Timeless love update Wednesday 22 November 2023

Timeless love 22 November 2023: The Episode starts with Amba telling Vidhi that she has become Dev Raichand’s child’s mother also. Vidhi asks what nonsense? Amba says you might be thinking nothing has happened between you both, like it shows in films. She says history repeats itself and tells that Dev got step mother and you got step daughter whose age is more than you. Vidhi asks her to shut up. Vidhi asks her to keep her lie with herself and leave her and her husband. She says you used to think yourself as your wife and now this.

Amba asks do you know, why past is called bhoot call as it never leaves you. She says 1998’s film is going to be release now and says you will know what had happened then, that you got readymade child. She congrats her, and hugs her. She says such is life, sometimes it happens and asks her to do adjustments slowly. She says you are freed from pregnancy etc. She reminds that she has fixed time bomb in everyone’s life and goes. Vidhi tells herself that Amba told all this to trouble her. Amba is coming near Dev, but hides. She smirks and goes. Dev takes the gift from reception and goes to Vidhi. Vidhi is in shock. Dev comes there. Vidhi asks why did you kneeled down. Dev shows her gift. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words. Dev asks if he didn’t like it. Vidhi says you have brought it with love. Dev makes her wear it. Vidhi thanks him for the anklet and says your choice is good. He says yes.

Yogesh and Amba cheers and drinks wine. Yogesh says this calls for celebration. Amba says she gave honeymoon gift to Vidhi, divorce. Yogesh laughs. Amba says Dev can’t become of Vidhi, refusing me. Yogesh shows her company papers and tells that you have 10 percent stake now. she makes him have chocolate. The manager comes to Dev and tells that his card is declined and he has paid for just one night. Dev gives his other cards, but all of them declined. He asks him to keep his watch till he sort out the things. Abhi is drinking in his room, when Priya taunts him to value the platter which is served to him. Abhi gets angry.

Dev comes to their hotel room. Vidhi tells him that they will leave in the morning, and will stay in other hotel. She says she heard him and tells that for her, five star hotel is not important, but he is important. Dev says he will talk to Abhi in the morning. Vidhi insists. Priya asks Abhi to open the door and asks him not to be a monster. Abhi asks him to leave from his life. Dev is worried that his cards are declined. Vidhi thinks of Amba’s words. They get up from their bed. Vidhi and Dev ask each other, why they didn’t sleep. He says why my cards were blocked. He says Abhi was stressed about Priya, and says when I asked him, he didn’t tell me anything. He says one shall be transparent with the family. Vidhi says but you are transparent and asks if you think that you shall tell me something. He asks you doubt me. Vidhi says no and asks him to sleep.

They lie down on the bed. Vidhi thinks Dev Sir is always truthfulness, how can I doubt him. Next day, Dev and Vidhi come to a local hotel, and ask for Manager. The guy says they can get room in separate floors. Dev says we want only one room. The Manager think that they are father and daughter. He asks them to take their stuff to their room. Vidhi says this happens in small hotels.

Urmila and Pramod come to Bimla and Hariprasad. Urmila asks Bimla to open the almira, and says my eyes are on you. Bimla gives her money. Urmila asks her to sell the jewellery, or leave the haveli. She tortures them and leave. Bimla cries.

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