Twist of fate update Saturday 24 February 2024

Twist of fate 24 February 2024: The Episode starts with Mihika asking Ranbir why he doesn’t want her to tell everything to everyone, as he wants to save his fake respect and save goodness, why you want to save it, it is all fake. Vikram asks Ashok and then Ranbir, what is happening? Ranbir says we shall go inside and talk.

Ashok and Manpreet ask Mihika to go and talk to Ranbir. Mihika says nobody shall get parents like me and nobody shall get husband like my brother. Akshay asks her to stop her nonsense. Mihika shouts calling Prachi. Khushi asks what is happening? Manpreet asks Divya to take her to have icecream. Mihika asks Prachi to come down. Ranbir requests her to talk to him. Akshay asks Mihika not to involve Prachi and him, and settle the matter with Ranbir. Mihika says I said that nobody shall get husband like you. Akshay asks her to stop right here.

Mihika asks do you have an idea and says she was romancing with Ranbir in the room. She says I saw them kissing each other. Everyone is shocked. Manpreet asks Mihika to come. Mihika says you shall question your bahu, rather than taking me away from here. Vishaka says let her talk. Ranbir says if she started talking then the environment will be ruined and then I will start talking and nobody can stop me. He says I can’t hear anything against Prachi.

Mihika asks what is about you both? Ranbir says we have a relation of respect. Mihika asks him to kiss her also. Ranbir says I want to respect you, but you do something that you fell down in my eyes, and does something big.

He says how can you expect me to respect you. Mihika says Prachi and your relation are pure like Ganga, and if you say anything then it is dirty. She asks him to stop saying that Prachi’s relation with him is pure. Akshay asks if he kissed Prachi? He asks Prachi, what did Ranbir say? Pallavi says why this girl don’t let anyone live peacefully. Dida asks her to calm down. Pallavi says Mihika is hurt and that’s why saying this.

Akshay asks Prachi, if he kissed her? Pallavi asks Prachi to say. She says Ranbir is Mihika’s would be husband and he is not yours now. Ranbir says no, there is nothing between Mihika and me, I don’t love her and is not her fiancé anymore. He says you shall support Prachi, when Mihika is trying to ruin her respect. He tells Prachi that he is with her. Akshay asks did he kiss you? Ranbir says yes, I kissed her. He says Mihika is saying right, but that kiss was not with bad intention, it was pure kiss, which has emotions.

He says I kissed her on her forehead, like I kissed my mother and Dida. He says it was that kiss, which I did to my daughter, when she was born, and I kissed on her forehead and thanked her for coming in my life. He says it was not physical kiss, but soul kiss. Akshay says you people do this behind my back.

Manpreet says I will not hear anything against Prachi and asks Akshay to stop it. She asks Prachi to answer everyone and says nobody has the right to question you and you don’t need to answer anyone. Ashok comes to her and says I don’t know what to do, to unburden my children bad’s questions from your head. He says I am unfortunate, I regarded you as my daughter and you are being punished. He apologizes to her. Mihika asks have you both gone mad? She says Ranbir is not my fiancé, but Prachi is Akshay’s wife till now. Ranbir asks her to stop it and says I didn’t tell anyone till now, but I can’t stop now. He says I am very hurt and have to tell Prachi and Akshay’s truth.

Akshay asks him to talk to him and not to his wife. Ranbir says Prachi is not your wife, I know all the truth. He says you didn’t fill kumkum in Prachi’s maang. He says your rounds didn’t complete, your mangalsutra was not in Prachi’s neck, your marriage is fake, she was never your wife and you both have no relation. He says sorry to Prachi and says even after knowing this, I stayed in my limits, and didn’t go near her or didn’t take her advantage for her respect. He says it is enough now, and everyone shall know this. Akshay says it is nonsense? Ashok says everything is truth. He says I came to know about this sometime back. Manpreet says I knew that Prachi will never cross her limits and she never did. She says if some other girl was on her place, then she would have left with Ranbir, but she kept respect of the relation which was never there. Ashok says Prachi is not our bahu, but our beti. Manpreet says when everyone came to know that Akshay and Prachi are not husband and wife, then I want my daughter Prachi to marry the guy who knows to support her, who values his love, who respects women and that’s Ranbir. Akshay, Mihika and Vishaka get upset.

Manpreet asks Pallavi, if she agrees with Prachi and Ranbir’s alliance? Akshay asks what you are saying? Ashok asks him to be quiet. Ranbir tells Pallavi that he can’t live without Prachi and says I live without her, but my breath doesn’t work, I feel very incomplete without her, and you knows well that she completes me. He requests her to give his happiness to him, let him be with Prachi. Dida says Ranbir’s life is our lives, I accept this alliance.

She says since I saw them, they are together and love each other a lot, don’t separate them, let them be together. She says we are not doing anything with them, it is God’s wish. Vikram says you said right and says they have a daughter Khushi, their family shall be completed. He says Ranbir and Prachi shall be together. Ranbir tells Prachi that they have stayed separately till now, listened to people and now I want to stay with you, let the people say whatever they want, we are united by the God and I will marry you. Pallavi says Ranbir….and kisses on his forehead. She nods her head in agreement and folds her hand before Manpreet, saying she agrees for her daughter’s alliance. She hugs Manpreet. Ranbir looks at Prachi emotionally.

Pallavi, Dida and Vikram hug Ranbir. Tere mera bandhan….song plays…..Ashok asks Vikram and Pallavi to bring Ranbir’s baraat to their house for their daughter. They laugh. Ranbir asks Prachi to sit with him for puja, and says our nakshatras are same.

Ranbir and Prachi sit for the puja together. Prachi asks Ranbir, you didn’t ask me if I want to marry you or not. Ranbir says it was God’s wish and asks if you would have refused? Prachi says God’s wish. Akshay comes home angrily and recalls the happenings. He says why did Prachi do this with me, I will end everything. Vishaka comes behind him and tries to stop him. She says I asked you to be good with Prachi, and says do whatever you want for her, I asked you not to vent out your anger. She says you will not get anything by doing this and cries. She asks him to do as she said and cries, reminding him of his promise. Akshay is very much angry and goes from there. Vishaka cries. He recalls their fake marriage, the happenings, Manpreet’s proposal for Ranbir-Prachi’s marriage, Ashok warning him, Mihika accusing Prachi etc. He hits on the punching bag. Manpreet comes there and tries to stop him. She asks Prachi to go and stop him. Prachi sees his hand bleeding and asks him to stop, and don’t do this. She comes infront of the punching bag. Akshay stops…Prachi asks him to stop and asks why he is not listening. Akshay recalls Ranbir’s words and gets upset.

Prachi trying to talk to Akshay and says I want to talk to you. Akshay asks what? Ashok comes there. Prachi asks why you are behaving as if you are very much hurt and in problem. Akshay asks her to leave him alone and says he will handle himself. Ashok asks what happened? Akshay asks him to relax and says he will handle. Mihika asks him to say. Akshay says he don’t want to answer anyone. Prachi asks him to see infront of whom, he is talking to. She says I didn’t tell anyone about your behavior, as I don’t want them to be worried, and asks why you are behaving as if you don’t remember that our marriage is not real. She says I told you already why I am doing this marriage with you, and told you that there is nothing fine between me and my husband, when everything is getting fine then why you are angry. Akshay says I am not angry, anger is an under statement and says I am burning from inside and has been feeling as being used by her. Ashok says Prachi told you clearly that she is marrying you for Khushi’s custody. Akshay asks Ashok to get Prachi’s birth certificate and says I am sure that your name will be there on it. Manpreet tries to talk to Akshay. Akshay says I was thinking why you aren’t saying anything. Prachi says it seems you are some other place, and not that Akshay who supported me and was good with everyone and honest. She asks why you are doing this with me. He says if the say the same thing to you. He says whoever I feel close with, you gave that person to Ranbir. He says why you do this, as you are selfish and says I feel bad about it. He says I had just Khushi, my daughter whose custody I will transfer on your name tomorrow. He says Khushi is my daughter and I love her a lot, and she is going away from me, so I am angry and you will marry Ranbir….He asks her to ask Ranbir to let him meet Khushi, and says he will not disturb them, and will meet Khushi just. Prachi thanks and hugs Akshay. Akshay smirks. Vishaka sees him smirking. Mihika looks on doubting him. Ashok and Manpreet feel proud of him. Prachi says you would have told this directly. Akshay says I don’t know to talk straight, but I said one thing straightly that I love you truly, but you didn’t do anything about that. He then says he is joking in anger.

The Kohlis have dinner with Ranbir. Dadi says this house has become home again. She says she is happy seeing all of them happy and says don’t know when I saw my family happy last. Pallavi asks Ranbir when did he know the truth. Ranbir tells that he was waiting for Prachi to say truth and says she told truth in inebriated state. Pallavi asks if she drinks. Ranbir says no, and tells that someone had spiked her drink then. He says he is feeling good to talk about her, Tandon ji took her home as his daughter. They laugh seeing his happiness. Ranbir says he had enough and goes to sleep. Dida asks Pallavi if she is happy with Prachi. Pallavi says she will like Prachi and laughs.Vikram and Dida are happy.

Ranbir is on call and imagines Prachi hugging him. He says you…Prachi asks why is he surprised? Ranbir says he is happy that she is with him. They have a romantic moment. He says he always dreamt that she is closer to him. He says I always waited for this moment after so many years. Prachi keeps her finger on his lips. He goes near her for kiss, but stops. Prachi comes near him for a kiss, and his imagination ends hearing the phone ringtone and he wonders where did Prachi go? He searches for her and sees her call on the mobile.

Prachi says there is a good news. Ranbir asks where are you? Prachi says I am in my room, in Tandon house. Ranbir says my room is your room and says I felt as if we are close and you was about to kiss me, and says I was happy that my dream will be fulfilling. Prachi says it was a dream and says I am here. He says it was really good and asks about the good news. Prachi tells him that Akshay agreed to transfer Khushi’s custody on my name, and says she felt bad for him as he asked if she will let him meet Khushi. Ranbir asks her not to trust him. He says may be it is not truth. Prachi says he is not that bad and asks him to trust him. Ranbir says ok and asks her to kiss him. Prachi says bye and ends the call. Ranbir says atleast she would have given flying kiss and smiles. Prachi also smiles.

Vishaka comes to Akshay and asks what is he thinking? Akshay says nothing. She insists him to say what he is thinking. Akshay says I felt something and asks why you didn’t become my mother. Vishaka says I am your mother only. Akshay says you used to say always, to make Prachi mine so that she don’t leave me, and I used to say always that I want to win her heart. He says if I had agreed to your sayings, then I wouldn’t have been lonely today. He says men are strong, but when you see your love with someone else, then everything is over.

He says it will happen what you say. He says you said that I shall become lovely and good to everyone, and Prachi can’t ignore me, and will fall in love with me, like I love her. He says Khushi will choose me over Ranbir and I will be her father. He says Khushi will become the reason for my marriage with Prachi. He says he will make arrangements of Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage, but I will sit with Prachi on the mandap with her consent. He says he will ruin Ranbir fully.

Ranbir comes home holding shopping boys. Pallavi asks where did you go? Ranbir keeps the shopping bags. Dida comes and asks did anyone miss me? She says she has went with her son and then says boyfriend and says she has brought shagun stuff to go to Tandon house. Vikram asks him to get it done fast as he doesn’t trust Akshay. Ranbir says he will bring his siya home. Just then they see someone coming there and says you.

Vishaka comes home and tells that she has gone shopping to buy shagun stuff to give to Ranbir’s family. She says she has brought clothes and gold chain for them. Prachi asks why did you do this? Manpreet says you are our daughter and we will do anything for you. Ashok tells that we will do anything for you. Prachi gets emotional and says she is lucky to get such a family. She says she couldn’t think even in her dream that she will get such a family and keeps her head on Ashok’s hands. Akshay comes there and says don’t leave us then? He says don’t go far from us, as you will forget us and asks her to call for any occasion. Manpreet says for a moment, I thought you have objection with their marriage. Vishaka says Akshay himself took me to buy all these stuff. Akshay tells Prachi that he has a gift for her and gives some papers. Prachi reads it and thanks her. She says it is custody papers, and says Khushi’s 100 percent custody is given to me by Akshay. She thanks him. Akshay asks her to relax and says Ranbir and you are Khushi’s real parents from now and not me. Prachi looks at him.

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