Lost in love update Thursday 23 November 2023

Lost in love 23 november 2023: Satya feels thirsty and calls Sai and Maddy for help. He himself tries to pick a glass and drops it. Sai rushes to him and asks what happened. Satya says he was calling her since long, what was she doing. Sai says she was preparing a smoothie for him. Savi walks in and says she will be Satya’s assistant from hereon and he can call her for help. Satya says okay and sorry. Amba walks to him worried and asks what happened to him. Satya feels frustrated and shouts at her to stop now. Sai comforts Amba and says Satya is frustrated now, they should calmly handle him and get his treatment patiently.

Amba says Sai is right, she will do anything to get her son well, and asks Sai to promise her that she will always be with Satya and make sure he is back on his feet again. Sai promises her.

Sai hears doorbell and opens the door. Vinu with Virat walks in and says he is Dr Vinayak who came to treat Dr Satya, Dr Satya needs his help. Sai takes Vinu and Virat to Satya’s room. Virat asks Satya how is he. Satya says he just came from a jog and asks how would he be in this condition. Vinu examines him and says he will be fine with his treatment, but as a fees, he has to play video game with him for an a hour daily. Satya smiles and asks him to go and meet his sister first. Vinu goes to meet Savi. Satya tells Sai that he needs to go to washroom.

Virat tries to help him. Satya stops Virat angrily and asks if Virat wants to show that he is disabled and and needs helps, shouts at him to leave. Virat says he will go away with Vinu. Satya asks Sai also to go and leave him alone. Sai walks to Virat and apologizes Virat on Satya’s behalf. Virat says he can understand her situation as he was facing same situation with Pakhi and asks her not to feel disappointed. He leaves with Vinu. Sai breaks down and thinks how to inform him that she loves him immensely and can’t live without him, now they can’t reunite again.

Amba walks to Sai and asks her to inform Virat not to come here again. Sai says its not Virat’s fault. Amba asks if she can see Satya’s condition, Sai should support him as a doctor and try to make him feel positive, Satya will feel degraded if Virat comes here often, Sai should understand this and stay away from Virat. Virat returns home. Ashwini serves him tea and asks about Satya. Virat says he doesn’t know. Ashwini shows her concern for Satya and says he should get well soon. Bhavani yells why is she worried about Satya, as if Virat’s life will get better if Satya gets well. Ashwini thinks how to explain her that Virat’s life will really get better if Satya gets well. Vinu walks to Virat and says he has a school project where he has to visit hospital and prepare a report, so he will take Sai’s help. Virat says Sai is busy taking care of Satya, so he will take him to hospital.

Ninad notices Ashwini lost in thoughts while cooking and asks reason. Ashwini reveals that she had forced Sai to marry Satya and had told her that unless she marries, Virat can’t move on and be happy. Ninad asks how can she do this being a mother. Ashwini says she had predicted that Virat would be in trouble whenever he separates from Sai. Ninad asks him to tell him the real reason. Ashwini says she knows Sai will fulfill her responsibilities towards and will go far away from Virat, she doesn’t know when will Sai and Virat choose their happiness over responsibilities. Ninad asks her to listen carefully and understand that Virat and Sai can never reunite again.

Sai recalls Virat’s frustrations earlier and thinks now she understood that he was under Pakhi’s pressure, she is feeling same with Satya. Next morning, Sai helps Satya perform exercises. Satya apologizes her for being rude yesterday. Sai asks him to forget it and concentrate on his medicines and exercises and focus on getting well soon. Satya says he will if she stays with him.

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