Titli starlife update Thursday 11 April 2024

Titli saying I will go and thank that aunty. She goes and hugs Koel. Koel says leave me. Titli says thanks for bringing Rahul’s truth out. Koel says I would have not done it if I knew. Titli smiles. Koel says I don’t want to meet you again. Titli says you have done a big favor on me. Garv comes there.

Chintu insists Paresh to take them for lunch. Paresh asks Titli do you want to go. She says yes. He says fine then, we will go. Garv asks did you find what you wanted. Koel says I will get it. They leave. Titli and family dine at the restaurant. Paresh says we came to the right place. Jaishri says Titli has made everyone right today. Paresh jokes and laughs. Dadi says I know our girl can’t do anything wrong. They laugh. Hiral asks them to have food. She says Titli can’t be right always. She tells about Garv. Titli says he is arrogant.

They argue. Paresh asks them to stop it and have food. Monica comes there with a friend. She tells about Adi and Garv. Monica’s friend and her husband argue. He scolds her and threatens to slap her. She takes a glass of water. It falls. The man angrily slaps her. Monica runs to her friend Tanya and asks what did you do. The man says sorry. They leave. Titli gets scared.

Jaishri holds her hand. They discuss that couple’s issue. Garv comes to the cell and beats Tanya’s husband for raising hand on her. The man says forgive me, I will make a public apology to her. Garv asks Tanya to sit. He questions Tanya and asks her to be honest. She says he had much loss in business, he lost temper and slapped me. He says I will guide you, final decision will be yours, your husband is ready to apologize, you can never another chance to him. She says you are right, I will give him a chance. He asks are you sure. She says yes. Jaishri says not everyone’s fate is same, don’t get scared.

Garv and Monica leave. He jokes. She asks did you arrange decorator. He says no, I will manage by tomorrow. She says you have a court hearing tomorrow, you will manage everything. They leave. Its morning, the girl asks Hiral to tell Garv about the decorator. Hiral changes the amount figure in the file. She gives the file to Garv. Garv checks the 5 crores demand by the decorators and gets angry. Hiral acts in front of him. He asks her to call Titli. Hiral says sure. Titli says he is asking me to come. She complains to Bhakti about Garv. Garv waits for Titli. Titli gets late in sorting a traffic jam. Koel calls Garv and asks did you leave for the court hearing. He says not yet. Titli says I will speed up the scooty now. Garv says I have no time. Titli reaches the office. They meet in the lift.

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