Sister Wives Zee world update Friday 10 May 2024

Gazal thinks she has to get the earring back, she thinks it must be in Haider’s room. She enters his room and starts looking around but hides from Dua. The lights turn on and Dua says you are looking for your earring right? Gazal tries to snatch it from her. Dua rushes to Haider and asks him to wake up.. she says ask her what she is doing here.

Haider asks Gazal what is she doing in their room? Dua says let me tell you but he stops her. He says Gazal is sleep-walking. He moves his hand in front her and says she is sleep-walking. Dua says she is doing a drama, she left her earring here and that’s why she came back. Haider says she is wearing both her earrings. Why would she come here? Dua says she is lying, trust me. Haider says you were with me right? Dua says I was with Dadi and she came here. Haider says what you want to say that she was in the bed with me and I wouldn’t know? Gazal starts walking in sleep and bumps into bed. Dua thinks I have to make him believe that she is lying. She tells Haider that you are right, she must be sleep-walking, I will take her to her room. Haider says you would? Dua says you think I would throw her from the stairs? don’t worry, I will take her to her room.

Haider says be careful. Dua says don’t worry, I will tie her to bed so she won’t sleep-walk again. Haider laughs. Dua goes to Haider and kisses his cheek, she says I am loving my husband. Gazal is angry seeing her kiss him all over his face. Haider smiles and says my old Dua is back. Dua says no one can come between us, she hugs him tightly. Dua says I will take her away now. He says I will be waiting for you. Dua takes Gazal from there.

Gulnaz sees Dua taking Gazal out of the room. Gazal moves away from her and says stay away from me. Dua says you remember my beatings right? did you like me hugging my husband? Gazal smirks and says I was in your room and hugged your husband tightly, he didn’t think about you. Dua laughs and says he was sleeping so he would never look at a cheap girl like you. Gazal says I have fallen for your husband and I will make him mine at any cost. Dua says you are cheaper than a sl*t, your parents would be ashamed of you.

Gazal is about to slap her but Dua grabs her hand and says keep your hands with yourself.. you are a shameless girl and I was a fool to make you my friend. I will expose you soon. Gazal says you have never won from me and I will make Haider mine soon. Dua says I was trying to protect my family but no one trusted me but I will now fight for my husband only. Gulnaz asks if she is going crazy? Dua says I don’t care about the family now, I don’t care if she wants to destroy Ruhaan’s life anymore.

I have no issues with their marriage now. I tried to save Ruhaan but he insulted me and Haider so he deserves a wife like her only, I have never seen a more unfortunate person like Ruhaan as his own mother is against him. I don’t care anymore as my husband is waiting for me. She tells Gulnaz that you do deserve a daughter in law like Gazal so congrats. She smirks and leaves. Both of them are shocked. Gulnaz says I don’t like her plan. Gazal says I am scared of her for the first time.

Dua sees Kaynaat crying and asks what happened? Kaynaat says how can you say that you don’t care about the family? I heard everything, you want Gazal to marry Ruhaan knowing how she is? Dua says yes, I said that but do you really think I will let it happen? She hugs her and says I am sorry for thinking wrongly. Dua says I will die but won’t let anything happen to my family. Ruhaan is still my friend and I will do anything to save him. I lied to Gazal because I know she will trap all others in her lies so I want to trap her. The thing is she has eyes on Haider.

Kaynaat is shocked and says it means Dadi recorded her confessions and that’s why she did that with Dadi? Dua says yes, we have to be strong now. We have to find out how she wants to get Haider by using Ruhaan.

Kaynaat nods.

In the morning, Gulnaz tells Gazal that I will never accept you as my daughter-in-law. Gazal says I am not interested in your joker son. Gulnaz says I don’t want my son to be hurt. Gazal says I am just worried that Dua is up to something but I will marry Haider only. Gulnaz says how will you switch Ruhaan with Haider? do you even have a plan? Gazal tells her plan. Gulnaz says this plan is solid, we just have to keep it as a secret. Momo hides and hears that. She thinks I have to tell Dua about this. She silently leaves from there but breaks a vase. Gulnaz and Gazal hear that. Gulnaz says what if someone heard us? Gazal rushes from there. Ruhaan scolds Momo for breaking a vase. Momo thinks should I tell Ruhaan or not? I should tell Dua first. She leaves from there. Gulnaz and Gazal come there. She asks what happened? Ruhaan says Momo broke it and she ran away to talk to Dua for some reason, he leaves from there. Gazal and Gulnaz come back to the kitchen. They find Momo’s mat there. Gazal says she can’t tell her about our plan, we have to stop her.

Dua prays to God and says I lied but I had to do it to save my family. Please show me a way land what Gazal’s plan is.

Momo is looking around for Dua. Gazal takes a knife and tells Gulnaz that we have to finish Momo.. she can’t tell Dua about our plan so she has to die now.

Momo is looking around for Dua but Gazal grabs her and takes her away. She puts knife on her neck and says you want to tell Dua about my plan? I will kill you. Momo tries to run away but Gazal grabs her. Hina is coming there but Gazal hides with Momo. Hina says I heard Momo calling you out but she is not around.

Gazal brings Momo to her room but she pushes her away and runs from there. Gazal looks around for her but Ruhaan comes there so she hides the knife. Ruhaan says I want to read your hand lines. Gazal sees Momo going upstairs and tries to leave. Gulnaz takes Ruhaan from there while Gazal goes behind Momo with a knife. She tells Momo that you did a mistake by hearing me. She is about to attack her but Momo runs away. Gazal grabs her and strangles her with her dupatta. Gazal says you need to die. Momo kicks her and runs away. She comes to Dua’s room and sees her praying with her eyes closed. Gazal thinks she can’t tell Dua about my plan. Dua ends her prayers while Momo waits for her. Dua asks what happened? Momo says I need to tell you something about Gazal.

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