Lost in love update Thursday 30 November 2023

Lost in love 30 November 2023: Chavans plan for a trip. Sonali blabbers why the trip is planned today on Guru Purnima when they are fasting. Mohit says his travel agent friend said today’s Ashwini asks them to get ready soon as their flight is at 4 p.m. She calls Virat and asks him to reach home soon and get ready for the trip. Virat says he can’t come with them as the militants are still in Nagpur and planning something big. Savi walks in stepping on rangoli. Bhavani yells at her for spoiling rangoli. Savi apologizes. Ashwini looking at Savi’s footprints on floor says its Bappa’s signal that Savi will return to her home soon. Ninad says its impossible as Savi can’t stay without her mother.

Ashwini says they can’t deny Bappa’s signal. Sai walks in recalling entering the house after marriage and says they are leaving for Germany in some time and hence thought of meeting them before that. Ninad says she did right. Sai says she wanted to meet Vinayak once. Ashwini asks if she is searching for Virat. Sai says she will go and meet Vinayak. Ashwini thinks Sai’s eyes were searching for Virat for sure and calls Virat, and when he doesn’t pick call, she messages him.

Sai walks to Vinu who shows his anger and says he will not talk to her as she is leaving him alone. Sai asks who will take care of baba if he also comes with them, she will set a world clock in his mobile, they can talk any time they want. Vinu walks away saying he doesn’t want to talk to her. Kadam tells Virat that they should shift Ramakanth from Yerwada Jail before he makes any vile plan. Virat gets a message to come home soon as Sai is here. He thinks he can’t see Sai leaving. Sai passes by Virat’s room and gets emotional. She im agines Virat who asks her to come and sit with him for a few minutes. Sai walks in and looks at him emotionally. Tere Bina Zindagi Me Koi Shikwa To Nahi.. song. Sai says she can’t stay. Virat says though she is going, he knows she will think only about him and her heart will be stuck here. Sai nods yes and hugs him. She gets out of imagination when Savi calls her and informs that Satya uncle is calling them. She looks around the room carefully and walks out.

Virat repeats Ramakanth’s poem that bird will break it’s cage and fly away and thinks what must be its meaning. Kadam says let it go as Ramakanth’s plan is failed. Virat says they can’t be quiet until they catchh Ramakanth’s all gang members. Kadam says he will go home for 1-2 hours as his wife is going to her maika. Virat asks how can he when the city is on high alert. Kadam requests to let him go as life is unpredictable. Virat permits him and gets restless recalling Ashwini’s message that Sai has come to meet him before leaving for Germany. He rushes out of his office. Ashwini offers modak and puranpoli to Sai and says she can remember her while having it. Sonali brings a few utensils left at the godown and asks where shall she shift them. Sai recalls her grihapravesh kalash. Ashwini asks Sonali to keep it in temple and asks Sai to return to Chavan nivas directly for Vinu and Virat’s sake. Sai emotionally hugs her and leaves.

Virat reaches home and finds Sai already left for airport. Inspector calls him and informs that Ramakanth’s brother Bheema is planning all this operation. Bheema plans to place a bomb in the flight. Virat sends Bheema’s pic to Kadam and says they should catch him to find out his plan B.

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