Strings of love Starlife update Wednesday 27 December 2023

Strings of love 27 December 2023: Seerat tells Angad that his promise is enough for her to marry Garry and says she trusts him more than Sahiba or anyone else in this world. Angad say she will never regret her decision and need not worry as he will not inform anyone about her decision, she can visit Brar mansion with her parents and talk to them regarding her decision. Seerat says she will inform Sahiba about it first. Sahiba picks call thinking its Seerat, but it’s her customer who calls her for some work. She asks Keerat and Kulcha to help Seerat when she comes as she is going to customer’s house for some minor work.

Keerat says its good that Garry is out of Brar mansion. Sahiba says they can kick him out of the house, but can’t change his evilness.Garry spends time with his girlfriend. Girlfriend says if she can, she will punish Sahiba for getting Garry out of the house. Garry says soon one who got him out will respectfully get him back in the house and business. He panics hearing door knock and hides his girlfriend. Jasleen and Kiara walk in and inform him about visiting Seerat’s house to convince her for marriage. Garry asks why are they so adamant to get him married to Seerat.

Jasleen says Angad will kick even them out of the house if this marriage doesn’t happen and Garry’s condition will be like a street dog. Garry says she should have shot Sahiba instead of him the other day and ended all their problems. Kiara says lets start Garry’s big fat wedding.

Sahiba climbs on a ladder and paints client’s shop board. Jasleen’s friend Mrs Bhalla passes by in her car, clicks Sahiba’s pic, and messages to Kiara with a comment that Brar’s elder DIL is painting on a board on street.

Kiara shows pic to Jasleen and Garry and forwards it in family group. Inder tongue lashes Akaal that someone is born to oppose him, their elder DIL is painting a board on street. Jasleen walks in and taunts Inder and Manveer. She says says Mrs Bhalla is a gossip queen and would have spread this news to all her group by now. Akaal asks Manveer to call Sahiba home. Manveer calls Sahiba. Sahiba’s phone switches off due to battery drain. Manveer fumes thinking Sahiba disconnected call. Sahiba client asks if she should charge her phone. Sahiba says she will return to her shop and then charge her phone. Client praises Sahiba’s work and pays her.

Manveer calls Angad and asks him to reach home as its Akaal’s order. Angad asks what happened. Manveer says there is some serious issue. Sahiba returns to her shop and tells Keerat that she is feeling happy working after a long time. She receives call from a private number and thinks she will get a big order. Manveer speaks and asks her to reach home immediately. Angad returns home and seeing all family members together asks what is the issue. Manveer says they are waiting for Brar family’s elder DIL. Angad asks what did Sahiba do. Inder asks him to wait. Sahiba returns home and asks Angad if everything is alright. Akaal says till now it was going fine, now he has to get tough to maintain the rules of this house, they will not tolerate Sahiba’s mistakes.

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