Twist of fate update Sunday 25 February 2024

Twist of fate 25 February 2024: The Episode starts with Akshay telling Prachi that Ranbir and you are real parents of Khushi, there are other formalities which I will complete till marriage. Prachi says I don’t know how to thank you. Akshay tells her that he got his friend back and will never let this friendship end.

Prachi thanks him holding his hand. Akshay asks if she is happy, then make him have coffee. Prachi says yes and goes calling Sangeeta. Akshay sits down and says Bua ji, I am damn tired.

Pandit ji comes to Kohli’s house and tells that he has seen Ranbir’s kundali, and the next 4 days is heavy for him. Dida asks what is the solution? Pandit ji asks them to be alert and take precaution, as the 4 days are very crucial for him. Ranbir thanks him for coming there and alerting them. Pandit ji goes. Ranbir asks them not to worry, and says nothing can happen to him when they are with him, and asks them to get ready to go to Tandon house.

Vishaka reminds Akshay to be nice with everyone, and be sweet. He asks where is Mihika? Vishaka says it is good that she is not here, she is not like you and can’t pretend, and her anger will be sense by everyone.The Kohli family comes to Tandon house. The Tandons greet them. Akshay asks if everything alright? Ranbir says yes, why you are asking? Akshay asks if you are missing Prachi. Ranbir says yes. Manpreet asks Akshay to apologize to everyone, for leaving the puja midway.

Akshay apologizes to them for claiming rights on her, who doesn’t belong to him. He apologizes. Dida says we shall make a new start. Akshay says thanks Dida and asks if I can call you Dida. Dida says yes, I am your Dida also.

Pallavi says we shall start afresh. Ashok asks Manpreet to bring Prachi for the rasam. Vikram thanks Ashok and says Prachi was not with us since a long time, so you have taken care of her like a daughter and gave her love and happiness which we couldn’t give her. Ashok says Prachi is my daughter and it is God’s blessing that I could love her. Vishaka thinks he doesn’t care for his own daughter, and thinks she shall not say anything.

Prachi comes there with Manpreet. Pallavi hugs her happily, then Dida hugs her. Pallavi does Prachi’s aarti and makes her have sweets. She then gives her shagun, and says you know what this shagun means. Prachi smiles.

Pallavi says you are our house bahu now. Prachi gets up and touches her feet. Pallavi blesses her. Prachi touches Dida’s feet. Dida hugs her. Prachi then touches Manpreet’s feet. Vikram blesses her. Prachi then hugs Ashok and takes his blessings. She then takes Vishaka’s blessings. Dida tells that Prachi and Ranbir will be marrying for the first time, with all the rituals. Akshay says we have to do Ranbir’s rasam also. Manpreet does Ranbir’ aarti and then make him have sweets. Akshay asks him to smile and says you are getting Prachi. Ashok says now everyone will have sweets. Vishaka says Ashok.

Akshay is having sweets. Ranbir says it is too sweet and asks why you are acting to be sweet, I know what is in your heart, so don’t act. Akshay smiles, makes him have sweet and goes.

Khushi says it will not happen. Mihika tells Khushi that they will take you far away from here. Mihika says I love you a lot and you will go away from here. Khushi tells that their house is not far. She wipes her tears. Mihika says if you are not here, then who will wipe my tears.

Khushi says she is here for her, and tells that when she is not here, then she shall wipe her own tears. She asks her to be happy for her parents’ marriage. Mihika asks her to go and tell outside that she don’t want them to be married, and she wants her Papa to marry her (Mihika), and says if she does this then she will give her clothes, bangles etc. Khushi is confused.

Ranbir comes to the kitchen and asks Prachi to guess why he has come here. Prachi says I think you need tea. Ranbir says I can spend time with you alone, and now I have special permit. Prachi asks him to go from there. Ranbir says you look good in this ornament. She says she didn’t wear any ornament. He asks her to see what she is wearing and says this shy ornament. Prachi feels shy and asks him to go, else she will go. He tells her about his dream and says she was about to kiss him in the dream. Prachi says Akshay did what I didn’t think even in my dreams, and tells that he has named 100 percent custody on my name. Ranbir says Akshay is doing this to impress you. Prachi says you can’t deny that he is a good friend and asks Ranbir to thank Akshay. Ranbir says Khushi is our daughter and she wants to stay with us, and says she was calling me super papa when I saved her. Prachi asks are you jealous. Ranbir says why will I be jealous? Akshay hears their argument and smiles. Vishaka comes and takes him from there. Prachi asks him not to understand if he don’t want to be and praises Akshay, saying he always stood by her, for Khushi. Vishaka tells Akshay that Prachi was praising you and saying you are good. Akshay says she was arguing with Ranbir for me. Vishaka laughs and says yes.

Akshay says I felt this same jealously as Ranbir, when he came in my life. He tells that the jealousy ruins everything, and this time Ranbir is jealous, and this jealousy will burn everything. He says this is happening due to my conspiracy. He says this is happening due to your advice and thanks her for her support. Vishaka says I regard you as my first son and says if I have to do wrong to make Prachi yours, then will do it. Akshay tells that even I will do anything to get and win Prachi, and asks her to see how her son will win. Vishaka says yes. Akshay smiles. Ashok, Manpreet, Pallavi and Vikram pose for the photo.

Ranbir searches for Akshay. Dida asks where is that good guy? Dida asks who? He says Akshay. Dida says you are jealous. Ranbir says no. Pallavi asks why you are burning. Vikram says she means upset. Ranbir says it is not like that. Dida says I feel that Prachi said something good about Akshay which upset him. Pallavi says he got Prachi now, and he has right on her. Manpreet says Prachi is also lucky to have it. Prachi brings tea and gives to Ashok, Vikram and others. She tells Manpreet that she gave tea to Bua ji and says she is coming with Mihika. Manpreet says she was not here. Pallavi says Mihika couldn’t get what she wants. Manpreet says she will understand slowly.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and gives him tea. She asks what happened? Ranbir says everything is fine according to you, but why don’t you understand. Prachi says Akshay is good at heart and knows that they are good friends. Ranbir asks when he had misunderstanding that you both love each other? Prachi says everyone used to call us husband and wife and that’s why…Ranbir says Akshay thought that he will make you fall in love, but I came inbetween. Prachi says sorry. She says she will go. Ranbir stops her and sips tea, says it is sugarless. Prachi tastes it and says it is good. Ranbir asks her to show and drinks.

 Ranbir drinking the tea from the same side as Prachi, and says it has become perfect and sweet. He says it is too much sugar. Prachi hits him. Ranbir says it is domestic violence and she shall not beat her husband. Prachi says husband’s ways are such. He asks how can I stay without you. She says how you was living till now. He says he has an idea and goes out. He tells everyone that he wants to tell something to them. Vikram asks if everything is fine. Ranbir says yes. He says Pandit ji called me sometime back and said that the marriage mahurat is day after tomorrow. Everyone gets happy. Akshay looks on upset. Khushi comes there and gets happy hearing this, and asks Ranbir to get glittery clothes for her etc and says she will apply lipstick and asks Prachi. Manpreet says nobody will stop you. Khushi gets happy. Mihika gets upset and thinks she was promising me and now saying this. Akshay tells that his Prachi is marrying Ranbir, he didn’t think so much will change. He says there is a problem, and tells that they all know that they will not get venue so soon so we shall get the mahurat after 10-15 days, after getting venue. Ashok says venue is not needed as they shall get the marriage done at home. Vikram agrees. Ranbir says he will arrange clothes for everyone. Pallavi asks him to think as it is a big responsibility.

Dida says we will get this marriage done at this mahurat and will not get late for the auspicious thing. Vikram says yes. Pallavi says this marriage will happen day after tomorrow. Ranbir asks Akshay if he has any regrets or complains, and says they shall have sweets. Akshay makes Prachi and Ranbir have sweets, but when Ranbir offers him sweet, he ignores and goes from there to give sweets to Ashok.

Mihika comes to Akshay and asks him to wear the clothes for Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding. She says you was making everyone have sweets. Akshay takes the clothes and asks her to go, and get out now. Mihika asks how you would feel that Prachi is with Ranbir and you watch their family photos, and how you would feel that Prachi gets pregnant with Ranbir’s child again and what that baby will call you, mama. Vishaka comes there and asks why you are provoking him. Mihika says you couldn’t do anything as a husband and atleast become a man. She goes igniting fire in his heart. Akshay gets angry.

Later Ranbir and Prachi have a talk on call. Prachi says why a guy will call me. Ranbir says this is the guy who loves her. Prachi says she doesn’t know him. Ranbir says I will ask him to love someone else. Prachi gets angry and says tell all girls that you are mine. He says my tigress is woken up. Prachi says she knows that he doesn’t love anyone and talks to girl nicely to make me jealous. He asks Prachi if she is missing him. Prachi says no. He says if make you believe how much I miss you, then you will tell me truth. He knocks on her window and she opens it to find him. He says he was missing her and gave the proof. Prachi says even she missed him so much. Ranbir says don’t miss me more, I will come to your house on the horse. He says I was missing you, and looked at your photo, but came here to get peace for my heart. Prachi says he got poetic. He says he wants to tell her something and kisses on her cheeks. Prachi smiles. Ranbir goes. Prachi smiles. Chal tere ishq me plays……

Khushi wakes up and sees Akshay sitting in her room. She asks if someone scolded you and asks why you are crying? Akshay says your Ranbir Papa is taking me away from you. Khushi says you are sad here, and Mihika is also sad. She says just Ranbir Papa and Mamma are marrying. Akshay tells that they are all scared of Ranbir, and tells that he is using Prachi and manipulated her. Khushi says it is not like that, infact I wanted them to marry. Akshay tells that nobody is understanding and says Ranbir is very clever. He says I love you so much and don’t want you to leave. He says Ranbir left you in orphanage, but I brought you here and sent you to London to study. He says if you had born here, then I wouldn’t have let you go.

He says I love you so much, and I am not like your Ranbir Papa. Khushi says even I love you so much. Akshay asks him to promise that she will love him always. Khushi promises him. Akshay says papa loves you and asks her to go to bed and sleep. He says very good girl.

He then comes to Prachi’s room and looks at her as she is sleeping. Prachi in sleep opens her eyes, looks at him and closes her eyes. She then realizes that Akshay is in her room and gets up from the bed. Akshay sees her going to his room and runs to his room and gets inside through the window, and pretends to sleep. Prachi comes there and switches on the lights, and sees her. Akshay gets up and asks Prachi what happened? Prachi asks if you didn’t sleep yet. He says he has headache and asks her to massage his head. He then says that he will ask his Mom. Prachi says she will bring oil. She brings oil, massages his head with it. Bakasur etc is played. He recalls their moments. Akshay thinks I have right on her, and will not let her go. Prachi asks if he is feeling better? Akshay says yes. Prachi asks shall I go? He asks will you not go if I ask you. He says he is joking and asks him to sleep.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that Pandit ji told her that he didn’t tell him about this mahurat, and told that you don’t have his number. She says Pandit ji said that 4 days are crucial for you. Ranbir says he wants Prachi to come here as fast as she can and says he don’t want her to stay in Tandon house. He says he can’t explain how he feels, and asks her to let him marry her. Pallavi says we will do as we do. Ranbir calls her and says Mummy. He thanks her and says it was necessary for me. Pallavi says nothing is important than your happiness, I will not let you go away from me.

Next day, Pallavi and Dida come to Tandon house and greet each other. Prachi comes there and gives them water. Pallavi gives her shagun, the bridal clothes. Prachi says why it was needed. Vishaka says it was needed, you will wear this for the marriage. Prachi says ok. Mihika gets upset.

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