Twist of fate update Friday 23 February 2024

Twist of fate 23 February 2024: The Episode starts with Akshay blaming Mihika and says since you came in my life, my life ruined. Mihika says yes, I have really ruined your life. Akshay asks who brought Ranbir here in the house. He says since you brought him, everyone’s lives are ruined.

Mihika asks what about destruction which you have brought here. Akshay says I got married to her. Abhay asks them not to argue. Mihika asks them to behave as they are younger than them. Divya comes there and says elders shall behave as per their age. They argue. Akshay says it is enough and says we are elders. Divya says we don’t have much age difference. Abhay says you both know everything and asks to say when Ranbir and Prachi don’t love you.

He asks who is more wise, you both or us. They go from there. Akshay tells Mihika that he doesn’t care what Prachi and Ranbir tell the world. He says I don’t care if they accept to love each other. He asks her not to do anything or don’t kill her, and says if you do this then I will kill Ranbir. He says if you try to harm Prachi, then Ranbir comes to her rescue. He asks her to promise that she will not do anything to Prachi and says if you do then we will not get our love. He says he will handle everything. Mihika nods her head. Akshay goes from there.

Manpreet gets the terrace cleaned. Vishaka tells Manpreet that this broken glass is Mihika’s pain and cries. She asks Manpreet why she is not saying anything. Manpreet asks if Mihika did right by proposing Ranbir, though she knows that what Ranbir and Prachi means to each other, and he had never promised to marry Mihika, then also Mihika acted. She says Ranbir said clearly to Mihika that he don’t love or can’t marry her. She says Mihika did wrong with Prachi.

Vishaka tells Manpreet that she is Mihika’s mother and not of Prachi. She scolds Servant and asks her to go and do then work. She then asks Manpreet to be strict with Prachi. Manpreet says I am her mother and not mother in law, and says Mihika is wrong and Prachi is right and I will support her. She goes. Vishaka says Manpreet is not a good mother, I have to take care of my children myself.

Prachi recalls Ashok giving her hand in Ranbir’s hand and asking him to promise to take care of his daughter. Manpreet comes to Prachi and asks if anyone told you something. Prachi says sometimes, I don’t believe that I got such family. She says this is happy tears, and says she is happy to get them. She says she is very lucky to get her and Papa. Manpreet says we are your parents, though someone else gave you birth. Ashok comes and says you are our daughter, but God made us meet late. Prachi says I see my parents in you both. She says you are my Papa and you are my Maa and everything. She goes. Ashok tells Manpreet that Prachi is a pure soul and shall not get any pain, but their children is after her and can snatch her happiness.

Divya comes to Mihika. Mihika is sitting outside the door. Divya asks why you are sitting here. Mihika says why nobody loves me and says I want to love Ranbir so much. Divya says he wants to love Prachi. Mihika asks her to go and say good things if she wants to stay with her. Divya says Mama ji wants everything to be same like before, and says he has called everyone on terrace, so that everyone can talk. She says Ranbir will be yours, just give him some time. She asks her to clean her face and look good. Mihika wipes her face and says she wants to look good for Ranbir.

Vishaka comes to Akshay and asks him if he wants to drink then drink infront of her. Akshay blames Mihika for bringing Ranbir there, and says I am afraid to lose Prachi. Vishaka sits on the bed and tells that you are one side for me and the whole world is at the other side. She says when you was small, I used to take care of you, and the people used to say that Akshay is my son from my past birth. She says he is her son and she can do anything for him. Akshay hugs her and says I will die without Prachi. Vishaka asks her to do as she says. She asks him to become good with everyone, so that Prachi shall think that she shall not break his heart and feel guilty.

Akshay says I am already good. Vishaka asks him to do as she said and then Prachi will be yours. Akshay asks her not to worry and says I will do as you say.

Khushi comes to Ranbir and tells him that Badi Mummy and Dida came with some bags, and says may be gift is inside. Ranbir says my greedy daughter and says you are not happy as they came. Khushi says she is happy and likes gifts too. Pallavi and Dida come to Ranbir’s room and give gift to Khushi. Khushi goes to show it to her new friend. Pallavi and Dida ask Ranbir, how is he? Ranbir says I will come whenever you call me. Divya comes there and greets Dida and Pallavi. She calls Ranbir to terrace and says Manpreet called them. Pallavi says we will wait here. Ranbir insists asking them to come. Pallavi agrees. Ranbir says he is feeling cold today. Pallavi makes him wear jacket. Ranbir says he is feeling now that his mother came.

Pallavi, Dida and Ranbir come to terrace. Ranbir says Mummy was with me downstairs, so I brought her here. Manpreet asks if everything is fine. Pallavi says yes, all good, we have come to meet Ranbir. Dida says we will meet Ranbir too. Mihika asks them to take Prachi with them. Akshay says what you are saying? Ranbir will go and not Prachi. Dida says we can take both Ranbir and Prachi. She keeps her hand on Ranbir’s head and then back. Ranbir feels pain. Pallavi asks if he is fine. Manpreet tells them that Ranbir’s back was burnt when fire broke out from kitchen, he got hurt while saving Prachi. Pallavi gets worried. Ranbir says I am fine. Mihika says he was stabbed by someone at secluded place, and I saved him. Pallavi says nobody informed me. Dida asks if you are fine. Ranbir says yes and sees prachi standing. He thinks I have to hide this from her. Prachi greets Dida and asks her to take tea. Ranbir asks for tea. Prachi says I will ask Sangeeta to make tea for you. Pallavi tells Manpreet and Ashok that she is disappointed with them. Akshay goes to side and says he can’t bear. Ashok comes there and says I called everyone here so that everyone will sit, talk and spend time, and have food. He says he wants them to clear their misunderstanding and goes. Akshay says he will not get better.

Ranbir tries to talk to Prachi. Prachi asks him to take tea. He asks for forgiveness and says he likes her habit of getting angry. Akshay looks at them and gets angry.

 Prachi asking Ranbir to drink tea else he will not get it. Ranbir says sorry and takes it. Akshay gets angry. Ranbir sips the tea and thinks she is more hot than the tea. Khushi tells Dida that she liked all the toys. Dida asks her to thank Badi Mamma. Khushi goes to Pallavi and thanks her. Pallavi says once you come to our house, we will give you more toys. Vishaka asks if you have come to take the girl to your side. Dida asks since when it is our and yours side? Vishaka says everyone knows. Pallavi gets Pandit ji’s call and talks to him. She then invites them to her house, and tells that she has kept grah shanti puja for Ranbir at her house. She says since few days, bad things happening with Ranbir, so she kept grah shanti puja. She asks them to come. Manpreet and Ashok tell that they will come. Prachi gets up and gives the tea tray to the Servant. Prachi warms up her hands, Ranbir takes off his jacket and asks her to wear it. Prachi refuses. Dida comes and makes her wear it. Ashok and Manpreet think if Ranbir has done this, then Akshay and mihika would have make an issue.

Pallavi tells Vikram that she has kept grah shanti puja for Ranbir, and says she felt it is grah’s dosh and now it is limit. She tells him everything, that Ranbir got burnt and also stabbed. Vikram says so much happened with him and nobody told me anything. Dida says we came to know when we go to Tandon house. She says they will be coming tomorrow here. Vikram asks Pallavi to cancel the invite, and says he don’t like Akshay.

Pallavi says even she don’t like Akshay and tells that Ranbir is staying there and that’s why I invited them. Vikram says I never disliked anyone like disliking Akshay. Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi recalls hearing Mihika about Ranbir being stabbed at a secluded place. Ranbir asks what is she cooking? Prachi wipes the plates and keeps on the dining table. Ranbir asks why you are angry yaar? Prachi asks him not to call her yaar. Ranbir says you always react when I call you yaar. He asks what did I do? Prachi asks him to go from there. Ranbir says you are angry as I didn’t tell you that I got hurt. Prachi says everything is just a joke for you, if you tell me then I would laugh, is it that easy. She says you said that we share a special bond, but I didn’t know this and everyone knows, even Mihika. She says I was scared at that time and my heart was beating fast. She says when I saw you, I thought you are fine, and I was wrong, but I was right. She asks why you are smiling, if I am joking and asks him not to talk to her. Ranbir comes behind her and hugs her. She tries to push him and then hugs him crying. Ranbir says how did I get so lucky?

Prachi says what I am saying and what you are saying. She says I am angry that you don’t tell me anything and you are saying that you are lucky that…She asks him not to say this. Ranbir says I want to talk to you in different way, but it won’t be good in the world’s sight now. He says for me, you are enough how much I get you. Prachi says you might be thinking that I am not important and I will do chik chik and forget. Ranbir says nobody is important to me than you, and will never be.

He says you are more important for me and there is nobody important to me, and says you are angry that I didn’t tell you. He says I was going on the road, when some goons held me and stabbed me. Prachi asks where did you get hurt and asks him to show? Ranbir shows his stomach. Prachi cries.

Ranbir says I am feeling more pain seeing you crying. He says tomorrow I will go to PS and get the report filed. He says now you know everything and will know in future. He says there is nobody in my life important than you, and will never be there. He says I love you….and says what I feel for you, don’t feel for anyone else. He wipes her tears. Prachi asks him to take care of himself. Ranbir asks her not to cry and wipes her tears. He smiles and turns. Prachi looks at him. He looks at her and goes. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays……Prachi says what I feel for you, will never feel for anyone else, never. Ranbir comes, hears her and goes.

In the morning, Vikram is talking to someone. Pandit ji asks Pallavi to give prasad thaali. Pallavi says I will make prasad in 5 mins. Ranbir comes there with Ashok, Manpreet, Khushi and others. Mihika touches Pallavi and Dida’s feet. Ranbir thinks why Mihika is doing this, when I told her clearly. Vikram gets upset. Pallavi asks what happened? Vikram says I feel strange meeting them, and says I know Ranbir is staying with them, but don’t want him to stay with them. He says he don’t like Akshay. Pallavi asks him to relax. Pandit ji asks her to give prasad. Pallavi says I will make prasad. Prachi says I will make prasad. Manpreet says she makes nice prasad. Dida and Pallavi ask Prachi to make prasad. Akshay gets a call.

Prachi goes to the kitchen. Ranbir comes behind Prachi and offers help. Prachi asks him to go and sit for puja. Ranbir says even your grah nakshatra are not good, and says you shall sit with me for puja. Prachi recalls Mihika trying to kill her. Ranbir offers help and asks shall I massage your hand or feet. Prachi asks when you will grow up. She asks him to bring dry fruits boxes. Ranbir says yes, everything is same. He gets the dry fruits and says it shall be cut. Prachi says I will do it and asks him to go. Ranbir ays I can’t hear you and starts cutting it. Prachi says what to do with you? Ranbir asks her to come back to this house. He says why almonds are not cut properly. Prachi asks him to focus and cut this way.


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