The Rules of Love update Friday 10 May 2024

The rules of love 10 May 2024: Maitree says sorry to her daughter for leaving her alone. Maitree comforts Vedika and promises her that she won’t let anything happen to her. Tiger attacks Maitree’s room door. Maitree places Vedika on the bed and places some objects near the door.

Vedika cries. Maitree picks up her daughter. She notices the landline is not working and she lost her phone while escaping from the Tiger. Tiger makes a hole in the door and sees Maitree and the baby. Maitree prays to god to save her family. She is in tears and thinks about what she has to do.

Harsh and Om call family members but no one answers their calls. Harsh feels a bad vibe and he decides to return home. Om asks what about the meeting. Harsh says he doesn’t care about it. They vacate the room and leave for Triveni Sadan. Maitree sees Tiger is about to enter the room. She escapes from there through the window.

Maitree reaches the Kids’ room and sees Sadhna is collapsed with an Asthma attack. Maitree asks Nandish to take care of Vedika and she goes out to get an inhaler for Kusum. Maitree sees the inhaler in the hall. She takes it without making any sound. She sees the shadow of the tiger and gets scared. Tiger holds Maitree’s saree which gets torn. Maitree escapes from there.

Kids feel worried for Kusum. Maitree comes there and gives Inhaler to Kusum. Kusum feels fine. They hear Tiger growling sound. Maitree says Tiger broke my room’s door so it will break this door too. Maitree says they have to escape from the window. Maitree ties cloth to the window and asks Kusum and the children to go first. They try to escape from there in fear. Om and Harsh reach home. Harsh enters the house with a spare key and calls for Maitree and the kids. Om sees Kusum and the Kids near the window holding saree. He asks why they are coming out in this way. He places the ladder and all come down safely. Maitree asks Om where Harsh is. Om says Harsh is fine and asks why they are escaping from the window. Kusum and Kids sit in the car.

Maitree says to Om that Tiger entered their house. Om gets shocked and says Harsh is inside. The main door gets jammed. Tiger comes near Harsh hearing his voice. Harsh gets shocked. Maitree sees Harsh in danger through the glass window. Maitree bangs on the glass door and diverts Tiger’s attention. She asks Harsh to go to the Kid’s room but he couldn’t hear it. Maitree hand gets injured while banging on the glass. Tiger sees the blood.

The tiger growls after seeing Maitree’s blood. Tiger goes to attack Harsh. Harsh runs upstairs. Maitree tries to open the main door again. The main door gets opened. Maitree enters inside with her injured hand. Harsh hides and thinks Maitree’s outside so fine. Blood smell attracts Tiger and Tiger follows the blood on the floor. Maitree runs to the kitchen and creates a fire torch with the available things to scare Tiger. Maitree sees Tiger following her blood marks and stops the blood by trying cloth on her hand.

Harsh sees Tiger is not outside his room. He thinks if Maitree came inside. He is worried for Maitree and comes out from his hiding spot. Harsh calls Maitree’s name seeing her in danger. Maitree sees a tiger entering the kitchen, he burns the area using kerosene. Tiger gets trapped.

Maitree goes to Harsh. Harsh asks Maitree why did she return? Maitree says where there is Harsh, Maitree will be there. Maitree tries to scare the tiger with a fire torch but the tiger is about to attack them, officers come there on time and make the tiger unconscious by giving the injection. Harsh thanks forest officers for coming on time. Forest officers praise Maitree’s bravery and leave. Harsh tells how much he is proud of Maitree. Kids praise Maitree.

Maitree notices Nandish is not eating tiffin from last one week and she goes to put his favourite breakfast in his bag but Nandish stops her from seeing his bag and ousts her from the room. Nandish sees his bag and feels worried. Maitree goes to Harsh and tells him about Nandish’s weird behavior. Harsh says it’s common at this age and asks her to sew his broken button.

Nandish gets tensed seeing someone call and tries to leave the house in a hurry. Swayam and Juhi try to prank Nandish by throwing a fake snake. Nandish scolds them and leaves in a hurry. Maitree sees Nandish leaving with new friends and feels suspicious. Nandish and his friends reach the burger shop where Sampath slaps Nandish for not attending his call. He warns Nandish to deliver the burger on time. Maitree goes to place Nandish’s clothes in his cupboard and notices it’s locked. She sees Nandish’s diary there and sees his performance is poor and he is faking their signs too. She shares it with Harsh. The auto driver asks the kids to not be scared of police checking. Nandish hides his face seeing Dinesh. Maitree goes to Nandish’s school teacher and learns that Nandish is not attending school these days.

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