Titli Starlife update Saturday 18 May 2024

The Episode starts with Garv and Titli romancing. They get calls and go to plan the surprise family dinner. They hide it from each other. Garv says thanks to rain, planner isn’t coming, I have to do everything. They both make arrangements and see each other. She asks why are you doing this. He asks what are you doing here.

She says I was planning a surprise for you. He says I was planning the surprise for you. They smile. She says my surprise is for family. He holds her in arms and says our date is also imp, I will make sure it also happens with your surprise, I don’t like to lose. Garv asks Manikant to take an off. Manikant asks did anyone die. Garv says no, Titli planned the dinner for you all. Koel says she got us insulted yesterday. Garv says she realized her mistake, so she is doing this. Dhara says we should give her a chance. Maina says we are elders, we should give her a chance. Dada ji asks Koel to agree and give her a chance. He says my dad has a big heart, he will come and have food. Garv says agree for Titli’s sake, please. Manikant agrees.

Everyone comes out and sees the beautiful arrangements. Titli apologizes to them. Monica and her in-laws also come. Titli smiles. Monica says so Garv was talking about this surprise, well done Titli. The guy says give some ideas to Monica also. Monica says he is Kabir, Adi’s brother. Kabir says I came today from London, these decorations look like its to welcome me. Garv says no, my wife did this for my family. Kabir says I m joking, chill. Titli apologizes to Manikant. She says I didn’t wish to hurt you, I promise, this won’t happen again.

She gives the roses to everyone. Titli’s family comes. Titli smiles. Garv says we have to make a new start and can’t leave old relations behind, I have called them, because Titli is also making efforts for my family, they are also my family. Jaishri meets Titli. Titli thanks Garv. He says I can do anything for your smile. She says its enough. He says just thanks isn’t enough for me, I will tell you in private.

Manikant asks for food. Titli says everything is ready, I will get it. She gets the mocktails. Koel jokes. Dhrishti says its not alcohol. Dhara says we shall dance. They all dance. Garv asks about the gift. Titli says I forgot, we will get it. He sees her lovely surprise. She says I managed it, see. She says your happiness is imp for me and our special moments. He says cheers to our special moments.

She drinks and says its bitter, its not mocktail. He smiles and says I know, there is some alcohol mixed in it, my client got this for me. Titli says it means you knew it. He says I always have my eyes on you. He recalls seeing Titli planning the surprise. She says but I don’t drink. He laughs. He says I know, but I m allowing you, so have it. She asks if anyone knows. He says so what, you are drinking with me, there should be a difference in family surprise and our date, do you think it’s a sin. She says no, but addiction is bad. He says one should try everything once in life, have it.

She drinks and says its bitter, I don’t want more. He says I will finish it. He drinks. They dance. Kaise hua…plays… Everyone is dining. Hiren goes to Jaishri and says Paresh looks good and happy. She says I wish the families don’t catch a bad sight. He says Garv and Titli are sensible. Titli says I have another surprise. She smiles. Dhara says Titli is caring and talented. Titli comes to everyone and gets lanterns.

She says if we light this lantern and make a wish, it will get fulfilled. Manikant says she is making us jokers. Maina says its nothing like that. Garv sees Titli and smiles.


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