goon says they tried to escape, so I have tied them. Vikrant threatens to kill them. He says whoever messes with me, will not be saved. Saloni brings Lakshmi there. Vikrant says today the bride and her beauty is both mine. Saloni gets upset. Vikrant says if the marriage don’t happen that Pandit will die or else the kids will die, Ayush and Shalu. Ayush and Shalu come there and see Vikrant. Ayush says you have kidnapped Bhabhi.

Vikrant says beautiful bride will marry handsome groom. He asks them to be quiet, and says I thought to kidnap Shalu and Bani, but Shalu herself came here with Ayush. Shalu asks Lakshmi not to do this marriage. Ayush says he can’t kill us else he will get caught by Police. Vikrant says even Police can’t do anything to him. Shalu tries to go to Lakshmi. Vikrant threatens Lakshmi and tells that if she doesn’t marry him, then when Rishi comes here, he will get three dead bodies. Malishka thinks if he has informed Rishi and is planning to kill him. She thinks she will not leave Vikrant. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that Rishi will roam all the world insearch of her, but will not find her. He promises that he will take her to Rishi after the marriage and asks the goons to kill them if she acts smart. Saloni asks Lakshmi to marry Vikrant if she wants to see Shalu and Ayush fine. Shalu and Ayush ask Lakshmi not to marry Vikrant.

Shalu says no. Lakshmi looks at them. Saloni takes Lakshmi to make him sit with Vikrant. Shalu and Ayush ask her not to do this marriage. Vikrant asks them to enjoy the marriage and become baraati and come from their sides. The goons make them sit. Vikrant tells Pandit ji that the marriage shall complete in 5 mins. Malishka thinks finally the trouble is going away from my head, and my markesh dosh is marrying. Rishi’s car stops on the way as the car gets punctured. Saloni ties sehra to Vikrant’s head unwillingly. Shalu says Di please. Malishka smiles. Ayush shouts Vikrant, and the goon injures his neck a bit. Lakshmi gets shocked. Vikrant says if you don’t marry then his neck will be slit. He asks Lakshmi to concentrate on the marriage. Malishka smiles.

Rishi finds the car punctured and gets worried, thinking how I will reach Lakshmi. He thinks whatever that uncle told, is coming true. Shalu signs Ayush. Ayush understands that Shalu is saying that she will fight with the goon who has caught her, and he shall fight with the goon who has caught him. They get up pushing the goons, and then free each other’s hands. Lakshmi slaps Vikrant and goes to Shalu.

Ayush takes the knife and tells Vikrant that he will settle scores with him. Saloni shouts no, being worried for Vikrant. Malishka says don’t know what Lakshmi’s puppets eat, that they try to save lakshmi. Ayush asks Lakshmi to go from there. Lakshmi says we will go together and will lock the door from outside. Saloni thinks Lakshmi will be saved now and is relieved. Malishka thinks Vikrant and his goons can’t do anything, now I have to do something. Lakshmi asks Ayush to come with him. when Ayush is going with Lakshmi and Shalu, Malishka throws heavy thing on Ayush and makes him fall down. Ayush falls. Lakshmi and Shalu stops.

 Lakshmi, Shalu and Ayush are escaping from Vikrant’s captivity, when Malishka comes out from her hideout, throws a heavy stuff on Ayush to make him fall down and runs inside to her hide out again. Ayush falls down hurt. Vikrant catches Ayush, and his goons catches Shalu and Ayush. Shalu shouts asking Vikrant to leave Di’s hand. Vikrant slaps her hard. Ayush shouts Vikrant and is about to hit him, when the goon holds him on knife point. Lakshmi tries to slap Vikrant, but he holds her hand. Malishka says now the marriage will happen, as Ayush, Shalu and Lakshmi are trapped again. Vikrant says now he will show what he can do. He takes knife from the goon and holds Shalu on knife point, says if they do anything then he will slit Shalu’s neck. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to

worry and says nothing will happen. Vikrant asks Lakshmi to decide if she wants Shalu’s life or not, and says if you try to escape then my goons will kill you. He pushes Shalu and the goons tie her to the chair. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that he wants to hold her hand always. Lakshmi says you want to get me, when you have your wife Saloni with you. Vikrant says Saloni will always be my wife. Lakshmi says your thinking is cheap and says if Saloni marries someone else, saying you are not a man then how you will feel. Vikrant laughs and says you can’t divert me from my aim. He says I want baby from you and I will get it, and asks her to marry him silently else they will be killed. He calls Saloni and asks her to bring garlands. He shouts asking her to get it. Saloni gives the garlands to them. He makes Lakshmi wear garland and says you are looking good. He then asks Saloni to make him wear sehra.

Ayush tells Lakshmi, not to be scared and says Rishi Bhai will come for you, and asks her not to do this marriage, and asks her to wait for sometime. Shalu says yes, don’t marry this guy. Vikrant says he will kill them. Shalu asks him to kill them and says we will not let her marry you. Ayush says Rishi Bhai will come here. Rishi is coming there running. Vikrant threatens to kill them again. Ayush says Rishi or Lakshmi can’t marry someone else as they are partners for live. Rishi is running and falls on the car. Vikrant shouts asking Ayush to be quiet, and asks Saloni to bring Lakshmi fast. Malishka says this lakshmi’s chamcha and my enemy is saying right, and says until now Lakshmi is not married, but today she will marry and then Rishi will marry me.

Rishi takes heavy breathing as he is running continuously and then checks the location, says Lakshmi I am coming, don’t lose your strength.

Sonia tells Sonal that she don’t want Lakshmi to return. Sonal asks did you forget what I told you and says Rishi will not marry Malishka if she doesn’t come. Sonia says if Lakshmi doesn’t return then he will be sad for sometime, but he will marry Malishka. She says Lakshmi will be out from his life. Sonal says if this happens then I will be very happy.

Shalu asks Lakshmi not to move and says Jiju is coming. Vikrant shouts at her. Ayush says Rishi bhai is coming. Vikrant shouts enough. Saloni cries and tells Lakshmi that Vikrant has gone mad and will kill them and also Rishi’s family. She says whatever I am saying is worst than death, but everyone’s lives are in your hands, else they will die one by one. Lakshmi feels helpless.

Neelam tells Karishma that she is feeling how to talk to Kiran. Karishma says Kiran is your good friend and knows you well, and Abhay doesn’t mean what he said. Neelam says my dream is not fulfilling and my son is not letting it fulfilled. Karishma says it seems like Rishi is hypnotized by Lakshmi. Neelam says but he is away from me. Karishma says I have a strong feeling that Lakshmi will go away from our lives.

Shalu and Ayush try to stop Lakshmi. Lakshmi says my life is not important than you both. Ayush shouts and says Rishi bhai will come. Vikrant says Lakshmi can give life for her loved ones and tells Lakshmi that she is doing nice to save their lives. Ayush asks Shalu, why Bhabhi is like this and don’t think about herself, but think about others. Shalu says Bau ji’s values. Ayush says why she is ending her life and prays to God to send Bhai. Shalu asks if you think that Jiju will come. Ayush asks her to pray to Baba ji that Rishi Bhai comes. Shalu recalls something hitting Ayush on his back and says that person might be hidden. Ayush and Shalu look at the place where Malishka is hiding. Malishka hides and thinks if they are doubtful. Shalu says whoever has hit you, is hidden. Malishka thinks if they saw me.

Vikrant asks Pandit to start the marriage. Pandit says let me read the mantra. Vikrant ask him to get the marriage done fast. He asks Saloni to record the marriage, so that we have proofs that Lakshmi and I are married. He asks Saloni to set the camera. Ayush thinks Bhai…please come fast. Rishi comes there. Saloni is recording the video. Rishi sees goons and thinks Lakshmi is here, once I safe her, then I will worsen their condition. The goon sees the box falling, but ignores his doubt and continue to play cards with the other goon. Rishi comes there. He comes to the goon and says I am Rishi Oberoi, and you might not have heard my name. He asks them to continue the game till he plays his game. The goon calls him. Rishi beats them and they faint and fall down. Rishi says I told you to play cards. The other goon gains conscious and holds his foot. Rishi kicks him. He thinks Shalu had called him from other phone and that means the thieves had taken their phones. He says he will not leave them. He peeps inside through the window and sees Ayush and Shalu tied and seated on the chair. He comes inside and sees Lakshmi and the veiled guy seated for the marriage. He thinks if the thief kidnapped Lakshmi for marriage. He then identifies Vikrant.

Bani thinks until now Di is not found, and Ayush and Shalu’s phones are off. Dadi asks Bani to call now. Virender says he will call Rishi. Rishi thinks Vikrant didn’t leave his intention to marry Lakshmi. Virender calls Rishi. Rishi rejects the call. Virender tells that Rishi might have reached there. He says Rishi is safe. Dadi says we shall go there. Virender says we don’t know where are they? Dadi prays to Mata Rani. Rishi messages Virender, that he is fine and is with Lakshmi. And that Lakshmi is kidnapped by Vikrant and that cunning guy is marrying her. Dadi and Bani are shocked. They say that they shall go. Virender says Rishi didn’t send the location. Rishi sends the location. Virender says he will inform Police. Dadi says I will go there. Virender says only I will go. Dadi says I am restless and will settle the scores with Vikrant. Bani says even I will come with you. Virender says no. Dadi says let her come. They leave.

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