Unfortunate love update Tuesday 1 August 2023

Unfortunate love 1 August 2023: The Episode starts with Balwinder taking Rishi outside the room. He sees Malishka going and thinks he shall not care for her, as she was sacrificing him. He goes out lifting Rishi. Malishka thinks Sonia had refused to give her laptop to her, and thinks don’t know what has happened to her. She opens the pendrive in the laptop and gets shocked. Bani brings juice for Shalu and Ayush and tells that she told waiter that she will take it. Ayush appreciates her sense of humor. Bani says she saw Dadi wearing googles. Ayush says she is like me. Shalu says you are like her. Ayush says she lives life to the fullest. Shalu says we couldn’t do that. Lakshmi comes there, takes juice from shalu and drinks. Shalu takes glass from Ayush and gives to Lakshmi. Lakshmi drinks that and says she is drinking her anger and says Rishi.

Shalu says Jiju has no affair, I am telling you last time. She asks Ayush to say?Ayush says he had affair. Shalu says we knew about Malishka. Lakshmi says he has affair with other girls. Ayush says if he had told me then I would have choose one from them. Shalu says Ayush. She asks Ayush to tell the truth. Ayush says there is a secret. They sit on the chair to hear him. Ayush says Rishi bhai has another affair along with Malishka. Shalu says if you are joking then I will beat you. Lakshmi is shocked and asks Ayush to tell her, and asks about Rishi’s affair. Ayush asks didn’t you know, Malishka knows. Shalu asks who is that third girl? Ayush says she is not the girl. Lakshmi asks what? Ayush says there is no third person. Shalu holds his neck and says he has affair with his work, he is workaholic. Shalu says so you was joking and will be beaten up now. Ayush asks Lakshmi to smile and says he did to cheer her up. Lakshmi is upset and goes. Shalu says they don’t know that they love each other.

Kiran waits for Malishka and thinks she will make me have BP. Malishka comes there. Kiran asks did you check the pendrive? Malishka says Balwinder has betrayed me. Kiran says your dad told you. Malishka says he didn’t betray me before. A boy asks Balwinder to take him on the cart. Balwinder asks him to go. He drops the pendrive on the ground. Malishka says Balwinder is doing this since he came to know that we were planning against him and wants to sacrifice and kill him. She says the pendrive is empty and wonders where is the actual pendrive. Lakshmi is walking and finds the pendrive. Kiran asks he didn’t give the actual pendrive. Malishka says he can trap me at any time. Kiran asks her not to be afraid of him. Malishka says he has proofs against me, and blames Kiran and Abhay for their plan.

She says they shall handle Balwinder like men smartly, and says now he has become weapon against me. She says he might be planning some blunder and takes Kiran’s phone to call him.Lakshmi comes to the room and searches for Rishi. She thinks where did he go? She thinks she shouldn’t have said so much to him, Shalu and Ayush was right, he was trying to make me jealous. She says sorry, and says lets end the fight, I have come here to cheer you. She says come back, where did you go? Balwinder comes to the place pushing the cart. The decorator asks what is in it? balwinder says cracker and asks him to go. The decorator sees Rishi’s hand. Balwinder hides Rishi’s hand and says it is just crackers. The decorator moves the cloth to see Rishi.

Lakshmi says please come back Rishi, I am not feeling good. Balwinder tells the decorator that Virender asked him to bring the statue. The decorator thinks he is not statue and sees Rishi’s face. He says he is Rishi sir and asks if he killed him. He says he is a nice guy, what you are going to do with him. He pushes Balwinder and runs. Balwinder gets Malishka’s call and rejects it. The decorator calls Ayush, but Ayush is busy watching play. Balwinder comes infront of him. The decorator runs and collides with Lakshmi. He says it is good that I saw you. Balwinder thinks how to stop it and thinks to kill him. The decorator says a guy. Balwinder keeps stone inside the cloth and burns the cloth. Lakshmi asks the decorator to calm down. She sees the fire and runs there. Ayush and Shalu also come there. Balwinder hits on the decorator’s head and makes him faint.

Lakshmi tells Ayush that Suppu was afraid and was trying to tell something. Shalu asks if something is connected. Virender asks where is Rishi? Balwinder takes Suppu to side and hides him. He says he has to finish the work before Mahurat time comes.

Dadi says it is good that everything is fine. Neelam says where is Rishi, I told him to come before mahurat. She says today mahurat can’t be postponed. Virender says he will come. Neelam asks Ayush to do Ravan dahan if Rishi doesn’t come.

Ayush asking Neelam to relax and tells that he will go and search Rishi. He says Rishi Bhai will come with me. Balwinder ties Rishi inside the Ravan. Ayush calls Rishi. Balwinder sends him message. Ayush thinks Rishi will come. Balwinder talks to unconscious Rishi and tells that until he gains consciousness, he will be in the hell and the soldiers is waiting for you. He says if you gains consciousness, then will die of heart attack. He says I am doing a big favor on you, and says I will kill you as killing Ravan and the big thing is your own family member will kill you. He says we will meet in the next birth and goes out of Ravan. Lakshmi misses Rishi and recalls giving her clothes for doing Ravan dahan. A fb is shown, Rishi checks the clothes. Lakshmi helps him to wear it.

She says you are looking good. Rishi thanks her and says I know that I look good. He says I will do the ritual of firing the arrow at Ravan, and says if I didn’t get bail then I would have got special permission to come here. She asks why it is important. Rishi says victory is necessary. fb ends. Lakshmi calls on Rishi’s phone and he is not picking the call. Lakshmi messages him to come fast for Ravan dahan. Balwinder is having Rishi’s mobile and says Ravan Dahan will happen, but Rishi can’t do it, as his own dahan will happen and he will be swaha.Ayush thinks where is Rishi, he messaged that he will come. Malishka tells Kiran that Rishi is not replying to the calls or messages. Kiran asks if Balwinder is taking revenge from Rishi. Malishka gets worried. She calls Balwinder. Balwinder doesn’t pick the call and tells that he will not pick her call today. Malishka gets doubtful.

Malishka gets worried. She calls Balwinder. Balwinder doesn’t pick the call and tells that he will not pick her call today. Malishka gets doubtful.Lakshmi calls Balwinder. Balwinder thinks if she would have loved him then he would have made her Rani. He replies to her that today is the day of victory on evil, but this is Kalyug and the opposite thing is happened, my heart is broken and that’s why let someone else do the Ravan dahan. Lakshmi reads the message and thinks why Rishi will message like this. She thinks someone is having his phone and that he is in danger. Ayush comes near the Ravan and gets Rishi’s perfume smell. He thinks from where it is coming. Malishka comes there and asks Ayush if Rishi is found. Ayush says if I would have found him then would have told the world and will not meet anyone secretly. Malishka asks what do you mean? Ayush says just as Rishi Bhai is found, I will tell you what I mean. Malishka is irritated. She gets Rishi’s perfume smell and asks Ayush if he found Rishi.

Ayush says even he got the smell. Malishka asks him if he found him. Ayush says if I had found him, then wouldn’t have stood here. Sonia calls Ayush and asks him to do Ravan dahan, and says Rishi Bhai is less of Mom and more of Lakshmi. She asks him to go and change as the mahurat will go. Ayush says if mahurat wouldn’t have happened, then Rishi bhai would have done the dahan. Sonia says we have only one Ravan at home, that is Lakshmi and someone shall throw her out.

Lakshmi says where is Ravan, there is Shri Ram and says where is my Ram? Rishi gains consciousness and gets angry recalling Balwinder tied him there. He says I will not leave you Balwinder. Neha is drinking juice. Rano asks why you are acting as if you didn’t drink. Neha says I just drank soft drink and juice. She says this is rare fruit juice which we get only in rich houses. Rano asks her to become rich and says Dadi sent Shalu to bring Ayush. Neha says Dadi gives work to everyone. Rano asks Neha to trap Ayush for marriage. Neha gets happy and says she will go. Rano asks her to finish her juice. Neha says rich people leave juice and asks her not to drink. Neha comes to Ayush’s room and sees him in Ram’s costumes. She calls him Shri Ram. He thinks to tease her and asks what is her wish? Neha says husband var. Ayush says vardhaan wala var. He says he will get angry and asks her to ask what she wants. Neha asks him to give what is in her heart? Ayush says I am busy and asks her to ask him what she wants? Neha tells that she wants a good husband, who is loving, caring and rich, who keeps her as queen. Ayush says you have to do some hardwork.

Neha asks what? Shalu comes there and calls Ayush. Ayush signs her. Neha says God is infront of me. Shalu says I couldn’t see him. Neha thinks only she can see him. Shalu asks Neha to see clearly that he is Ayush.

Balwinder thinks he had escaped, but Rishi will die. He thinks how Rishi will take breath in Ravan and might die before Ravan dahan. Rishi’s face turns red.

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