Strings of love Starlife update Friday 12 January 2024

Strings of love 12 January 2024: Sahiba walks to Seerat and asks if she had stayed with Angad, how is he now. Seerat asks what is she doing here. Sahiba asks why is she behaving like others. Seerat says though Sahiba doesn’t consider herself as a Brar DIL, she considers herself as a Brar DIL and will follow their order. Sahiba says Seerat is her elder sister before becoming a Brar DIL.

Seerat argues and gets adamant to not let her. Sahiba says she is Angad’s wife and nobody can stop her from meeting him. Seerat says Angad regained consciousness after much difficult, Sahiba shouldn’t try to make her feel low in her in-law’s eyes. Sahiba pleads to let her go. Angad notices Sahiba and calls her. Sahiba says when Angad himself wants to meet her, nobody can stop her now.

Seerat leaves Sahiba’s hand.Sahiba walks into Angad’s room. Angad asks her to decide whether to laugh or cry. Sahiba says she had decided to cry, but seeing his face, she wants to laugh. Angad says girls fall for his face. Sahiba says his face will give a heart attack to anyone. They both ask at once how are they. Sahiba holds his had and asks him to tell first how is he feeling now. Angad says better than before. Sahiba says she couldn’t be with him last night. Angad says he knows. Sahiba says she never thought of harming him and asks if he also considers her as a culprit like others; though their relationship is not like other couples, she prayed god for his speedy recovery. Angad asks if she did.

Seerat walks in and stands jealous seeing them holding each other’s hand.Angad asks Sahiba about Ajith. Sahiba says he is fine. Angad says he wants to tell her something. Sahiba asks what? Garry walks in and shouts who let Sahiba in here and yells at Sahiba to get out here. Angad stops him. Garry says Sahiba is the reason for his condition. Angad whatever happened is not Sahiba’s mistake and asks them to leave and let Sahiba be with him. Seerat says Darji instructed her not to let Sahiba near him. Angad says that’s because he wasn’t awake or else he would have stopped Darji from giving such instructions. He asks them to go home and rest and let Sahiba be with him. They both walk away fuming.

Manveer wakes up worried for Angad and asks how did she reach home. Inder says her BP was high last night, so he had to bring her home. She insists to return to Angad. Jasleen walks in and says Angad is safe, Seerat and Garry were with him whole night and gave her report of each second. Manveer asks why are they with her son, she will go there right now. Jasleen says Manveer should be thankful to her son and DIL who saved Angad’s life and not like Manveer’s DIL who put Angad’s ilfe at risk. She informs that Angad is awake now. Garry drives towards home and yells that they served Angad whole night, but Sahiba is garnering praises. Seerat says he was out of hospital somewhere whole night, she was with Angad whole night. Garry says whatever. Seerat asks why did Angad tell its not Sahiba’s mistake. Garry says Monga sisters are sorcerers who can do black magic on anyone.

Sahiba offers water to Angad. Angad asks how does she know he needs water, she is reading his mind. Sahiba says he can think so and feeds him water. He reminds that she had once said that she would rather die than having water from him. Sahiba feels guilty for putting him at risk. Angad says it’s not his mistake and tries to reveal truth. Sahiba notices AC temperature low and asks if he can’t feel cold and drapes blanket over him. Angad thinks whether he should tell truth to her or not seeing her care for him. Sahiba asks him to tell the truth now. Angad asks her to listen to him carefully and says whatever happened is not her mistake. Nurse enters and asks Sahiba if she is happy that Mr Brar is awake now. She infroms Angad that Mrs Brar was awake whole night praying for him, she feels happy for them. She gives medicine prescription and asks Sahiba to bring them. Angad asks can’t she bring it later. Nurse says no. Sahiba goes to get medicines. Angad thinks he can’t hid truth from Sahiba anymore.

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