The Evil Eye Starlife update Monday 26 February 2024

The Evil Eye 26 february 2024: Chitali says Ansh was behaving like he is not Ansh, this is something else, not grievance. Avi says what if its because Piya is not in his life? Vedsheree says she is still his wife, she will be fine soon.

Chitali says we can postpone wedding. Vedsheree says Rishi is my son too and we will do his wedding on time.Nishant says to Saanvi that I found a way to treat Piya, they wont allow us but we will do it.Ansh is playing games in room but hears Piya’s earring noise, he recalls that noise and looks at her but then his evil images looks at him in mirror and he smirks.

Dilruba hides and thinks that he is moving towards evil. Naman says I am angry for cheating me, he strangles her, she screams. Mohana tries to see but they hide. Mohana finds snake tail and says is that snake

the reason for Piya’s condition. She sees Bavri there and says you here? Vedsheree comes there and asks her to bring grocery, Bavri leaves. Mohana thinks something is wrong.

Rishi’s fiance and her family comes to Vedsheree’s house. Fiance goes to meet Rishi.Neha says to Rishi that I know you are not in mood to get married but think about Payal. Ansh comes there. Rishi says Ansh its not a way to talk to elders. Neha asks him to eat some sweets, you didnt eat anything. Ansh says mind your own business.

Rishi says dont treat us like that. Ansh grabs him and says you will tell how to treat others? He throws him away and glares at him. Neha and Kajal asks to leave him. Payal comes there. Ansh smirks at her and says hi Payal.Vedsheree is worried and goes to check on kids. Shekhar leaves too.Ansh moves towards to Payal and says you are pretty. Vedsheree comes there and sees him leaning towards her, Vedsheree says Payal your parents are calling you. Payal leaves. Ansh smirks.Rishi tells family how Ans attacked him. Shekhar says there is something wrong, she says Mohana stopped Nishant from taking Piya but she is not getting well. Vedsheree sees Rishi’s hand bleeding and says I will do what I have to.

Vedsheree brings her tools which Nishant gave to her to control davansh if he gets too angry, it has patal liquid too. Vedsheree thinks sorry Ansh but I have to. She puts locks around Ansh’s hands and feet and then throws patal liquid on them so he cant break them and remain tied to chair. Ansh glares at her, Vedsheree says this is mother’s helplessness, I have to do it to save you, dont be scared, wait for me here till they find way to treat you.

Ansh growls at her. Mohana comes there and says you are doing it as he is my son. Vedsheree says you did it with Ansh, he is my son, evil can call to him but his heart will come to good side, soon Piya will be fine and then Ansh will become fine, she leaves. Ansh asks Mohana to help. Mohana says you have to help yourself, they tied you but show them that you are davansh.

Scene 2Vedsheree talks to priest and says to Chitali that he is finding a way to treat Piya.Nishant says to Saanvi that we have to Piya from here, we have 10 minutes only, if I get late then you have to take her, we have to take her from here at any cost.Nishant starts climbing on building to go to Piya’s room. Inside house, all are busy in Rishi’s marriage rituals. Saanvi goes in house without anyone seeing her. Nishant is trying to climb building but says I cant reach in such less time, I hope Saanvi got to her.Kajal stops Saanvi asks what are you doing here? Saanvi freezes Kajal and Neha and leaves. They both forget they saw Saanvi and leaves.

Bavri thinks that love makes you do things, I am a chudail and buying veggies. She sees doppelganger of herself and runs behind it.

Saanvi comes to Piya’s room silently and says where is dad? She hears his voice and goes to balcony, she is him hanging on building, he says dont worry about me, just do what I said. She says I cant do it alone and leave you here, wait a minute, she leaves.Rishi does pooja with Payal and family.Saanvi brings rope and ties it to balcony, she throws it to Nishant. He takes it and comes in Piya’s room. Nishant and Saanvi hammers nails in walls. Ansh is trying to free himself. Vedsheree hears hammering noise and thinks Ansh might be trying to free himself. Pooja’s mother says lets start shagun ceremony.Saanvi brings out sacred thread, they tie it on nails and covers room with thread, it makes a star and says when sun is going down and rays passes by this star and goes to Piya, she will be awake, lets go.

Guests asks where is Piya? Vedsheree says she is ill and couldnt come to pooja. Payal’s mother says we can go to her and give her gift. Vedsheree goes behind them.

Nishant and Saanvi are waiting in Piya’s room for sun to go down, it starts going down but rays gets blocked.Vedsheree says to guests that Piya is asleep, she says I will just put gift in her room.Nishant says oh God. he is star lighting and rays falling on Piya. Vedsheree comes outside room with guests, she turns knob and comes inside to see Nishant and Saanvi sitting there alone. Vedsheree says they came to check on Piya. Vedsheree introduces guests to them. Nishant says she slept just now, guest says we will meet her later, all leave. Vedsheree says I know why you are here, I will come later, she leaves. Nishant sees a doll which is made of Piya.

Ansh asks Mohana to help him. Mohana says you are a davansh, show them that nobody can stop you.Vedsheree sees Nishant and Saanvi leaving, she stops them. Vedsheree says dont worry, Piya will become fine soon, dont take her from here. Nishant says we will leave. He leaves with box in his hands.

Chitali comes to Piya’s room and sees her gone.Nishant sees Piya’s doll version in box and says we will make her fine.Chitali tells Vedsheree that Piya is not in her room. Vedsheree says who took her? Chitali says maybe Nishant. Mohana hears it and thinks they will make her fine. Vedsheree says we cant tell this to family as Rishi’s inlaws are here.Rishi’s inlaws are starting to leave but a cupboard falls in lounge, all are shocked and sees Ansh coming down with shackles around his feet. Payal’s father asks what is happening? Ansh says its your daughter’s marriage proposal. Vedsheree says talk with respect. Ansh says I am just talking, they sees chains around his feet, Ansh breaks them and says they were irritating me too. Ansh says I am not a ghost, I am davansh, they might have hidden it. Vedsheree says he is just worried about Piya. Ansh says they lied to me too for years, first lie that Piya is ill but truth is that she is dead, all are shocked. Ansh says thats why they were not letting you meet her. Payal’s father says we will come later, maybe he is not mentally stable. Ansh pushes them on couch and says whats the hurry? He spins couch, they are dizzy. Ansh smirks and asks if they enjoyed? He says second lie that my mother is alive, they killed her but she is a witch and I am a davansh. Payal’s family is shocked. Vedsheree says stop it. Ansh says I am telling truth, they should know about us. Vedsheree says he is grieving. Ansh says lets give them proof, I will show magic. His eyes start burning and says still dont trust me?

Priest says to Guru Maa that Nishant took Piya. Guru Maa says they must be trying to bring her back from dishant lok, we will help them. They come near a well. Guru Maa says its 800 years old well, we will do pooja and take permission to take water from it, its being said its made from Shiv’s tears. Guru Maa says we cant make noise as snakes will be awake in well then. Priest takes out bucket of water but a snake comes out.

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