Unfortunate love update Monday 1 January 2024

Unfortunate love 1 January 2024:  Episode starts with Lakshmi telling Rishi that she will hang the cloth on the window. Rishi says no, he don’t like it and asks her to give rope. Lakshmi says he shall do drama. He says he will open drama company. Lakshmi tells that when they were coming, she looks at the rope on the side. Rishi asks her to peep in her heart and find out about her feelings for him. Lakshmi gets upset and says she don’t want to talk to him. Rishi says I am sorry Lakshmi, don’t get upset with me.

Dadi asks Virender if he asked Neelam where is she going? Virender says yes, but she was very angry that she didn’t say anything. Karishma asks if she went to take Rishi home. Ayush comes there and asks if Mami went to get Rishi. Virender says it is possible. Karishma tells that Lakshmi shall not come here, and

tells Ayush that he dances on her tune. Ayush says Lakshmi doesn’t do such thing, and says it is us, who made her dance on our tune. Virender says it is yet to be seen who comes with Neelam. Ayush says Rishi bhai will come with Lakshmi. Dadi says she shall bring them. Virender says then our house will get happy again. Dadi says it would be good if Rishi and Lakshmi come together. Neelam comes there with Malishka. Dadi, Virender and Ayush are shocked, while Karishma is happy.

Neelam holds her hand and takes her inside. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will not hurt her heart again and will do what she asks him to do. Lakshmi asks him to hold his ears. He holds his ears. He says friends again and does hifive with her. He says lets put the curtain. She says we shall get this window closed, I will talk to aunty. She says we need some stuff for the house. Rishi asks from where we will get money? Lakshmi says I have some money at Chachi’s house, tomorrow I will get it. Rishi says you will spend your money for me. Lakshmi says money, I can give my life for you, you are my friend. Rishi says friend? He asks how much money is needed? Lakshmi asks why he is asking. He says Lakshmi thinks for me so much, and says he will also do something good for her.

Karishma tells Neelam, you went to take Malishka and says we thought that you went to take Rishi. Virender tells Malishka that Rishi is not made for her. Dadi says it is good that you brought Malishka here, we will make her understand. Neelam says she has brought Malishka to give her rights of a bahu. Everyone is shocked.

Lakshmi comes back and tells Rishi that she has brought water bottle from the neighbor, as he drinks water in night. Rishi asks you remember this. He says don’t go to someone’s house to ask anything. Lakshmi says it is common as we used to ask the neighbor and says it is done to make relations with neighbors. Rishi says I will become your neighbor to get related to you. Neelam says she has brought Malishka here as her bahu. Virender says Rishi doesn’t love her. Neelam says Rishi told 1000’s times that he loves Malishka and he told this to Malishka also. Dadi says it was old matter. Neelam says he is my son and I know him well.

Rishi and Lakshmi find the fan not working. Lakshmi goes again. Karishma says Rishi loves Malishka only, he has just misunderstanding. Neelam says even they all used to love Malishka before. Ayush asks Malishka if she doesn’t have any self respect. Malishka says Lakshmi was stuck with Rishi even after knowing that he loves me and says if you have asked her also. She asks why you got mirchi, I was brought here by the head of the house here. Neelam says malishka will stay here as my bahu, and asks Ayush not to insult her.

She asks Malishka to come and call her Mom. She takes her inside. Karishma tells them that Bhabhi was sad and now she is happy, this is the quality of Neelam Oberoi. Lakshmi tells that she had kept all the stuff outside, so Kashi took it. She says we couldn’t have used the pipe and rotate the fan to make it start. Rishi says you couldn’t become Mumbai ki Mulgi and asks her to become gawo ki sherni. He says he is Sher and roars. He says he will do something and asks her not to underestimate Rishi Oberoi.

Abhay tells Kiran that it is Neelam’s stubbornness and challenge, which she called as her duty, and she will get Rishi marry Malishka. He says Neelam’s ego is hurt and she can’t bear the defeat. Kiran says Neelam’s fight is with her son. Abhay says Neelam’s fight is with Lakshmi, and she will snatch Rishi from her and will become great like she was before. He tries to jump and couldn’t touch the fan. He asks her to jump just as he say 1 2 3. Sonal says then Malishka will win. Kiran says Neelam is determined and shall not break her determination and shall get Rishi and Malishka married, and says Malishka loves him so much and shall get lifetime happiness and not lifetime pain.

Rishi lifts Lakshmi while she rotates the fan holding a small rod. They look at each other. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays…….The fan rotates. Rishi says remedy worked. Virender tells Dadi that Neelam will snatch Rishi and lakshmi’s happiness. Dadi says Neelam is doing a mistake and says she just want malishka to be happy. Ayush says Malishka is stubborn and just wants her happiness and not Rishi’s happiness. Virender says we have to think about Malishka also, and hopes everything is fine. Dadi gets worried.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to try to sleep, though there is no bed, no mattress or even bedsheet. She asks him to make hand pillow and try to sleep. Rishi asks how to make hand pillow. Lakshmi says like this. She asks him to think good things and then will get sleep.

 Rishi telling Lakshmi that his pillow/hand is not soft so he couldn’t sleep. Lakshmi asks what to do? Rishi asks her to sleep and says he will try to sleep. Lakshmi says good. She recalls their moments. Rishi turns to her and thinks please say I love you…Lakshmi says in her heart, I will not say, you just sleep and calls him nautanki. Rishi asks to whom you called nautanki. Lakshmi asks did you hear? He says we have heart to heart connection, I hear everything.

Neelam tells Malishka that she got guest room ready for her, but very soon she will shift her to Rishi’s room. Malishka says I feel blessed to get Mom like you, but why Rishi is not seeing my love and went with Lakshmi. She asks if Rishi will agree to your saying? Neelam tells that she has brought her here and will bring Rishi too, and says she will get them married. She says you are my bahu and will make you marry my son and will make you bahu infront of the people.

She gives her swear that she will get her married to Rishi, even if she has to do anything. Rishi asks if I am nautanki? Lakshmi asks him to sleep and turns to other side. Rishi calls her and thinks she must have slept being tired. He keeps handkerchief on his leg and pulls it up to his face as if he is covering himself with blanket.

Virender comes to his room. Neelam turns to other side and switches off the lights. Virender thinks he never thought that Rishi will leave, and Neelam will be like this, we will have separate world in one room. Bani says why Di didn’t accept her love even after Jiju’s love confession. Shalu says yes. Bani says if she had confessed and accepted then their marriage would have done in the same mandap. Ayush calls Shalu and asks her to say, what a girl shall do, whose would be husband left her on the mandap and ran away with someone else. Shalu asks him to ask what Malishka shall do? He says yes. Shalu says Malishka shall forget Jiju. Ayush says Malishka has come here….Malishka imagines Rishi on the bed and smiles, but soon her imagination ends. Rishi takes off his sherwani and tries to sleep. Lakshmi thinks Rishi is not habitual to sleep without AC, and fan is also slow.

Malishka is in Rishi’s room, though Neelam gave her guest room. She says if we have got married then our wedding night would have happen, and this room would have been mine, but that illiterate has snatched Rishi and this room, and says very soon I will come to this room with Rishi.

Shalu says this means that Neelam aunty will never accept Di. Ayush says Neelam Mami asked her to call her Mom, just as bahu calls her saas. And she is determined to get Rishi and Malishka married. Shalu says don’t know how Malishka controlled Neelam aunty. Ayush asks what you are saying and tells that everyone speaks like this, and tells that Lakshmi Bhabhi does magic on everyone. Shalu says it is their love. Ayush says Neelam Mami is determined to get Malishka marry Rishi Bhai, and says we will meet Rishi and Lakshmi tomorrow. Shalu tells Bani that they will not accept defeat.

Kiran is worried for Malishka. Sonal says don’t know how Virender and Dadi reacted seeing Malishka. She calls her and asks what happened, if any drama happened? Malishka tells that Neelam blew on the fire and made everyone quiet just before any drama would happen. Kiran asks her to be in Neelam’s good books as she can only get her married. Malishka says Neelam has promised that she will get my married done. Kiran asks her not to get angry and be calm. Sonal tells Kiran that she will go to Malishka tomorrow and will make sure that she don’t do any mistake. Kiran thanks her. Sonal says Malishka and Rishi are both my friends, and they love each other a lot, don’t know from where Lakshmi came between them. Rishi thinks to move his sherwani to get some air and so that he sleeps. Lakshmi looks at him. Rishi tries to sleeps and touches his face as mosquito bites. He sleeps. Lakshmi thinks he might have slept, I shall rotate/move the Sherwani so that he gets some air. She moves the sherwani up and down, and he sleeps peacefully. She gets sleepy and falls on him. Rishi holds her and says what you are doing? He thanks her for giving him air, and asks her to go and sleep. Lakshmi asks why you are scolding me? Rishi says no. He says I want you to sleep, and then I will sleep, as your peace is my peace. He says we both shall try to sleep. He covers sherwani on his feet and says mosquitoes are biting. He asks her to sleep and looks at her. Lakshmi sleeps. He rotates the sherwani in air to give her some air. Lakshmi opens her eyes.

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