Unfortunate love update Sunday 31 December 2023

Unfortunate love 31 December 2023:  Episode starts with Lakshmi asking Rishi to talk to a broker. Rishi says I know about the broker Shandaar. Rishi calls Shandaar. Shandaar tells that he knows a hotel Shandaar and has a good earning. Rishi says he needs a flat. Shandaar asks if he is joking? Rishi says he is not joking and wants a flat. Shandaar says ok. Rishi asks him to send address. Lakshmi asks what Shandaar ji said. Rishi says he is sending address.

They hear people saying I love you. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he told her I love her, but she didn’t tell him. He says I know you love me, but you lied that you don’t love me, and asks her to say with her mouth. He asks her to say I love you Rishi and I will be with you all life, else my heart beat will stop.

Lakshmi asks him not to say this. Rano sees Shalu and Bani happy and dancing and asks them. Shalu tells that Rishi and Malishka’s marriage haven’t happened, and tells that Rishi proposed Lakshmi and said I love you infront of everyone. Rano gets happy and asks if Rishi and Lakshmi got married. Bani says Di refused that she don’t love him. Rano says a big drama must have happen. Shalu says yes, and tells that big drama have happened, and Jiju has left home due to Neelam aunty’s condition. Rano is happy. Shalu says we are happy that Jiju said I love you, but sad that he left his Mom. Rano asks what others said. Shalu says everyone tried to stop Neelam aunty, but she didn’t listen. Rano asks where are they? Shalu and Bani tell that they must be coming here. Rano says Rishi is rich and will go anywhere. She then thinks that Rishi will give her money, if she lets him stay here in his difficult time. She asks them to let them come, and asks them to clean the house. Shalu calls Rishi and then Lakshmi, and asks when they are coming. Lakshmi says we are not coming there and says we will tell later, where we are going.

Rishi asks Lakshmi to say. Lakshmi says it was Shalu’s call and she was asking…Rishi says I didn’t ask that and says I asked you to tell if you love me, and if you don’t answer then I will make home on that tree. Lakshmi says we need a house, and asks him to make home. Rishi says I can climb the tree, but how you can climb on it, I can stay alone. Lakshmi asks him to see if the broken message came. Rishi says we shall wait for sometime.

Kiran and Abhay talk about Lakshmi snatching Rishi from Malishka. Abhay says we shall take care of her, as she is fragile. Kiran says Malishka will not do anything. Abhay says she told that she will kill Lakshmi, if this happens then she will go to jail. He says Neelam always supported Malishka, but Dadi and Virender never supported her. Kiran says that’s why Lakshmi has snatched Rishi. She tells him that Malishka has done many mistake, and she was involved with Vikrant, but she saved her. Abhay says he wants Malishka’s happiness and can do anything for her happiness.

Virender asks Dadi if she can’t do anything. Dadi says if she orders Lakshmi and Rishi to stay here, then Neelam will not live her. She says Neelam is saying that Rishi is mad for Lakshmi, and she is herself mad for Malishka. She says we have to live life with the truth that the lamp and the light of the house are gone. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he can’t walk and is very hungry. Lakshmi says you used to run a lot on threadmill. Rishi says there is AC there. Lakshmi says she has some money. Rishi says you are really Lakshmi and has money too. He says we can food in hotel. Lakshmi says she doesn’t have much money. Rishi says we will have pani puri at the stall.

Virender says don’t know until when this house will be in darkness, and I can’t do anything to bring them back. Dadi says Neelam has forced Rishi to take this decision, and says Lakshmi never got love and respect here, and when she went, she got hatred. Virender says Lakshmi has never done anything wrong and whatever she did is good. Dadi says she is Lakshmi. She asks him to call Rishi and asks him where are they, and asks him to make arrangements for their stay. Rishi and Lakshmi come to the golgappa stall. Lakshmi asks him to eat first. Rishi says we will have it together. Lakshmi challenges him to have it first.

Rishi says we will eat together. The golgappa guy asks Rishi not to fight with her, as men can’t win from women. Rishi eats golgappa and coughs. He asks what did you add in it? He says it is very spicy. Lakshmi makes him drink water. Rishi drinks water and asks Golgappa seller to make her eat first. Lakshmi eats it. Rishi also eats it and says now it is not spicy. The golgappa seller tells that you was saying it is spicy. Rishi says I said that to convince her. Lakshmi prays for his happiness. The golgappa seller’s wife comes there and identifies Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells Rishi that they used to have vada pav at her stall. The lady says this is our stall too. Rishi gets broker’s message and tells that they didn’t get the home. The lady asks why you need home, you seems to be from a big house. Rishi says yes, but we need house. The lady says she will help.

Sonal asks Malishka to be happy and asks him to show that she is strong to Rishi and Lakshmi. She asks her to shed fake tears for the world, but be happy within. Malishka says my happiness is with Rishi. Sonal says you have to get him back, and for this you need a calm mind.

Virender calls Rishi and asks where is he? He tells that their farm house and bungalows are free. Rishi says we are at our bungalow. He says Lakshmi liked it, and she has no complains. Actually he is in the under construction house. Dadi takes the call and asks Rishi to return, and says they want the family to be happy one again.

Ayush saying that whatever happened is wrong and says the house is not looking as house without them, and thinks where did they go? He thinks to ask Shalu, if they went there. Shalu says Di didn’t tell where is she? bani says she refused to give address as we will go there. The Vada pav lady tells Rishi and Lakshmi that it is her relative’s house, they were about to do its renovation, but then they have to go to village, and they stayed there, and I have bought this house. She says she didn’t repair it yet. Rishi says this house is the best for now. lakshmi says yes, we will make it home. Rishi says we will have pani puri when we get hungry. Ayush calls Shalu. Shalu scolds him for not calling her.

She says they are not here, and says he should have get a house for him, so that they know where are they? She tells him that Di had called and said that she will tell tomorrow where are they? Ayush is relieved that she will call tomorrow. Rishi tells Lakshmi that she is really Lakshmi, they got the house due to her known lady, and says Shandaar is useless. He says this house is good without AC, as it has free air, and the door is just kept, so that there is no tension to open and close it. Shalu asks Ayush how is Neelam aunty? Ayush says she is sad. He says atleast they got the house, we will go to meet them tomorrow, and asks her to call him, whenever needed. He thanks her for supporting him. Shalu says same to you. He ends the call. Bani asks if Ayush said I love you. Shalu says she is still upset. Bani says very soon Rishi and Lakshmi will unite with the family.

Rishi says it is good. Lakshmi says you said Bau ji that we are….Rishi says it doesn’t matter where I am, as what matters to me is you, wherever you are, there is a heaven for me. They look at each other and smiles.

Neelam recalls Rishi’s words. Virender tells Neelam that Rishi and Lakshmi got a place to stay and they are staying there. Neelam gets up to go. Virender asks where are you going? Neelam says you have lost this right to ask me, when you supported stranger girl and your son.

Rishi and Lakshmi clean the floor. Rishi starts sneezing, just as he sweeps the floor. Lakshmi says bless you. Rishi says my life is blessed since you came in my life. Lakshmi takes broom from his hand and asks him to sit. He ties her hair and says now you will not have problem to clean. He thinks Lakshmi is too good, she cares for me so much, and loves me too, but says that she doesn’t love me.

He sees the pipes falling on Lakshmi and saves her. Lakshmi says you have saved me so leave me now.

Rishi prays to God, to never separate them. Malishka looks at Rishi and her photo and says why you have done this with me. Neelam comes there and asks her not to cry. Malishka hugs her and promises her not to cry and become strong. Neelam says I am with you, so much happened with you, then also I am with you. She asks her not to get weak, and says if we get tears, then the others will win and asks if you want them to win. Malishka nods no, I will not cry. Neelam says you will stay with me in Oberoi Mansion as my bahu, and shall call me Mom. Malishka says Mom. Neelam asks her to come.

Rishi thanks God for giving him the courage to speak up the truth and showing the right way, else he would have married Malishka by now, and would have lost Lakshmi. He says he just wants Lakshmi to say I love you Rishi. Lakshmi brings the jute cloth and tells Rishi that they shall keep the jute cloth on the window so that the mosquitoes don’t come inside. Rishi says it has many holes in it. Lakshmi asks him to just tie it and says mosquitoes might not see. Rishi climbs on something to tie the jute cloth as curtain to the window. He asks her to come and hug him. Lakshmi asks what? He says he wants rope, you don’t understand well. Lakshmi says why don’t you say straightly. He says I asked you to say I love you, but you didn’t say. Lakshmi looks on.

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