Unfortunate love update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Unfortunate love 27 December 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi thinking Lakshmi saying that whatever she don’t have in her destiny, she will not get it. He thinks of his moments with Lakshmi. Tere bina jiya…..plays…Rishi says my love was with me, then also I lost it. He says my love is infront of me then also I am helpless and is marrying someone else. He cries and asks why, all this is so painful. He thinks some more time, then Lakshmi will go away from me forever, and then I will marry Malishka. He says don’t know if I will meet Lakshmi again and not, and cries saying God…I can’t bear this. He asks God if this is written in lakshmi and his destiny and says if you wanted to do this, then why did you bring Lakshmi in my life and made me meet her.

He cries and says I have realized one thing and says I am nothing without Lakshmi, I am incomplete, when she goes away from here, what I will do, and says I can’t live without her. He cries badly.

Kiran asks Malishka, if you are out of your mind, to do conspiracy with Vikrant. She reminds her that Vikrant had taken her name last time, and says I have handled everything else you know what could happen. Sonal asks why you didn’t tell me aunty. Kiran says I was afraid that someone might hear. Sonal says I understand and asks Malishka not to do any mistake. She asks her not to be insecure with Lakshmi and says Rishi will be marrying you, don’t give him reason to break the marriage. Kiran asks her to focus on her marriage and Rishi, and asks her to calm down and focus on her marriage. Malishka says what Rishi said in return, when I asked him whom he loves. Sonal asks her not to give him a chance to say that he loves Lakshmi. Malishka asks if he loves Lakshmi. Sonal asks her to calm down and not to give him any chance. Kiran says I am doubtful on Dadi and Virender that they will do something. Sonal says we have to make sure that the marriage happens tomorrow itself.

Sonia hits on the glass with the spoon and calls everyone. She says I have a big announcement and tells that Rishi and Malishka’s marriage which was postponed, is going to happen today, in sometime. Everyone comes there. Sonia says the marriage will happen in sometime. Ayush asks why the marriage will happen today itself. Karishma asks if you have any problem and him to enjoy the marriage, and says it will happen now itself.

Sonia says Rishi Bhai and Malishka will marry today, and I want to open someone’s ears and wants to compress someone’s voice under this sound. She hits the spoon on the glass. Lakshmi comes there. Rishi looks at her. Shalu and bani get ready to go for Rishi and Malishka’s mehendi, they didn’t know about the marriage happening actually. Rano asks why they are happy? Shalu says she has seen the dream that Rishi is proposing Di. Rano says I see the dreams daily, but no dreams get fulfilled, and says your dream can’t be fulfilled.

Sonia says I hope everyone’s ears are opened and asks them to get ready. She says we have cut down the function, but the marriage is marriage. Dadi asks if Neelam has preponed the wedding. Virender asks Sonia, if she is saying this with her heart. Sonia says yes, but Mom asked me to do this announcement. Rano says didn’t you know Neelam and says he doesn’t have dare to propose Lakshmi. He asks why Rishi will propose Lakshmi, if he loves her. Shalu and Bani says yes. Rano asks then what he does with Malishka? Shalu says he don’t love her. Rano says Neelam Oberoi is the big wall between Rishi and Lakshmi and she will not let them unite and Rishi can’t do this. She says Neelam will not let Rishi do anything.

Neelam comes there. Virender asks if she asked her to do this announcement. Neelam says she did this due to Rishi, as he used to run away. She says all the functions will happen today itself and then Malishka, my daughter will enter the house as my bahu. Malishka hugs her. Neelam says sorry as she has preponed the marriage. Malishka says she is very happy and can call her Mom. Dadi says Neelam. Neelam says don’t let injustice happen with other daughter and asks her to agree to her sayings and attend the marriage with her heart and give permission to get the marriage done today itself. Dadi nods her head. Neelam hugs Malishka and thinks Mummy ji, I know you want Lakshmi to become the bahu of the house, but I will not let this happen.

Ayush calls Shalu and asks her to come home fast. Shalu asks what happened? Ayush tells her that the marriage is happening now itself and says we don’t have time. Shalu asks Rano if she is happy now. Rano says I am not Lakshmi’s enemy and asks what Ayush said. Shalu says Ayush said that Jiju and Malishka will marry now itself. Bani says how can this be possible. Shalu says we shall leave. Shalu and Bani leave from there. Rano gets worried for Lakshmi.

Rishi thinks why did Mom take this decision? Neelam comes there and she brings sherwani for him to be worn for mehendi. Rishi says Mom. Neelam says today is your marriage with Malishka and says she is your love and asks him to be happy. Rishi says I got married before also. Neelam says that marriage was helplessness, but this is marriage in real sense and tells that this is her second biggest happiness. She says my first happiness, when you was born and the second happiness is that when you are getting married to your love. She asks him if he is with her. Rishi says yes. Neelam asks him to get ready. Ayush tells Virender that Mami is doubtful and that’s why doing this. Virender says we can’t be silent anymore. Dadi says we have to play our game now. Ayush asks what we will do. Neelam says you have agreed to my all sayings, but because of Lakshmi, you went away from me and says all my complains will end after you marry Malishka and then you let Lakshmi go from here immediately and will not have any relation in life again. Rishi sits on the bed sad. Dadi says we have Ram Baan-Rishi and says we shall make him realize that he loves Lakshmi. Ayush says he is trying to do this, but he is not realizing and says how to make him realize now itself. Karishma says Neelam agreed herself. Malishka says we shall not forget that Lakshmi is here. Sonal says yes. Dadi says Rishi always goes against Neelam to help Lakshmi and says this is love. Ayush says yes. Dadi says Rishi is not understanding this simple thing. Virender says we have to make Rishi confess his love to Lakshmi today itself. Karishma says we have to work as team, just as Mom, Bhai and Ayush are planning in Mom’s room, and they are planning to get Rishi marry Lakshmi. Dadi says we have just Rishi. Sonia says Dad is smart. Karishma says we have to keep eye on them also. Shalu and Bani come there. Shalu asks what we will do? Malishka asks what I will do. Karishma asks her to enjoy the marriage functions, and says what is big is that the marriage is happening. Sonal says it is the biggest achievement. Dadi says our courage is big. Virender says Rishi and Lakshmi’s love is greatest of all. Karishma says our motto is not to let anyone stop this marriage. Dadi says we will unite Rishi and Lakshmi.

 Neelam coming to Lakshmi’s room. She breaks the glass intentionally and asks Lakshmi if your dream broke like this glass, and says what dream you was seeing that to keep Rishi in your hands, and says bad people’s bad dreams don’t get fulfilled. She says Malishka loves Rishi a lot and that’s why she is marrying Rishi even after your conspiracies. She says I can’t bear that Rishi agrees to your sayings than me, and says I have understood you so well, and my own son couldn’t see it. Lakshmi says I respect you a lot and regards you as a mother. She says if you know me then it is good, I don’t want to come between Malishka and Rishi, and says I have left Rishi when he didn’t want to divorce me. She says I didn’t come here myself, but you had brought me here

by getting me married to Rishi, and making me as your bahu. She says I left from here, after knowing the truth, but you brought me back, and says I have understood your motherly love for your son, but did you understand what you did with me, by keeping me in dark and getting me married to your son. She says I don’t keep Rishi in my thumb and says relations are kept in heart and I know this.

Rishi gets ready in Sherwani and recalls Neelam’s words. He thinks Lakshmi can’t stay here after my marriage, and then we will separate. He thinks Lakshmi didn’t accept my love, I don’t have her in my destiny, not her love and support.

Ayush comes there and asks why you are sad, I shall be happy. He says you shall be happy to marry love of your life, Malishka then why you are not happy. He asks if you love someone else and marrying someone else, and that’s why you are sad. He asks if you love Lakshmi Bhabhi. Rishi says no. He asks why you are sad. Ayush says I shall be happy that you are getting married, but I am sad that Lakshmi Bhabhi will leave from here. Lakshmi says I can’t think even in my dreams that Rishi leave Malishka and marry me. Neelam says it is good for you, then why you are telling me, and says don’t think that Rishi will marry you, as I will not let you marry him. Lakshmi says if you don’t understand even now then I will leave now itself. Ayush says I got confused, but seeing the other angle, I thought you love Malishka. He says I don’t know if you love Malishka or Lakshmi.

Neelam says Karishma is very much right about you, and says you want to leave so that Rishi doesn’t marry Malishka. She says you can fool my family members, but not me. She says I don’t regard you suitable for any relation, you are inauspicious and unlucky, wherever you go, you will do their inauspicious. She says today is Rishi’s marriage so I don’t want to say all this. Ayush says you do so much for Lakshmi bhabhi and goes against Neelam Mami for her. He says that’s why I got confused thinking if you are not marrying your love and marrying Malishka whom you don’t love. He asks him to help him and says I am very confused, but why you are sad. Ayush says you love Malishka. He asks you will not go out and tell Lakshmi that you love her and don’t love Malishka. He asks if you will say that you want to marry her. Neelam tells Lakshmi that today if this marriage don’t happen then my anger will be such, that you will not get chance to regret. She asks her to get ready and come to her room. She says if you had known relations, and where to keep it in hand or heart, then you wouldn’t have come here. She asks her to come to her room and goes. Lakshmi cries and sits down picking the broken pieces.

Ayush says if you don’t ask her to marry him, then she will leave. He asks him to be honest and asks him to ask his heart what he wants and then takes decision with full honesty. He says Bhai…I will leave. He hugs him and goes. Rishi gets teary eyes.

Lakshmi comes to Neelam’s room after getting ready. Neelam says you have done so much in the house, and for us, and today you have to become my reflection and do my work. Dadi says we shall go and get ready so that nobody realize that we don’t want this marriage to happen. Virender tells that they have to tell Rishi that he loves Lakshmi. Neelam says you have to become my reflection, and says I am shocked as I am asking the girl to be my reflection whom I hates so much, I have to drink this poison to cut it, and says I told you that not to come back, and tells that until this marriage happens, you shall be with me. Lakshmi says if Dadi or Babu ji calls me. Neelam says she shall not go and shall refuse. She says immediately after marriage, you shall leave and I will forgive all your sins. She asks did you understand. Virender says if Rishi don’t confess his feelings then Lakshmi will go far from him. Shalu says we will go and light up Jiju’s mind light. Ayush comes there and says he has confronted Rishi of his feelings. Virender and Dadi appreciate him. Sonia hears him and thinks a big conspiracy is happening. She thinks to hear them fully. Dadi asks them to go and win. Sonia thinks I will not let them go. Ayush hugs Shalu and says all the best. Shalu says jhalle. Dadi says Rishi shall understand this at the earliest, if he marries Malishka then he can’t be happy and can’t keep Malishka happen. Virender says and Lakshmi will sad all life. Ayush says we shall gurdas to baba ji. Dadi says Gurdas? She says it is Ardaas. Neelam comes to the hall and says Pandit ji didn’t come till now. Lakshmi comes with her. Kiran comes there. Neelam greets her. Kiran hugs her and says it is good that you are getting the marriage done today itself. She asks what Lakshmi is doing with you. Neelam says she is in my control and I am keeping my eye on her, so that she don’t go to Rishi. Kiran says it is good that she is in your control. Neelam says she wants her daughter malishka to marry Rishi and today she will marry Rishi.

Bani and Shalu see Sonia standing outside Rishi’s room. She pushes them. Shalu says we want to talk to Jiju. Sonia says your Jiju is not here. Shalu says we have come to talk to Jiju for Dadi’s work. Sonia asks what is the work? Shalu says to get Di married to him. Sonia asks your sister’s marriage with Rishi Bhai. Kiran says she wants to see Malishka ready as bride and goes to her.

Neelam says everyone is happy, you was ruining many people’s happiness, and says once they get married, you will be out of the house. Sonia is surprised at their guts and asks what they want to do. Bani asks Sonia to slap her, and says Shalu wants Rishi to marry Lakshmi. Shalu says Dadi has selected other guy Rishi for Lakshmi and that’s why they want to talk to this Rishi about that Rishi. Sonia asks what they are saying? Bani asks her to come and hear them. They bring Sonia there. Bani tells Rishi that Shalu is saying that she wants Di to marry Rishi. Sonia says they are talking about some other Rishi. Shalu says I have accepted that Rishi as my jiju now. Bani says Jiju shall approve that Rishi. Shalu says this Rishi jiju will not marry Di. Bani says I thought he loves her, as they have saved each other many times and I felt that they shall marry. Shalu says Jiju is marrying Malishka and Di will be marrying that Rishi and will go to America after marriage. Rishi asks why she will go there? Shalu says that jiju is in America, and tells that Dadi said that she will send me photo. She tells that Dadi said that the relative called her and asked about the good girl, so Dadi suggested Di’s name as nobody is suitable than her. Rishi says for me also, nobody is suitable than Lakshmi.

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