Rajjo Starlife update Monday 31 July 2023

Rajjo 31 July 2023; The Episode starts with Madhu asking Chirag to get Arjun. Chirag asks her to calm down. Rajjo argues with Kalindi. Kalindi asks why would Niharika lie when she is…. Madhu asks her what is it. Chirag says complete your word. Kalindi says Niharika is pregnant, and its Arjun’s child. They get shocked. Chirag asks what nonsense is this. She says Arjun had impregnated her and took advantage of her. Niharika comes and starts acting good in front of them. She asks where is Arjun. Kalindi says he is in jail. Niharika asks what did you do, it was between Arjun and me, I m going to bail him. Kalindi says no, he cheated you. Niharika says he didn’t cheat me, its not his mistake, Arjun and I had decided to marry, its Rajjo’s mistake, he didn’t know that Rajjo will stay here.

Kalindi shows Arjun’s message to Niharika. She reads the message. Niharika recalls messaging on her number from Arjun’s phone. Niharika says I will go and get Arjun. Kalindi says she loves Arjun a lot, she doesn’t care for her defamation, you think it’s a lie? Rajjo says its her lie, Arjun didn’t send any message, I trust him, he loves me.

Niharika asks did he ever say this. Rajjo says we had a misunderstanding between us. Kalindi says shut up, this doesn’t matter now. Chirag says you didn’t tell me about all this. Kalindi asks did you talk to me when you sent my dad to jail. Madhu calls Rajjo a curse on Arjun’s life. Chirag says enough, we don’t know the truth. Kalindi says you trust Rajjo, not me. Chirag says Niharika had to undergo the tests to win our trust. Rajjo asks why, did you get scared.

Kalindi asks did anyone ask Mannu to undergo tests, when she had blamed Pushkar. Rajjo says don’t drag her in this. Kalindi asks why not, everyone accused my dad, same blames were on him. Madhu begs her. Kalindi says I want justice for Niharika. Chirag gets a call. He says dad is with commissioner, Arjun’s chance of release is less. Madhu worries. Kalindi says Arjun has done wrong with us. Chirag and Kalindi argue. He says I know he can’t do this, he is innocent, my faith doesn’t need any proof. She asks why did he accept the blame. He says I don’t know, he truly loves Rajjo, true lovers can’t lose their path. Madhu says stop fighting, get Arjun out first. Jhilmil says injustice shouldn’t happen with Niharika. Madhu cries for Arjun and shouts. Rajjo cries.
Rajjo frees Pushkar from the jail. Pushkar meets Kalindi and Niharika, and praises them. Kalindi says we did as you told us. Niharika taunts Rajjo. Rajjo says I got you released, now you do what is decided between us, get Arjun freed. He says fine, listen to my condition first. She asks what nonsense, I did as they told me. He says listen to your dad now. She says its cheat. He says you are a cheat, you have to pay for this. She says no, get Arjun freed from jail else.. He asks what will you do, will you file the case again. Niharika says she has to decide, if she has to get Arjun freed or see him in the jail. Rajjo asks what do you want. He asks her to get Arjun married to Niharika. They smile. He says leave Arjun forever. He laughs. Rajjo worries. Kalindi and Niharika have a drink. Niharika says I know Rajjo will leave Arjun. Kalindi asks about the baby’s real father. Rajjo meets Arjun. He says she is lying, I didn’t message her, I feel ashamed, I lost the right to apologize, forgive me.

Arjun apologizing to Rajjo. He asks her to say something, her silence is hurting him. She says you asked me to stay silent and listen to you, you forgot, listen to me, nothing happened between Niharika and you that night, it was a plan to make me out of your life, Niharika told me everything, she spiked your drink and you fainted, nothing happened, it was just a fake story. He gets shocked. She says I know she was your friend, she cheated you. He asks why would she do this, she was my friend. She says she isn’t your friend now, sorry, it’s the truth. He says she made me fall in my eyes. Kalindi asks who cheated you, tell me, I m doing this for you and this baby, what’s his name. Niharika says he left me alone, what’s in name, Arjun will take our responsibility now. They hear some sound and worry seeing Swara.

Swara asks how can you do this, its such a big lie, Kalindi and Niharika did this, why, it means Arjun is innocent, you cheated him, I will go and tell the truth to Madhu. Kalindi hurts her. Niharika says we know the truth, you were not pregnant, we will tell everyone about it. Kalindi threatens her.Arjun says why did this happen with me. Rajjo says its good that we got to know the truth. He says I will confess love to you today without waiting more. She asks him to say. He confesses love to her.

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