Lost in love update Wednesday 22 november 2023

Lost in love 22 november 2023: Sai reaches hospital and asks nurse Rani what happened to Satya and where is he. Rani says he is in basement. Sai walks to basement and is surprised to see a romantic flower and light decoration. Satya plays Dheere Dheere Se Meri Zindagi Mein Aana.. song. Sai asks where is he. Satya walks to her with a flower bouquet and says before she tells anything, he wants to tell her something; he says he loves her and fell in her love; he had told her that he cannot love anyone else than Girija, but he was wrong; Girija would be in his heart forever, but now he loves Sai and his each breath takes her name; he wants to live only for Sai and he loves her.

Sai is shocked to hear that and says she wants to tell him something. Satya asks her to go ahead and collapses. Sai asks him to stop his drama and checks his pupils. She calls for help. Nurses and Dr Survase rush him to examining room and perform his MRI scan.

Virat reaches hospital and asks Sai what happened to Satya. Satya gains consciousness and asks Sai why is he on bed. He notices his feet insensible and he fails to walk. Sai calms him down and gives him a hypnotic injection. He falls asleep. Sai recalls him collapsing.

Virat asks what happened to Satya. Sai says he was fine when he met her and then collapsed, asks Dr Survase what happened to Satya. Dr Survase shows his MRI report and says when Satya had an accident, City hospital doctor informed that Satya had a skull fracture and would be fine soon, but he was wrong as Satya’s nerves are damaged. He says Sai knows that complications start after a few days of accident and now Satya is partially paralyzed, they can start treatment only once the report comes back. Virat comforts Sai and asks if she is fine, she wanted to tell something at the airport. Sai says she is fine, he need not worry. Virat leaves. Sai thinks what is happening, what life wants from her.

After some time, Satya wakes up and asks what happened to him. Sai explains that he is paralyzed below his waist due to nerve damage. Satya breaks down. Sai hugs and comfort him. Satya asks if she will be with him or will she leave him. Sai promises to support him. Virat notices that and feels disheartened. After some time, Sai brings Satya home on a wheelchair. Satya feels sad looking at his scooter. Sai says a patient’s will power will help him recover. Satya tries to get into house and feels frustrated seeing his helplessness. Sai says soon he will be able to walk on his feet and run around the hospital, etc. After some time, Sai brings dinner for Satya and says he knows that his problem is temporary if he gets property treatment. Satya says he had proposed her, had confidently married her thinking he cannot fall in her love, but now he loves her and wants to know her answer. Sai thinks she shouldn’t inform him that she still loves Virat. She says before she could answer, he had collapsed; right now she doesn’t have any answer for his question, he should have food. Savi walks to them and takes a selfie.

Next morning, Sai messages Vinu that Satya is injured and can’t walk, she wants him to visit Satya and cheer him up. Ashwini asks what happened to Satya. Virat explains the situation. Ashwini says she feels tensed hearing so many bad news of factory shutting down, Virat getting a job transfer, now Satya’s condition. Virat says he will not leave his mother and his family. He says he will take Vinu to meet Satya. Ashwini says he should.

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