Unfortunate love update Monday 31 July 2023

Unfortunate love 31 July 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi asking Dadi if she shall show wife’s rights as if she is doing Police investigation. Dadi says Police or CBI is nothing infront of wife and says if wife gets angry seeing husband with someone else, then think that happens. Rishi asks what? Dadi says Lakshmi was jealous seeing you talking to Malishka, and says if you was talking to someone else then she would have warned him not to look at any girl. Rishi says this means Lakshmi is possessive about me and don’t want me to go in anyone’s life, and is liking me. Dadi says yes and asks for sweets. Rishi says he will eat sweets and will bring some sweets for her. He brings sweets and make her eat it. Ayush saves Virender as the wooden logs is about to fall on him. He asks him to be away from there and goes.

Shalu asks Lakshmi to drink water. Lakshmi says why did you bring me here, don’t know what Malishka told him. Shalu asks her to trust Rishi and asks why you are scared of malishka. Lakshmi says you only asks me to be careful with her. Shalu asks why you are making issue? Lakshmi says you are partial with me and takes Rishi’s side always. She says Malishka must have told Rishi about me and he don’t want to tell me. Rishi enjoys seeing her jealous and thinks she is very understanding, but is behaving childishly. He thinks he likes Lakshmi’s possessive nature and thinks Dadi’s idea is superhit and working. Ayush calls Rishi and asks what is he doing there? Rishi asks him to go. He turns and sees Lakshmi and Shalu standing infront of him. He is about to fall, but Lakshmi holds his hand and asks if he is hearing them secretly. She leaves his hand and he falls down. Lakshmi and Shalu leave from there. Rishi thinks Lakshmi is upset with me.

Sonia is massaging Malishka’s feet and asks her to move her ankle. Malishka thinks I have to stop Balwinder and they are making me exercise. Neelam asks her to rest. Malishka thinks murder me, if I don’t meet Balwinder then he will show the footage and I will rest in jail. She says I need to go. Neelam asks her to take rest. Sonia asks where she want to go. Malishka says she doesn’t like to stay on bed, and feels helpless. She thanks Neelam for the care and says when I get married and come here, I will take care of you well.

Balwinder has written Time up on the tissue paper and thinks now your soul will leave your body. He goes. Malishka gets angry and says he wants to expose me by showing the pendrive. She says a dog is trustable, but not Balwinder. She says if I had known that he will end my game then I would have end his game long back. She comes to the guest room and thinks he is not here. She finds her phone screen broken and thinks how to call him. She sees Time up written on the tissue paper and says I will kill you Balwinder. Balwinder takes out pendrive from his pocket, and looks at Lakshmi, who is coming downstairs. He thinks if I expose Malishka, then Lakshmi will be saved. He thinks to live his life with Lakshmi and stands with his arms open wide. Malishka sees him standing and waves hand at him. Lakshmi falls down on the stairs thinks this is happening due to Rishi. Malishka signs him to go. Lakshmi is coming down, and is about to see Balwinder, when Malishka keeps hand on Lakshmi’s eyes. Lakshmi asks her to tell who is there? Balwinder comes near lakshmi and goes. Lakshmi says Malishka…Malishka removes her hand from her eyes and says you have identified me, not bad. Lakshmi says two people can be identified, one who loves you and one who hates you. Malishka asks her to talk straight. Lakshmi says I don’t want to repeat my words, as there is value of my tongue. Malishka says it is my mistake completely as the dirt came on me, as I threw stone on the dirty water. She says sorry. Lakshmi says Lotus is grown on the dirty water, but sadly you saw only dirt. She says Lotus is kept infront of God. Malishka asks shall I go? Lakshmi asks why did you close my eyes, as someone was here and you don’t want me to look at that person. Malishka says I am waiting for the day to marry Rishi, that day I will smash your attitude. Lakshmi says only God knows about it, I just know that nothing can happen to my family or Rishi, until I am here. She thinks Malishka is surely hiding something and closed my eyes to hide someone, she had played some game with me.

Malishka thinks to do something to handle Balwinder and collides with Rishi. Rishi says sorry. Malishka says its ok. Rishi says when you used to collide with me, you used to call it as romantic encounter. Malishka says she has left talking about all that. Rishi asks what happened to her foot. Malishka says she had sprain, it is better now. Rishi thinks she is behaving strangely and didn’t tell him anything. He thinks she didn’t scold me. He then thinks how to cheer up Lakshmi’s mood, as he is trapped and Shalu and Ayush’s idea didn’t work.

Balwinder thinks he couldn’t give pendrive to Lakshmi and thinks if she is Snake then he is Anaconda. Malishka comes there and asks what he was going to do, he was going to expose her. She says if I get caught then you will also get caught. She asks why he wants to show the footage. Balwinder asks if she is planning to sacrifice him. Malishka says what nonsense? She says why will I do this, will I hit axe on my feet. Balwinder says shall I show the proofs, and says I am not loyal to my father rather than just Lakshmi. Malishka says there are many goons, who will be ready to work for me and asks him to give the footage. Balwinder says shall I want to die, you and your mother will get me killed? Malishka says we are united to get Lakshmi and Rishi, and says Lakshmi will take my Rishi, and asks him to give her pendrive. She says if you think that I did this, then I am sorry. Balwinder asks her not to betray him, and gives the pendrive. He says I have copy of this at home. Malishka says if we are together then will be saved. She says we shall do the work secretly and asks do you get it?

Kiran worrying for Malishka and thinking why she didn’t come till now, if Balwinder has done something with her. Malishka comes there and hugs Kiran. Kiran asks what did Balwinder say? Malishka says she got the pendrive. She shows pendrive to Kiran and it falls down from her hand. Just then Neelam comes there. Malishka thinks if Aunty saw everything. Balwinder tells his friend that Malishka has forgotten that the father is a father, and tells that he had given her empty pendrive. His friend smiles. Balwinder says she will get 440 volts current and tells that he has the pendrive which has proofs and it will shield him. His friend says if she comes to know. Balwinder says he is not afraid of her, and tells that this time his life’s Ravan will have the end with this Ravan.

Neelam asks Kiran if she is supporting Malishka. She says I asked her to rest after she got sprained in her foot. Kiran asks what I am hearing Malishka and says she shall listen to Neelam. She asks Neelam to handle her would be bahu. Neelam says my choice will become my bahu and asks about her foot. Malishka says she is fine. Neelam goes. Malishka picks the pendrive and gives it to Kiran. Kiran asks what to do with Balwinder. Malishka says Balwinder came to know about our plan and was angry. She says if we sacrifice him, then it will be our loss. Kiran asks why did he come here? Malishka says even she didn’t know.
Lakshmi and Rishi come infront of each other. Lakshmi asks him to move and says she wants to go that side. Rishi says even he wants to go. He stops her and asks why is she angry? Lakshmi says you was hearing me secretly. Rishi says there shall be some entertainment, excitement, adventure and thrill in life. She asks will you get these things hearing me. Rishi says my intention was to see you, you was looking cute and was fighting childishly. She asks if I was fighting, and says once my talks used to give you peace and now it seems like fighting. Two girls hear them and give flying kiss to Rishi and leave. Lakshmi feels jealous and goes from there. She this why she was jealous? Rishi says I heard you saying. Lakshmi says I don’t care whatever you do. He asks really? Lakshmi asks him not to have misunderstanding.

Ayush tells Shalu that he is excited as Lakshmi will see the Dussehra here for the first time. Shalu asks why did they fight often? Ayush says they don’t know that they love each other. Shalu hopes all the evils get burn with Ravan, and asks about the footage. Ayush says tomorrow they will get it. Shalu says she is scared that someone’s bad sight will fall on Lakshmi. Ayush says nothing will happen to your sisters.

Balwinder calls the girls and says you both are beautiful. He asks if they want to meet Rishi Oberoi. The girl says yes. Balwinder asks them to give bouquet to him, and tell that Preeti madam has given it. He asks the girl to leave the bouquet smell to him. The girl goes. Balwinder talks to other girl and asks what she does. Rishi asks what to do, if girls like me. The girl comes to Rishi and Lakshmi’s room. Rishi thanks the girl when she gives him bouquet. He smells it and says its fragrance is good. He asks Lakshmi to smell it. Lakshmi is upset and goes. Rishi sits on the bed and says the bouquet is having the bad smell. He faints.

Malishka thinks why she didn’t think about the CCTV cameras there and gets worried. Kiran comes there and asks why she is stressed. Malishka takes the pendrive and says this footage is my stress and says now Balwinder will also not help me. Kiran asks what you are going to do? Malishka says this footage will decide to whom Rishi will belong to. She goes to Sonia’s room to check the pendrive. Kiran wishes Malishka will get her love soon. Balwinder comes to Rishi’s room and sees him. Rishi is semi conscious and grabs Balwinder. Balwinder asks who are you? Rishi says your death. Balwinder says I am standing infront of you, and says you will faint completely after smelling that medicine. Rishi faints fully. Balwinder asks if you are acting. He says this Ravan dahan time came.

Dadi tells Virender that she is bored. Virender says Ravan Dahan will happen in sometime. Dadi says we will take selfie till then. He takes the selfie. Lakshmi comes there. Dadi says there is something missing in the selfie. Lakshmi says yes, there is something missing in Dadi. Dadi asks what? Lakshmi says googles. Dadi asks her to bring Rishi’s googles. Lakshmi says I saw you wearing Rishi’s googles and says it looks better on you. Virender says I didn’t hear. Lakshmi goes to bring it. Dadi asks him to click her pic when she wears googles, and says she will get many likes on social media. Virender says ok maa.

Balwinder lifts Rishi and hears someone coming. He hides Rishi and he himself rests on the bed covering himself with the blanket. Lakshmi thinks he is pretending to sleep and says she came to do the work and not to talk to him. She takes googles and her sindoor bottle falls down on the floor. Balwinder thinks if Lakshmi sees Rishi, then he will run away. Lakshmi picks the bottle and keeps on the table. She thinks why Rishi is sleeping, may be due to the injury, says he has to do ravan dahan. Balwinder thinks Lakshmi shall care for him like this. Lakshmi thinks if he is talking to his girlfriend, and calls him. She says I will lift your blanket. Balwinder thinks he is dead. lakshmi is about to pull the blanket and thinks she doesn’t care with whom he is talking to. She goes. Balwinder gets up from the bed and locks the door. He takes Rishi from behind the sofa and drags him out. He then lifts him and sees Malishka going from there.

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