Unfortunate love update Friday 12 January 2024

Unfortunate love 12 January 2024: The Episode starts with Doctor coming out and telling that patient is out of danger now, and will come in his conscience very soon. Lady doctor comes and says other patient is also fine. Shalu thanks the doctor. Bani asks Shalu, what is she doing? Shalu says di and jiju are fine, Doctor said just now. Virender says it was your dream/imagination and tells her that both will be fine.

Neelam, Karishma and Dadi come there. They ask about Lakshmi and Rishi. Doctor comes and tells that Rishi is out of danger, but nothing can be said until he comes in his senses. Neelam asks if he will come in his senses. Doctor says we have given him medicine. Lady doctor tells that she has treated Lakshmi and she will be out of danger. They shift Lakshmi from the OT to the ward. Then Rishi is brought out of OT.

Neelam tells unconscious Rishi, that she asked him not to go with inauspicious girl. Shalu says my sister is not inauspicious. Nurse calls Rishi as patient. Neelam says he is my son and not patient. She blames Lakshmi. Shalu says Lakshmi has been saving him and you got her married to Rishi to save his life. Virender asks Shalu not to talk all that. He says this is not the right time. He thinks that Doctor has hidden something about Lakshmi.

Karishma informs Kiran that Rishi is unconscious and Lakshmi is also here. Malishka asks Kiran if Lakshmi is alive. Kiran says she is found and alive in hospital. Neelam tells that she wants to meet Rishi once and see him. Karishma says I don’t think that they will let us meet him. Nurse comes out. Neelam insists to meet Rishi. Nurse asks her to get the medicine. Karishma says you get it, we will pay you. Nurse says ok. Neelam insists on meeting Rishi. Nurse says she can’t allow her. Neelam goes inside.

Dadi asks Nurse to let her meet her son, and says if anyone scolds you then I will take up the blame on myself. Neelam comes inside and looks at Rishi. She says how to see your condition, how to bear it. She says you might be feeling much pain, why did you leave home, if you had agreed to my sayings then this wouldn’t have happened. She says how to see you in this condition, and how to bear this. She asks him to be fine soon and hug her, and call her Mom lovingly.

Kiran asks Malishka if she is shocked that they are saved, and says thankfully they are saved, and asks her not to threaten her to suicide. She says Rishi is gone from your life and asks her to move on. She says she has made her educated, not for this day. She asks her to move on in life, and says we did everything, but can’t get him. She says Rishi is not in your life, and says may be you will get more good guy than Rishi, who might be your soul mate. Virender tells Ayush that he will come and asks him to take care of Shalu and Bani.

Nurse asks Ayush to bring the medicine. Shalu asks if we can meet her. Nurse says no and says don’t know when she will respond to medicine. Ayush says they will be fine and come in their senses.

Virender goes to Lakshmi’s doctor and says he wants to know about her. He asks if everything is alright and asks if you are hiding something. Doctor says I am not hiding anything and tells that she has 3-4 head injuries which is deep and says until the reports come, I can’t say anything. Virender asks what do you think that she is ok. Doctor says we will know when the reports come. He comes out of the doctor’s cabin. Dadi asks him about Lakshmi, and tells that her sisters love her a lot. She then worries about Neelam and asks her not to worry. Neelam says I shall be fine.

Inspector comes there and asks if there is any enemy of Rishi or Lakshmi. Virender says no. Inspector says how did they reach to the cliff when they were going to airport. He says they couldn’t find the lorry owner and his house was locked. He says he will arrange security for them and says if it was planned conspiracy then the attacker will come again to kill them. Virender says it is not needed. Inspector goes. Malishka tells Sonal that she was thinking about Mom’s words and says she will not spend her life in jail, and will move on now. Sonal says yes, you are right. Malishka says I have to kill them both, if I want to be saved myself. She says they knew that I tried to kill them. She says now she has to kill them to hide her previous crime.

Rishi moves his fingers and recalls in his unconscious state asking Lakshmi to jump from the car, and then asking her to confess her love to him. Neelam, Virender, Dadi and Karishma come inside, and hear Rishi saying in unconscious state, and asking Lakshmi to say I love you to him. Doctor comes there and checks Rishi. He asks them to go outside and wait.

Malishka tells that she has to go there and kill them with her own hands. Sonal asks Malishka to calm down and says you shall not do this with your hands, and shall send someone. Malishka says she had sent someone to kill them before, but nothing happened. She says I will go and kill them. Sonal says I will also come and help you. Malishka asks her to go to lorry driver and settle everything with him. Sonal says even he can send you to hang punishment. Malishka says we shall not tell anything to Mom right now, and gives her room keys, says we will lock room from inside so that Mom don’t know anything. She smiles.

 Malishka and Sonal coming out of the room. Malishka locks it and tells Sonal that they shall not go by the car, else Mom will know. They leave. Kiran thinks she shall go and meet Neelam, thinks Malishka and Sonal are at home now. She thinks if anything happens then she has to save Malishka, and says she has done foolishness by trying to kill them. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come to Lakshmi’s ward to give medicine. Nurse asks them not to come inside again without permission. Ayush says whoever has done this, will not be saved.

Shalu says that person will not be saved. Doctor checks Rishi. Nurse says he was having movement in his body. Kiran thinks how to go infront of them and thinks she has to pretend as if she knew about the accident. Shalu asks Virender about Rishi. Virender

says he is coming to his senses. Dadi says my both children shall be saved. Kiran comes there and asks how is Rishi? Ayush tells Virender that they are going to search the person who hit their car. Karishma says Police is investigating. Ayush says may be if we try to search then may find proof. Doctor comes out and tells that Rishi didn’t come in his senses and has slipped in coma. Neelam says he said something. Doctor says he will not be in coma for long and will gain consciousness soon. Ayush says he will go. Karishma says you will not go now. Neelam asks Ayush to go and asks him to bring the guilty infront of her, and says she will punish that person in such a way that he/she will not forget. Ayush says yes, he will get the guilty punished. Kiran worries for Malishka. Malishka comes there indisguise of Doctor.

Ayush collides with her and says sorry. Shalu doubts, but goes. Malishka thinks she will kill Rishi and Lakshmi and then nobody will know that I have killed them. Sonal comes to the truck owner’s locality. She thinks where is he? She finds the owner. The owner regrets to do wrong in greed and thinks he shall leave now, and take money later. Sonal comes there, but he has left from there. Ayush and Shalu come there and think to go inside the truck owner’s house.

Malishka comes inside Rishi’s ward and tells Nurse that she came to know about new patient and asks who is handling him. Nurse says Dr. Sohan. Malishka asks her to go and have lunch, and says she will be here. Nurse comes out and tells Virender that Rishi is fine and Doctor is inside. Neelam thinks she will take her son out of coma. Malishka says Rishi…you have done wrong with me and have made me helpless to do this. She says I love you a lot and can’t see you with someone else. She says if you can’t become mine, then I will not let you become of someone else. She says I have to do this, and says sorry and good bye. She is about to remove the oxygen mask.

Doctor checks Lakshmi and tells that her doubt is something, which will be cleared after the reports come. Malishka recalls his words and says you are saved once, but not now. She says you know my truth and that’s why you have to die. She says I love you, but you don’t and went to Lakshmi. She says you can make me get hang punishment so I will kill you. She takes out the oxygen mask from his nose and waits for him to die. Rishi’s condition deteriorated. Neelam comes there. Malishka gets shocked.

Ayush and Shalu get inside the lorry owner’s house and search for the proofs. Sonal thinks she is sure that the guy was the truck owner. Neelam asks Malishka if she is the doctor who came to treat her son, and says I am his mother and will make him fine. Malishka nods her head and makes him wear the oxygen mask. Neelam tells Rishi that she couldn’t breath seeing him like this and asks him to open his eyes and take breath. Nurse comes and asks Neelam to go out. She says if you disturb him then he will be pain. Malishka signs the nurse to ask her to go out. Neelam goes out. Nurse tells Malishka that he might have lost his memory.

Bani comes to Lakshmi and tells Nurse that Di likes juice. Nurse says you loves your sister a lot and asks her to go out. Sonal tells Malishka that she couldn’t find the truck owner. Malishka tells her that Rishi is in coma and might lose his memory. She says Rishi will come back to her after his memory loss. Sonal says Lakshmi will try to get him. Malishka says she will kill Lakshmi.

Bani tells Rano about Lakshmi. She then tells about Shalu, who went to catch the guilty. Rano asks her to inform her when Lakshmi gains consciousness. Neelam says when Rishi will gain consciousness. Dadi says very soon. Virender asks Neelam to take the medicine and asks her not to worry. He says everything will be fine. Neelam says when everything will be fine, and when my son will come to me and hug me. She says I will not leave that guilty person. Bani asks God to do something and bring Lakshmi in her conscience. Virender comes and sees Lakshmi from window pane. He asks Bani what happened? Bani says di didn’t get consciousness till now. Virender says we can’t lose our courage like her. Bani asks him about Jiju. Virender says he didn’t get consciousness till now, once they get fine, we will send them to honeymoon. Malishka goes insearch of Lakshmi.

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