To die for love Update Friday 31 December 2021

To die for love 31 December 2021: Deep says tell me where my mom is. Arohi says in heart I love seeing you this worried Deep. Arohi says kill me if you want but i don’t know where your mom is. Deep says I know how to get my answers out. Deep says i think I have to give you this current. Your brain will come out and your body will be burnt.Arohi says leaving the real culprit you are killin someone who saved your mom. tara says maybe you did that so we don’t doubt you. Abhi says stop. What are you doing. You can’t kill someone without proof. Deep says I can do anything for my mom. I have doubts on her. i want to see.

To die for love 30 December 2021

This is all her game. Deep says she pretends to be innocent. She saved my mom. How? She isn’t what she pretends to be. Tell me what is behind all this? Arohi says I was a cricketer. Abhi says there are other people in this house who know how to play with knife. Tara says how dare you.. He says i never took your name.Tara takes out her anger. Virat stops her. abhi says we always think about outsiders. We should look around carefully. Virat says this abhi should be punished because he couldn’t do his work. Deep says I am keeping an eye on everyone. i will find out who did it. I will kill the person who tried harming my mom. Deep gets a call from hospital. Tara says i will come with you. Mausi might wanna tell us something. Deep says this girl shouldn’t be moved from this chair. If what I think about her is right, she will be killed.

Deep comes to hospital with Tara. He says to doctor can I speak to her? Doctor says we called you. But she isn’t conscious anymore. Deep goes out. Arohi and abhi are there disguised as doctor and nurse. she says don’t act smart or i will kill you with this injection. Arohi says i wont give you a second chance. Mausi says there a lot secrets in that house. Arohi says what secrets? Masui says i can tell you but alone. Abhi leaves. arohi says don’t test my patience. Mausi says you want to take revenge from Deep? but there is a mastermind in that house. There is something very precious in that house. Arohi says what? Mausi says you have to do something for me first. There is a packet in a trunk in Wasundra’s room. Get me that. I will tell you a secret after that. Deep comes in. she hides her face with mask.

Deep sees a woman going. He sees a bracelet in her hand. He says manpreet was wearing it. She comes back home. Deep comes and says you were in the hospital. Abhi says she had been here. Deep says that girl was wearing the same bracelet. Tara says that means abhi is with her too? Deep says Virat check all CCTV footage. We will know if they ever left the house or not.Deep checks the footage. He says manpreet was in hospital and abhi is with her too. Arohi and Abhi already fabricated the footage. Arohi says better now? This bracelet has a lot of copies. Abhi says if you had to doubt my loyalties why did you hire me? Arohi leaves and goes towards Wasundra’s room.

Arohi enters Wasndra’s room. she looks for the key. Deep peeks in. He calls his spy and asks him to find everything about manpreet.Inspector says we will find our mom in next 24 hours. We have to interrogate from people in your house. surrekha hears and says what should I do. Arohi looks for key of the closet. Inspector starts interrogation from Virat. Arohi breaks the lock. Abhi says i have to stop Arohi. Deep says where are you going? Don’t go anywhere. Arohi sees the trunk. She tries to open it. Inspector comes to Tara. Tara says I am your wife. You know I love mama. Deep says everyone has to be interrogated. Deep says where is manpreet? Abhi says in her room. Let me bring her here. Deep says I will. Arohi tries to break the trunk. Its light beeps. Deep peeks in Wasundra’s room. Arohi hides. Arohi’s wig is on the bed. Deep gets a calls and runs downstairs. Arohi comes out. She picks her wig. Arohi says I have to open the trunk.

Deep comes to the temple and sees Wasundra there. He is dazed. Deep says ma are you okay ma? He hugs her and says lets go from here. She says I just came to temple. Deep says someone kidnapped you? Wasundra says I fainted but when I got up i was in temple. Someone gave me parsad. deep says you don’t have to go anywhere.Deep shouts at Abhi. He says you failed to keep this house secure. Nothing like this should happen again. Ma says I am fine. Go to your room and rest now.Aroho is going towards wasundra’s room. tara says where are you going? Arohi says to give her meds? Tara says you don’t need to. Arohi says but it s important for her health. Tara says okay go.

Guru ma and abhi faint deep. Abhi says what are you doing ma? She says I wanted to see the man who did this to Arohi. No matter what happens don’t break our rules. He says yes ma. Wasundra takes the key out from her necklace. Arohi sees it. She says oh so this is where she hides the key. Wasu is about to open it. Arohi comes in. Wasundra shuts the key. She says I brought medicine for you. Wasu says knock the door before coming. Arohi gives her medicine. She says please rest.

Tara says to Deep you didn’t tell me that deal is finalized. Virat told me. We should celebrate. Deep says tomorrow it will be signed. Taara says we can throw a party tomorrow. it will be fun. Deep says okay prepare for the party. Tara says everything will be perfect. Deep says tomorrow I will find out who manpreet is.

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