Unfortunate love update Saturday 13 January 2024

Unfortunate love 13 January 2024: The Episode starts with Malishka is walking in the hospital, when someone pulls her in the ward. Ayush and Shalu come inside truck driver’s room and find the money bag. Shalu says truck driver is the puppet and someone is the real conspirator. Malishka sees Kiran and says you are here? Kiran says I have identified you being your mother.

Malishka asks her to let her do her work. She says I will be saved after killing them. Kiran says you will be saved if you leave them alive. Malishka says both of them knew that I tried to kill them, and that’s why they have to die. Kiran says you are doing one crime after another. Malishka tells that Rishi is in coma and Doctor says that he might remember his memory or not, so I will kill just Lakshmi. Kiran says I will not let you go.

Malishka pushes her on the chair and tie her on the chair, and keep cotton in her mouth. She says I will not kill Rishi now, but can’t leave Rishi alive. She goes.

Ayush asks Shalu, what they shall do? Shalu says the lorry driver/owner might be hidden in some hotel. Malishka thinks if anyone of them open their mouth, then I will be punished. She says Rishi has memory loss chances, but Lakshmi will take my name just as she gains consciousness. She says why Mom is not listening? She comes to Lakshmi’s ward and sees Virender and Bani sitting outside. She comes inside and thinks thank god, there is no nurse here. She is about to take out her oxygen mask, when Nurse comes there. Malishka asks Nurse about Lakshmi and tells that she is the new Doctor who came 2 days back.

She tells that any nurse can take a break, if they want, and says she will take care of that patient. She asks Nurse to take the break. Nurse refuses. Malishka insists her to take break. Nurse refuses. Malishka says she will come back later in sometime, and then you can take break. Nurse says ok and sits near Lakshmi. Malishka goes out and hears Virender talking to Ayush about truck owner. She sees Nurse going to changing room. She runs and stops Nurse. She goes inside the changing room and frees Kiran. Kiran says she will take her to Neelam and will tell her truth. Malishka says will you get me punished. Sonal searches for the truck owner and finds him, but he hides thinking she is Police.

Kiran tells Malishka that it is better that Neelam kills you than Police. Karishma asks Kiran why did she bring malishka here this way? Kiran says Malishka was going to PS, to do hunger strike. She says Police made her understand and left her here. She says if Rishi will get justice this way, and says Malishka shall stay with you. Karishma says Malishka has proved how much she loves Rishi. Malishka hugs Neelam and says my heart says that Rishi will be out of coma soon. Kiran thinks thank god, Malishka did as I wanted, and says nobody will doubt Malishka if Neelam trusts her.

Kiran tells Malishka that she did as she wanted. Malishka asks why you lied to me. Kiran says I want you to fear of Neelam. Malishka says she felt that Rishi will come back to her after his memory loss, but Rishi shall die. Kiran asks Malishka to stay in Neelam’s heart. Malishka says Lakshmi knows that I had tried to kill them. Kiran says nobody will trust Lakshmi. She says she will do something about the truck driver and asks her to stop thinking about murder.

Nurse’s shift changes and other nurse comes to Rishi’s ward. She asks the nurse not to let his relatives come inside. Ayush and Shalu are waiting in the lorry owner’s house, and hiding. They think he is coming. Shalu asks him to beat the lorry owner after he tells the culprit’s name. Bani is waiting outside Lakshmi’s ward. Rano comes there and says she has brought food for them. Bani hugs her and tells that Lakshmi is not in her senses and jiju went in coma. Rano gets upset and curses the criminal. She asks where is Shalu? Bani says they have went to catch the guilty.

Rano says let the Police do the work. She asks her to have food. Rano says you would have listened to Lakshmi. Bani imagines Lakshmi coming there and feeding her food. She opens her mouth. Rano calls Bani. Bani realizes it is her imagination, and finds Lakshmi in the ICU. Rano asks her to have food. Bani refuses to  Ayush and Shalu seeing the lorry owner. The lorry owner says that he shall rest and then take the money bag from there. He rests on the bed. Ayush and Shalu get up to catch him, but he gets up from the bed, and hide. Ayush tells Shalu that they shall catch him now and gets up to catch him, but the lorry owner holds Shalu and threatens to strangulate her. He asks Ayush to tie himself. Ayush ties himself and asks him to leave Shalu. The lorry owner ties Shalu with Ayush, and tells that he knows everything. He says you have done mistake by coming here alone, and says he knows that his lorry hit the car and two people fell down in the water. He says one of them is Rishi Oberoi, a rich guy. Ayush asks why did you do this with my bhai and Bhabhi. The truck owner asks them to give

him money to get info from him, else he will kill them and flee. Neelam tells Virender that she can’t have anything until Rishi comes in his senses. She asks Nurse. Nurse asks her to sit outside. Neelam asks her to call him Rishi. Nurse shows the tube to give him juice, water etc, as he is in coma. Lorry owner calls Virender. Virender asks Ayush to beat the lorry owner. The lorry owner tells him that he will kill Ayush and Shalu, and asks him to give money. Virender says first you attempted to kill my son and now asking money. He asks him to tell him truth, then he will give him money. The lorry owner asks him to sit in his car with the money, and not to inform Police.

Malishka comes to the hospital again, indisguise of a doctor. She sees Neelam and hopes that she doesn’t identify her. She goes past her and says thank god, she didn’t see me. Nurse thinks Doctor said that some reports will come, and thinks medicine is not affecting. She tells Nurse that lakshmi’s brain cells are damaged, and asks her to call her sister to know her medical history. Bani comes there. Doctor asks her to tell about Lakshmi. Bani says what to say, and goes on praising her and tells that she has saved jiju many times and got injuries too. Doctor says your sister’s story is inspiring and tells that if she don’t gain consciousness, then she will give her more medicine. Nurse says she has seen truthful woman for the first time, though she had read in stories many times. She thinks who wants to kill such a truthful person, and thinks this world don’t like truthful people. Virender is coming to the truck lorry’s house, while the truck lorry gives him wrong address. He tells Ayush that he don’t want him to show any smartness. Virender asks him to say where to reach. Bani doesn’t see Malishka. Malishka comes inside Lakshmi’s ward. She wears goggles and asks how is she? Malishka asks Nurse if she can gain consciousness. Nurse says she didn’t gain consciousness till now. Malishka asks her to take a break and says this is her last round. Nurse says she don’t want to leave the patient and praises Lakshmi. Malishka says she is pro in doing magic. Nurse goes out. Malishka sits near Lakshmi and says I tried to kill you many times, but you got saved everytime. She says your skin is thick, and says you have ruined my everything, and has ruined my dream to live with Rishi. She says you have broken my heart and made it as stone, and says I became so stone hearted that I tried to kill my own love, but see my destiny, Rishi got saved due to my destiny, but I will not let you come between us, you made my life as hell. She says this is your bhagya, lakshmi bhagya, you will die with my hands. She closes the oxygen supply. Lakshmi breaths faster. Malishka smiles.

Virender comes to the lorry owner’s house. He says you was about to tell me who tried to kill you. The lorry owner says the girl is not ordinary who tried to kill them.

Malishka asks Lakshmi to see her dull face and says you have snatched my everything and I will snatch your everything, I want my Rishi back and my happiness, for that you have to die. She says you will die a painful death. She says until now you have won and today I will win. She takes off her oxygen mask too.

Sonal is still in the taxi and thinks where to go. Taxi driver says it is night, where you want to go. Rishi’s ward nurse tells that her patient is in coma. The truck owner asks Virender to help him go out from here first, and says if you don’t let me go then you will die along with them. He says your enemy is not me, but someone else. Virender says you have to tell me who tried to kill my son and daughter in law. Malishka looks at Lakshmi’s mangalsutra and says now see, how I break it. She tries to snatch her mangalsutra. Lakshmi holds her hand. Malishka tries to snatch her mangalsutra still. Rishi gains consciousness.

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