Twist of fate update Sunday 31 December 2023

Twist of fate 31 December 2023: The Episode starts with Manpreet asking the girls not to tease their brother and asks Akshay to give nek to his sister. Divya asks him to sleep in the guest room. Akshay agrees to give them nek. Divya takes his wallet and teases him. Manpreet says don’t tease him. Divya says we get chance only once to tease him, and asks him to go inside and sleep now. Akshay comes and sits on the bed. Prachi lifts her veil. He asks if I shall bring something for you to eat. Prachi says no. Akshay asks her, why you didn’t do the grah pravesh rasam properly.

She says I told you about Bua and says she believes these rituals and rasams, infact I have to act infront of Mom that I am very tired. He says newly weds have to do these rituals. Prachi says I know it, but how I would do, as this marriage is not real and we are not husband and wife, so how to do the rituals. Akshay asks how can you be emotional about everything. He says when we were getting married, you stopped it midway, took me to room and said. A fb is shown, Prachi tells Akshay that she is feeling as if she is using him to get her daughter. Akshay says there is no confusion that he just loves her and respects her, but she didn’t understand him. He says when I propose you, then that doesn’t mean that I want to make you as my wife, but the reason was Khushi and I was just helping you to get her. Prachi says I can’t become your wife, as I still have feelings for my husband and I am still his from my body and soul. Akshay says I want to see you happy and my life’s aim is to see you happy. He says he gets happy when people address him as her husband. He says lets become friends first, and then we shall get fake marriage done. He says we will not take all rounds, I will not fill your maang with sindoor and I will not make you wear mangalsutra. Prachi says but we will be husband and wife infront of everyone. Fb ends.

Akshay says we didn’t take rounds, and I was counting if the rounds will complete by mistake, and that’s why stopped the rounds when 5 rounds were completed. Prachi says that’s why you said. He says I didn’t make you wear mangalsutra. Prachi says I worn it myself when you stuck it in my necklace. He says when I took sindoor in my hand, you filled sindoor in your maang yourself while I was just holding it. Prachi says when she couldn’t do this marriage, then how she can do the rasams. She says she did all this for Khushi and can’t live without my daughter. Akshay says I understand. Prachi says you have stopped your life for me, so that a mother can meet her daughter, and says I can never return your favor, I mean it. Akshay says friendship is friendship and there is no thank you, sorry or any favor. He says we both are one and only and our friendship is also one and only. He forwards his hand for the hand shake. Prachi holds his hand. Akshay gets teary eyes and says they got emotional. Prachi says ok fine and talks about Khushi, says she is her life. Akshay says that’s why I am doing a big sacrifice. He says I will call Mihika and finds his phone off.

The taxi driver drops Mihika to Tandon house and says the house is well decorated. She says she told him about Bhai’s marriage and she takes Ranbir inside with his help. Akshay asks if I can use washroom. Prachi says it is your room and your washroom. Akshay goes to washroom. Prachi calls Ranbir’s househelp Neeti and asks her if Ranbir reached home. Neeti congratulated her for marriage and tells that he didn’t reach home. Prachi asks her not to tell Ranbir or anyone at home that she had called. Mihika is about to ring the door bell. Prachi senses Ranbir’s presence. The driver tells Mihika that hero’s phone is ringing. He says he had saved you. Prachi has called Mihika. Mihika is about to pick the call, but the call is ended. The driver asks her to take him to the room.

Prachi says if Ranbir comes to know that I am thinking about him, then he will come here. She says he will come here, as he is Ranbir and will not see the time or situation, as he is Ranbir and he is mad. She says she cares for him and loves him a lot, as she really loves him and can’t stay without him. She says he will come to know that when he was getting married, how I felt, my heart was broken, and he shall not know that I love him a lot, and says there is no end of our love, he is in soul and can’t be wiped off. She says Ranbir is not with me, as he is of Rhea officially and legally. She says that’s why I shall not think about him, as he is of Rhea. She says she shall not feel him near her. Mihika is taking Ranbir inside with Driver’s help, and she looks at Prachi sitting on the bed. She then goes with Ranbir and driver. Prachi feels his presence and turns, but doesn’t see him. Prachi opens the door and looks outside. She comes outside, but doesn’t see driver and Mihika taking Ranbir from there. Prachi starts walking. Akshay comes there and asks if she needs anything. She s ays no and goes to room.

 Mihika and the driver taking Ranbir to a room. She thanks driver and asks him to go. He asks what about your stuff? She says she has forgotten about it, and asks him to bring it. The driver goes to bring her stuff. Mihika says from where he (Ranbir) came and thinks to give him pain killer. The driver brings her stuff and gives it to her. She gives him taxi fare and 500 Rs extra for his help. Mihika thanks him and then she makes Ranbir have the tablet. He says Pra in unconscious state. Mihika says you was talking about her all the way and asks him to take it as the tonic of life. He says you have betrayed me. Mihika asks if she betrayed you? She says she will go and meet Bhaiyya and Bhabhi, and hopes they might not have slept. Mihika knocks on Prachi and Akshay’s room. Akshay says Bua ji might have come, and asks Prachi to do whatever Bua says. Prachi opens the door and sees Mihika. Mihika gets happy to see Prachi, and compliments her on her beauty. She says I didn’t know that you are very pretty in real life and asks why did you marry Bhai, what was your helplessness. Akshay asks have you gone mad? Prachi asks Mihika? Akshay says yes, she is Mihika. Mihika asks why you married Bhai. Akshay says you didn’t come to my wedding and now talking about breaking it. Mihika asks Prachi to tell her truth and says Dad told me about you, and asks if she has specs and ask if she saw Bhai properly. Akshay says now you will get beaten. Mihika says he is a gem, and you have taken the right decision to marry him. She says your Jodi is like tere bina main nahin, mere bina tu nahi. She asks them to go out till she do the finishing touch to their room. She sends them out and thinks the room needs her finishing touch.

Akshay tells Prachi that her sister is a bit crack. Prachi says when there is no problems in life, then can laugh like Mihika. Akshay says I know you since 6 years, but you never discussed your problems with me. He then says that if Mihika loves someone then can give her life too. He says she loves me a lot, and she is different from others. He says I can’t decide if I love her much, or she loves me much. He says he can’t see tears in his sister’s eyes. Prachi thinks of Rhea and says I love her a lot. He says I will take you to guest room, till Mihika makes the room ready. He says he has made a painting which is there. They are about to go there, when Mihika comes there and calls them to see the room.

They see their marriage photo frames, candles and flowers. Mihika asks them to praise her well. Akshay says you have decorated well. Prachi says it is good. She asks them to say that I have done a better work than her cousins. Akshay says you are a good decorator. Mihika says you couldn’t praise me well, my heart break. Prachi says some persons have aesthetic sense and they make the place beautiful with their inherit aesthetic sense and says that is in you. Mihika gets happy to hear Prachi.

She says she will sleep with Bhabhi. Akshay says he knows her nautanki and asks her to go. Mihika asks him to give shagun and says you might have given something Divya and Neha. Akshay says they have taken my wallet. Mihika says I am your real sister and you shall give me something precious. He asks her to do dacoity. Akshay gives his chain to her. Mihika says she will wear it. She says welcome to the mad house bhabhi, praises Prachi and goes asking Akshay to learn how to praise. Akshay asks Prachi to sleep on the bed and I will sleep on the floor. Prachi refuses. He says he will sleep in the drawing room today, and says they will get the sofa shifted here tomorrow, and it will be my bed always.

Mihika covers blanket on Ranbir and says you was with me, when nobody was with me. She prays that his pain gets relieved. She says we will meet tomorrow and says bye, Mr. stranger. She goes. Akshay comes to the hall and thinks how to sleep without AC in fan here. He thinks if anyone sees me here. Mihika comes there and goes. She doesn’t see his face. Vishaka comes there. Akshay asks God to save him from Bua, and says she shall not see me.

Vishaka pulls the bedsheet from his face and asks Akshay, what happened, what you are doing here? She asks if they fought on the first night itself, she asks if it was love marriage then, what wrong has happened. She asks him to tell the truth. Akshay says problem is that, Prachi snores a lot. Vishaka is surprised.

Ranbir gets up from the bed. He comes out of the room. He comes to Prachi’s room and knocks on the door calling her. Prachi wakes up hearing him. Ranbir says no Prachi…Prachi says Ranbir…and gets up from the bed. He says he has gone mad and whenever he opens his mouth, he says Prachi. Prachi thinks Ranbir has come here, when he has come, then he will do drama and wonders why he came. Ranbir is standing outside her room. Prachi opens the door and looks on.

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