Unfortunate love update Thursday 11 January 2024

Unfortunate love 11 January 2024: The Episode starts with Malishka telling God that she has sent both to him, and asks him not to send them back. She laughs crazily and says she has killed them. Karishma says why Bhai is worried and about what? Dadi asks if the worry is about business only. Virender thinks Maa shall not hurry up else Neelam will understand. He signs her. Karishma asks what tension he has. Dadi says we shall ask him once he gets fine, and asks Neelam if she will do anything for him.

Neelam says yes, they will do as Doctor said. Dadi says she is sure that she will make him fine in 2-3 days. Neelam tells Virender that she got this family because of him and tells that she won’t let anything happen to him. Malishka is walking on the road and thinks about Rishi and her moments. Ayush’s car goes from the same road, and Shalu was about to see her, but they missed seeing her. Bani asks Shalu to call Chachi.

Shalu calls Rano. Rano picks the call and asks where did they go? Shalu asks if Di called you. Rano says no. Shalu ends the call. She says Di is surely in trouble, as their phones are not reachable. Bani asks her to talk positive. Shalu asks how far is the airport? Ayush says somewhat far.

Malishka sees the temple and recalls Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage. Some guys come to the lake and find the car there. They think to check if anyone is inside, but there is nobody.

Malishka comes inside the temple and applies ashes to her forehead, and says I did what you have said, and what you have written in your destiny. She says I have killed Rishi, but you made me and forced me to kill him. She says I didn’t like that Rishi has betrayed me and tells that my heart asked me to kill him, and I killed him. She says I killed him immensely, but he didn’t understand and I have to end his life. She says now he can’t return in my life again, and says she has killed her own love with her own hands. She asks the goddess why did I do this, and says rishi didn’t understand my love and held Lakshmi’s hand. She says she has no regret of killing Lakshmi, but has to kill Rishi as he wanted Lakshmi. Bani gets worried for Lakshmi and tells Ayush that they are on the airport road, but they are not here. Ayush asks Bani to have courage and tells that she can fight if given sword. He turns to Bani, when Shalu asks him to look at the front as he is about to hit Inspector’s jeep, but stops at the right time. Inspector asks if he is drunk? Ayush says no and gives the big decoration. Inspector asks why the girl is stressed? Shalu tells about her di and jiju’s car, and says they didn’t reach the airport till now. Ayush says the car was decorated. Inspector asks if this is the car number. Ayush sees the car number and gets shocked.

Malishka comes home. Kiran asks if she has killed anyone. Malishka says she has taken her revenge and tells that she has killed them, and got some peace now. Kiran slaps her and asks if she is murderer and says she is her daughter. She says they will get peace, when Police arrests you. Sonal asks if she left any proof there? Malishka says she didn’t leave any proof. Ayush, Shalu and Bani come to the cliff. They identify the car. Inspector says their team is searching them. Ayush asks them not to cry and says nothing will happen to them. He tells Inspector that they have to go down, to search them. Inspector says you have to go there to identify them. Shalu says they will be fine. Ayush, Shalu and Bani go there and start searching for them. They see Rishi and Lakshmi’s together forever written on the paper. Ayush tells that they will be fine and tells that he will search them. Shalu stops him from going in the water. Sonal asks Malishka if she left any proofs. Malishka thinks of hitting Lakshmi with stone.

Ayush says where are the divers, I will go and search them. Shalu stops him, saying that he doesn’t know swimming. Divers come and search for them. Shalu says may be they are not in the lake, and says they shall check in hospital. Ayush talks to Inspector and sends their photo to him. Sonal asks Malishka to think and asks if she left proof. Malishka says may be….Sonal asks if you are mad, you have killed two people and saying may be you left proof. She asks what proof, you have left? Malishka recalls and says that she left the truck there, with which she hit their car.

Sonal asking Malishka if she left such a big proof there and says if someone finds the lorry there, then you can be finished, asks how can you be so foolish. Neelam asks Virender, how is he feeling? Mukesh comes there and says Rishi Sir. Virender asks what? Karishma asks him to say. Mukesh says Rishi Sir’s car fell in the valley. Virender gets up shockingly. Karishma asks him not to get up like this. Virender asks Mukesh to say. Mukesh says I didn’t want to tell you, as you got heart attack. Virender asks him to tell what happened? Mukesh shows the news in which Rishi’s car is seen drown in the water fully. Virender gets shocked. Mukesh says Police is searching them. Neelam and Karishma tell that nothing will happen to Lakshmi.

Sonal tells Malishka that Police will reach the owner. Malishka says I have given him much money and he will not open his mouth. Sonal says if Police beats him then he will open his mouth. Malishka says the lorry had stopped and I had saved my life with much difficulty. Sonal says they have to do something with the lorry. The divers come back and tell that they couldn’t find them. Ayush gives the visiting cards to the locals who had found the car. Inspector tells that the case is complicated, how did they reach here, when they were going to the airport. He says they will find out about the truck owner. Other Inspector asks Ayush, Bani and Shalu to go from there and says they will inform him if they get any info.

Neelam tells Virender that Rishi will be fine. Virender says my daughter is also there. Karishma asks him to be silent else he will get heart attack again. Virender says I don’t care for myself and says if Rishi had not gone out from home, then this wouldn’t have happen.

Karishma says this is happening because of inauspicious Lakshmi. Virender shouts and says Lakshmi is not inauspicious. He says every time she has saved Rishi, risking her own life, when she is with him, then the danger stops. Ayush calls him and tells that Police found Rishi-Lakshmi’s car in the valley. He tells him everything. Virender says so much happened and you didn’t tell me. Ayush says we were worried and wanted to reach them, and says sorry. Virender says I can understand and says they are searching him, but till now they are not found. He cries. Virender asks him to handle himself and search them, being the son of the house. He asks Neelam to pray that Lakshmi stays with Rishi always, else Rishi shall die without her. Neelam is shocked. Virender says I am sure that they are fine, as they are together.

Ayush tells Shalu and Bani that they shall search them in hospitals. Rano calls Shalu and asks if Lakshmi called. Shalu tells that they are missing, their car is found in the valley. Rano is shocked and says they had gone for honeymoon. Shalu asks her to inform her if Lakshmi calls her.

Kiran thinks how to call Karishma, and thinks she has to call and enquire. Karishma picks the call. Kiran apologizes for taking Malishka away from there, and tells that Rishi didn’t care for her. Karishma tells her about their car found in the lake, as it had fallen from the cliff. Kiran acts shocked and asks if Rishi is fine? Karishma says Police is searching them. Kiran gets shocked. Karishma ends the call saying she has to sit for havan. The locals are searching Rishi and Lakshmi in the water. Ayush tells Bani and Shalu that they will search them. The locals find Rishi and Lakshmi near the seashore holding each other’s hands and unconscious. The guy asks another guy to inform everyone. Ayush comes to know from them that they are found. He thanks him and God. Shalu also thanks them. They reach there. The guy tells that they are fine and they shall take them to hospital.

Ayush calls Virender and tells that Rishi and Lakshmi are found, and they are taking them to hospital, and asks him not to worry. He says they are taking them to City hospital, and he is behind the ambulance. Virender says you are real brother. Ayush says he can give his life for his bhai. Virender calls Neelam. Karishma sees the call, and picks the call as Neelam is praying. Virender informs her that Rishi and Lakshmi are fine and they are taken to the hospital. Karishma informs Neelam. Neelam thanks God that Rishi is fine. Dadi asks about Lakshmi. Karishma says she is also fine. Dadi gets thankful to God and says she will also come.

The Doctor checks Rishi and Lakshmi and admits them. Shalu calls Rano. Rano asks if they are fine. Shalu says they are in the hospital. Rano asks if they are fine. Shalu cries. Bani takes the call and says they are getting treatment. Rano says they will be fine and asks if she shall come there. Bani says no. Rano says nothing will happen to them and ends the call. She then prays for them. Shalu cries. Bani says Baba ji will not do anything wrong with them.

Sonal tells Malishka that she has left the murder weapon and asks when did she learn to drive it. Malishka says from the truck owner in sometime. She says I will not be exposed and will not let anyone know. She says when I have done a big crime then I know how to hide it. Sonal says now we shall think practically. Malishka says she will give more money to the lorry driver. Sonal says he will come and ask for money again. Malishka says then I will kill him also. She says I will kill anyone to save myself. Virender reaches hospital and asks Ayush about them.

Ayush says Doctor said that they can have haemorrhage age. He regrets for not going to drop them to the airport. Virender asks him to calm down. Shalu and bani hug him. Virender says they will be fine soon, and asks them not to lose their courage. Malishka says nobody can catch me. Kiran comes there and tells that Police got involved now, and says if you are caught then I can’t save you. Malishka says nobody can catch me. Kiran says if Police gets any proof. Sonal says we will not let Malishka trapped. Kiran says Rishi is Neelam’s son and tells that Neelam will not leave Malishka and says I just hope that Rishi gets saved.

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