Lost in love starlife update Thursday 16 May 2024

Reeva cries profusely recalling Ishan rejecting her and insulting he brutally. Savi visits hospital to meet Ninad azoba. Harini says she shouldn’t have come here as she knows how Bhavani and Vinayak are. Savi says she doesn’t care and just wants to meet azoba. Vinay calls Bhavani and asks where are they. Bhavani says their bus will reach in a few minutes. She asks Ninad if he knows where they are going. Ninad says no. Bhavani says they are going to Pune.

Ninad asks why Pune. Vinay notices Savi and asks Harini why did she bring her here. Harini says even Savi is worried about azoba. Vinay verbally abuses Savi and asks her to leave. Savi says she will not go without meeting azoba. Vinayak holds he hand and drags her away. Bhavani and Ninad’s bus arrives.

Savi frees her hand and runs towards the bus.

Swanand asks Reeva to move on and continue her studies. Reeva agrees. Swati says it’s good and asks why is she still holding a broken vase. Reeva says she will refix it and will show to Surekha that her and Ishan’s relationship can be revived. Swanand says Ishan hates her now, so she should forget him. Reeva says his hatred reveals that he still has emotions for her, she will join Bhosale Institute and will try to convince Ishan. Swati says Yashwant will not give her admission or let her even near the door. Reeva says she will join the institute as an assistant professor and has applied for the post online.

Swanand says Yashwant will not give her that job. Reeva says she will try her best by staying here alone and asks them to return to Mumbai.

Bhavani gets out of bus and gets angry seeing Savi. She yells at Savi to leave from there. Savi says she will not go without meeting azoba. Bhavani warns her to dare not think of that and continues yelling at her. Harini and Vinayak walk to Ninad and ask him to get out of the bus. Ninad refuses to identify them. Savi walks to him. He identifies her and gets happy seeing her, leaving Bhavani and Vinayak frustrated. They enter hospital. Ninad tries to solve a newspaper puzzle with Savi. Ward boy addresses Ishan as Dr Vinayak and says it’s his grandfather’s turn now. Ninad refuses to go with him. Savi convinces him and sends him to doctor’s cabin with Vinayak. Bhavani praises Vinayak and says he will make their family proud and criticizes Savi as usual. Doctor tests Ninad and informs them that Ninad is at advanced stage of dementia and they need 60-70 lakhs for his surgery; there are 3 issues apart from money, one is there are very less doctors who can perform this surgery and they have only Dr Ajinkya Shahane available in Pune, two he doesn’t have dates for another 2-3 years, and three Ninad has only less time left.


Ishan walks into his cabin still feeling upset. He recalls Reeva in the cabin making announcement on a mic. He angrily breaks the mic. Shukla walks in and asks what happened. Ishan asks him to throw this mic away. Shukla asks why. Ishan asks him to just do as he says. Shukla thinks what happened to Ishan sir today. A student walks to Ishan and says Rangoli colors for the competition have finished and she needs colors. Ishan asks why is she asking him, he is a director of college. Student says she called Savi, but she is not picking her call. Another student also complains. Nishi suggests him not to leave everything on cultural secretary and pitch in to protect college’s reputation. Ishan calls Savi. Savi busy with Ninad doesn’t pick even his call.

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