Titli starlife update Wednesday 10 April 2024

Koel stopping the guest and getting a cloth to put over the sofa. She says sofa is costly, if chutney fell on this, then we would need to give 2000rs to dry cleaners. Manikant asks about the wedding card designs.

The man says yes, we have sent designs to Monica, these days guys get married and get the bride home. Koel says no, I will find a girl for my Garv. Paresh is worried about the loans. Dadi gets the savings and asks him to take it. He says no, its your money. Chintu looks on. He takes a call.

Titli comes to meet Garv. They see each other. She says I have come to meet your boss, he called me, do you have any problem. He says no. She says good, where is your cabin. He says this way. She prays to get the contract.

She enters there and says there is no one. Garv comes.

She asks will you spoil my work now. He wears the coat and sits on the chair. She says I will call the security. He says I m Garv Mehta, you came to meet me, maybe you came to accept the job offer you rejected. She thinks I need money right now. They argue.

He stumbles. She holds him. Dheere Dheere se…plays… She says you saved me that day and I saved you today, I can’t forget my humanity. Hiral asks did Sir say yes. Garv calls Hiral. She says I knew you will like my sister. He asks how dare you, she rejected my offer in front of my employees. She says I didn’t know. He says she is your sister. She says she isn’t my own sister, I was helping you. He says leave, out. She goes.

Titli and family come to the temple to pray. Jaishri gives Titli’s kundli to the pandit and prays for her. Koel comes and keeps Garv’s kundli there. She prays. The ladies see Titli and taunt on her character. Paresh and Dadi get upset. Titli collides with Rahul’s mum and says sorry. They all see Rahul, his mum and Bhairavi. Rahul’s mum says you apologize all your life. Jaishri asks her to forget it. Rahul also taunts Titli and her family. Jaishri asks Titli to come with her. Rahul’s mum shouts to scold them. Koel hears this and goes to talk. Titli and her family stop.

Koel meets Rahul’s mum Dhwani and says its been long time, you were in Delhi before. She says Rahul and Bhairavi got married many years ago, they would be having children, right, did you get a grandchild, sorry, if you felt bad. Rahul’s mum gets tense and turn to go. Titli stops them and insults them back. She says I didn’t cheat anyone, Rahul is wrong, that aunty told the truth of Rahul and Bhairavi’s marriage, you didn’t get a child and wanted to take a shortcut. Hiral asks Jaishri to stop Titli. Jaishri says it’s a slap on Rahul’s face, my Titli did right.

Bhairavi apologizes to Titli. She says I m not so strong like you, I wish you always stay happy, you find a guy who loves you a lot. Rahul shouts and asks her to come. They leave. Paresh says your decision to not marry this liar was right. Everyone hugs Titli. She smiles.

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