Vani Rani update Thursday 9 May 2024

Vani Rani 9 May 2024: Scene 1Rani says to Ajay please stop for me. Ajay says my conscience won’t let me go. I can’t say no to you. But this time I have to listen to myself. Didn’t you see what happened? I was asked my worth. I want to change that. I want to come here with respect.

Rani says you are right but.. He says I have to go. I can’t take Parkash’s place but I can take his responsibilities. I will come back. Sartak says I am with papa in all his decisions. Rnai says please don’t go. Ajay says I have to. Prabha says stop. First let me see what are you stealing int his. Everyone is dazed. Sartak moves towards her. Aajay says let her check. Prabha checks his bag. She says didn’t steal. Go now. Ajay leaves. Vani says to Rani does it hurt? I am not happy but now you will realize pain of others. Rani says I know I hid his truth but you know why I did that. He wanted to tell you himself. Vani says I dont’ want to hear anything.You all must be thinking why I didn’t cry. Because I have to pay a debt.

Prabha says rani your husband knows his worth. Why are you still when he left? Its about time you leave this house as well. I know you have no shame. I will kick you out of here at any cost. she goes to her room.

Vani looks at Parkash’s picture. She says you left but left this broken trust with me. I don’t know what to do. A part of me says what is seen is true a part of me says no its not. you did what you had to do. But now its my turn. Kaviya says mama are you okay? She says yes. I am strong. You will see my decision soon.

Sartak is leaving. Adi says papa will come back. I want to tell you dont ever feel alone. Sartak says don’t do all this ddrama. I wont ever forget it. You have always been this way. you took my love from me and think you can fool me this way? Adi says sartak please. We never spoke openly. SArtak shoves him. Anajali holds Adi and says sartak are you in your senses. Sartak leaves. He looks at anjali and adi. he says I hate them both so much. They will pay a huge price for what they have done.

Anjali serves everyone breakfast. Sartak is on table as well. Rani serves him. Rani says let me bring more. Vani comes and says good morning. She says Anjali give me one coffee. She asks sid are those papers ready? He says yes mama. Are you okay? She says yes. Kaviya says in heart mom is so brave. Prabha says husband died four days ago and look at her. She is going all dressed. What will people think. Vani says they will think that I didn’t kick my work due to my husband’s death.

A woman has a work responsibilities.Inspector comes and says we found the driver. He was part of the people who planned the accident. Do you have enemies? She says yes all around. Sid says can we reach the master planner? He says now we can.

Scene 1Vidisha does arti in front of Parkash’s picture. Bell rings. She opens the door and says you here.Rani says to Sartak please eat. He says how you do all this? We should have left with papa. Rani says I will live herre because I have to. We have a responsibility here. My sister lost her husband. Sartak says because of this family papa always suffered. Rani says I will live here with my sister. I know how strong my marriage is. He decided to be successful. He will come back and I will stay in this house. This is my decision. Eat your food. Sartak says good people like you are always used.

Vidisha comes to temple. She says why are you following me? I dont’ want to talk to you.Rani comes to Nandani and says what are you cooking? She says what do you mean? Rani says what meds are you giving to my sister?Rani says to Nandani what meds are you giving to jiji? Nandani says doctor gave these sleeping pills for her ease. Rani says I am giving you one chance to speak truth. I am standing in front of my family. Nandani says how can you accuse me. This is my family as well. Rani says just keep in mind what I said. Rani leaves.

Scene 2Sid and Nandani bring meds to Vani. He sees that there are pillows in Rani’s bed. He says where is mama? Look everywhere. Sid asks Kaviya? Kaviya says mama was saying she needs to do something. What was in her mind? Sid says lets look for her. Nandani says let me call police. Sid says no don’t atm. They look for her.

Rani asks sid He says i am looking. Kaviya calls everywhere. Sid comes to temple. He calls inspector. They also looks for Vani. Adi calls Sid. Sid tells him that Vani is missing.Sid comes home and says mama is nowhere. Prabha says has she left this house as well? SId says I hope mama is okay. Nandani says don’t worry mama will come back. Adi comes home. He says let me talk to police. Vnai says no need for that. Everyone looks at her dazed.

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