To die for love Update Thursday 30 December 2021

To die for love 30 December 2021: Tara says bring water. Virat says it is from electricity we can’t pour water. Let me call fire brigade. She says hurry up call. He pretends to call but doesn’t call them. arohi says what did I do. Abhi says was this your plan? Arohi says please do something. i didn’t want to risk her life. Arohi jumps in and takes Deep’s mom out. arohi and deep are stuck in the fire. he wraps her with a shawl and says we will get out of here. Abhi extinguishes the fire. Arohi coughs. Deep gives her water. Wasundra says are you okay? She says yes. Deep says your saved my mom’s life. Arohi goes to her room. Deep takes Wasundra to her room.
Virat says to Tara there is somethin wrong with that girl. She is upto something. tara says no there is nothing wrong. Virat says I can’t believe that.

Abhi says to Arohi why are you stupid. You could take Wasundra’s life. she is innocent. She says I didn’t want to kill her.
Deep comes. Abhi hides. Deeo says I want to thank you for savin my mom’s life. He leaves. abhi says he made you drink water and broke your fast. wow. What a karwa chauth. Arohi says i will kill him anyone. Arohi covers her face and looks for Deep in the house. she has a knife. Deep is asleep in his room with Tara. Arohi takes out two knives. She recalls her moments with deep. Abhi takes him out.Abhi says a coward kills someone sleeping. Arohi says didn’t want to be like this. I just wanted to live with my child. He killed my child. He has everything. i have nothing. He even changed my face. My parents didn’t recognize me. Abhi says take everything he loves from him. Just like he did to you. Aroi says you are right. I will take everything from him. He will be helpless like me. He will die every day and every night.

Deep asks his guards if they saw anyone coming in the house?? He says no sir. Deep says how did all this happen then.
Mausi comes downstairs. Mausi sees Wasundra says I want to tell you something. there is a secret. A dagger is thrown on her and stabs her. Wasundra screams. Everyone comes. Abhi says to Arohi if we didn’t stab who did? Deep says mausi nothing will happen. they take her to hospital. arohi and abhi are dazed. Virat says who could do this? wasundra says she was in front of me. She wanted to tell me something. DEep says maybe they were aiming at you.

Deep says I have seen this dagger before. He opens his daggers and sees one of them is missing. Deep says it has 6. Now there are 4. This means someone stole from this box. Abhi says it is difficult to find out who did it. Maybe deep is right. Wasundra was the target. But who could it be? Arohi says we have to be carefil. Arohi sees a jhumka near window. she says someone tried coming from here? She sees a woman running. Arohi runs after her but she leaves. Arohi stops her. It is Guru ma. She says guru ma you. Virat comes to Tara. He says was it you. She says it isnt’ the dagger that was stolen from deep. It was just the one Mausi was stabbed with. i was cleaning it.Tara cleans the dagger. Guddan recalls what Perv said. SHe recalls what AJ said about him. Tara says why would i kill my ace card? Deep is close to me ever since mama came here. She leaves. Guru ma says just came to see you and abhi. Arohi says I will tell you everything. You should go right now.

Arohi goes in. Deep says it couldn’t be the doctor. But who is it? Arohi wonders who was it.Wasundra says i wanna go to the temple. Deep says take the guards with you. She says no I wanna go alone. God is with me. she leaves. Deep asks the guards to follows her anyway. Wasundra prays. A woman comes and faints her. She takes her away before the guards to could see.Someone throws a letter in her room. Stay out of all this. Don’t involve in all this or you will die.Deep says to guards how could this happen when you were there. Find mom or I will shoot you all. Virat says who could this person be? Deep files a report in police. He says i want my mom safe. I think arohi is behind all this. Inform me when you have a clue. Deep says someone was keeping an eye on us? Was it manpreet? She was talking to a woman too. Arohi says to Abhi what is this letter? Someone wants to kill Wasundra. But why? Abhi says we should focus on our mission only. He says Wasundra is kidnapped from the temple. Arohi is dazed. He leaves. Arohi practices. Deep says manpreet open the door. Arohi is worried. She looks for her wig. Deep tries to break the door. He comes in. She says i am changing clothes. He says come out in five minutes.

Deep says I got this massage chair for my mom. Tell me how it is? She says your mom is lost. He says you dont’ have to worry about my mom. she will come back. You check this chair. Arohi sits on it. Deep’s men tie her there. Deep says this chair is electric shock chair for mental cases. Before I give you shock tell me who planned all this? you sent you here. Where is my mom? He is about to press the button.

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