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Dua reads the letter and tells Haider that I can’t believe you could do this with Gazal. He gets scared and says nothing happened between us, don’t listen to that girl. Dua laughs and says I can never doubt you, what happened in the bathroom that you are so unsettled? Haider says you are doubting me? Dua says I can never doubt you but you are wrong about Gazal.

She asks him to read her letter. He reads that Dua has done a lot for her, you sent Ruhaan to save me and then you came to save me from Iqbal, I can never forget you taking a stand for me. I don’t want to make your husband angry with you so I will stay away from you. Haider asks Dua if she went to Gazal’s house? Dua says yes but.. Gulnaz hides and hears them. Haider tells Dua that you can help others but you can’t put your life in danger, if anything happens to you then what will happen to me? I can’t bear anyone raising a hand on you. Dua says I trust you to always protect me. Haider says why do you keep helping that girl? am I not important?

Dua says don’t be miffed. Haider says you don’t listen to me when it comes to her. Dua takes his phone and shows him how many calls she gave him before going there. Haider says I am sorry but I was busy. Dua says I didn’t have a choice, Ruhaan was in trouble so I had to go there. Haider says if anything had happened to you then I would have died.. Dua stops him and says don’t worry about me, everything is okay now. Haider says you don’t listen to me at all. Dua says you too.

Ruhaan and Gazal are on the bike. Gazal asks him to drive faster as she is getting late for the interview. Ruhaan says don’t worry.

Haider is calling Ruhaan but he is not picking up. Haider says everyone is helping that girl. He reads Gazal’s letter again and recalls how she teased him.

Dua is making dessert so Banu asks if she had a fight with Haider? She brings dessert to Haider but he looks away. She shows it to him, he tries to avoid her but can’t resist them so he starts eating. Haider makes her eat too, they both smile at each other. Gulnaz comes there and tells Haider that your wife sent my son to save that cheap girl, she put my son’s life in danger but you are not even angry with her? she even sent Ruhaan with her again, why didn’t Dua go with her? Haider says enough, Dua went to save Ruhaan and Gazal. They are okay now. He tells Dua that she is right, you did a mistake by sending Ruhaan there. He tells Gulnaz that I have to protect my family so I promise nothing will happen to Ruhaan.

Ruhaan and Gazal come to the office. He wishes her luck, she goes for the interview. Haider calls him and asks him where he is? Ruhaan says I am coming back. He ends the call and tells Dua that she did a mistake and he has no answer for Gulnaz. I am worried that you are helping Gazal without the regards of our safety, that girl is bad for us so I will tell this to Gazal in my way.

Haider tells Dua that Gazal is bad news and I will handle her now, he angrily leaves. Gulnaz smirks. Dua tries to stop Haider, he says you know that girl is a threat for us so I will ask her to stay away from us, its my duty to protect this family. Dua says you are angry and you will misbehave with her. Haider shouts why do you keep helping that girl as if she has done some favor on us. Dua shouts that she did a favor.. Haider says don’t make excuses, that girl has put you and Ruhaan in trouble, I won’t spare her now. He leaves from there. Dua is worried, Hina comes there and asks what happened? Dua tells her everything and says Haider might hurt her in anger with his words. Hina says go and stop him, we can’t allow him to do a sin in anger. Dua leaves from there.

Hina says Haider and Gazal keep meeting and Dua is getting crushed between them. Haider and Dua shouldn’t get punished for our sin. Dua sees Haider leaving the house. She sees all cars gone from there so she takes an auto and goes behind him. Gulnaz smirks seeing that.

Haider calls Gazal and says you shouldn’t have joked like that. Gazal says you called me to misbehave again? Haider says you can’t see me and Dua happy so you keep making us fight? Gazal says if your relationship can be spoiled by someone else then the problem is you. Haider shouts to stop misbehaving. Gazal says I have seen men like you, you can’t allow your wife to talk to anyone but you call other women to insult them. Haider says you know I love Dua a lot. Gazal says I have seen that, you don’t even allow her to talk to anyone before taking your permission, its good I am not your wife otherwise I would have brought you on line. Haider says I would never look at a girl like you. Gazal says I have already shown your standard, she ends the call. Haider says I will show her standard now.

Dua calls Ruhaan and asks where is Gazal? He asks what happened? She says just give me the address.

Gazal goes for her interview when Dua calls her. Gazal says I am going for the interview, I will call you later on, she ends the call. Haider arrives at the building where Gazal is. He says I will show her what happens when she misbehaves with me.

The interviewer hires Gazal but Iqbal is hiding there. The interviewer gives her some papers and asks her to sign them. He recalls how Iqbal had given those papers to him. Gazal asks the manager if he is okay? He nods. Gazal starts signing the property papers. Iqbal sees Haider coming there and hides. Haider enters the room and tells the manager that he shouldn’t hire her. Gazal says how can he come here? Haider says this manager knows me well, he tells him that this girl is illiterate and might have some criminal records also. Iqbal thinks he is destroying my plan. Haider tells the manager that this girl will be a bad sign for you. Haider says you got the job but not anymore, he tears her hiring papers and says you are fired now. Gazal is shocked. Haider tells her that this is your standard, don’t mess with me again. He leaves from there.

Gazal stops Haider. He says this was a trailer, you don’t know my power. Dua comes there and sees them fighting. Gazal tells Haider that you don’t know how to go to sleep without food, I pray that you feel my pain, I pray that you will never be happy in life. Dua is shocked to hear that. Dua is busy paying the auto driver. She sees Haider and Gazal gone from there. She says where did they go? I know this job was important for Gazal, I have to rectify his mistake.

Dua goes in the office and tries to talk to the manager but she sees Iqbal talking to him and says we could have gotten her sign on the property papers but Haider destroyed everything. Dua hears that and says Haider saved Gazal’s house. Iqbal says I will not spare Haider now. Dua says I can’t allow him to hurt Haider.

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