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Timeless Love 26 December 2023: The Episode starts with Divya telling Dev that she will not work here, as her loyalty lies with Raichands. Anaya and others also refuse to work there. Dev asks them to work here only, and tells that when they return as winner, their people shall be there to welcome them. He promises that everything will be fine and request them not to leave their job. They see the media standing. The reporter says today every businessman will remember this day, as it is the end of Dev Raichand’s business.

Timeless Love 25 December 2023

Another says Dev and Vidhi’s love story has become flop. And tells that Raichand industries is drowned and Mehta Industries have taken it over. Dev tells that they got the legal papers and the company is not theirs, and asks them to ask Amba. The reporters ask Amba if Dev will be the owner of the company. Amba says ofcourse not and tells that she will be the active owner and Yogesh will head the company. She says Dev and Abhi will be the employees of the company now.

The reporter asks Dev what he would like to say, that the problems happened as he married the girl half his age. Amba says she (Vidhi) is Ku Lakshmi who ruined everything. Dev tells that God don’t want him to face this problem alone, so that’s why he gave me a wife who is standing like a mountain with me and we will win any war. Abhi sees Rakesh there and thinks what is he doing here?

Hariprasad recalls Vijay’s threat and gets scared. Bimla asks him to handle himself and asks him to talk to Dev ji and Vidhi once. Hariprasad says we shall not tell him. Bimla says you didn’t listen to me when taking loan, atleast listen to me now. Hariprasad says we shall tell Vidhi. He gets Kalumal’s call and asks Bimla to switch on the TV. They see the news of Amba taking over Raichand company.

Satyavati also hears the news and asks Dev. Bimla says this might be fake and asks him not to worry and says we will ask Dev and Vidhi. Hariprasad panics more and worries for them.Amba and Yogesh are sitting on the chairs. Amba tells yogesh that they are celebrating Diwali here and the Raichands have become beggars. She says we made them beggars. Yogesh laughs. She says I made Dev’s name burnt into Ashes. Yogesh says I am sure that he will retaliate. She says she wants him to do that, and tells that he will drown in the daldal.

She says you know what will be the next action of Dev, and says call will come in 10 mins. Priya calls Amba and says I want to meet you. She says it is for your own interest. Amba and Yogesh laugh. Dev says we have to face Amba together. He says I will give proofs against Amba and will give to lawyer. He says this is possible if we fight together. Vidhi says surely and says we can solve any problem. They all keep hand on each other’s hands. Priya acts and says she is with them.

Abhi realizes his mistake and cries. Satyavati comes there. Abhi says I should have listened to Dev Bhai. Satyavati asks him to face the situation like Dev, and asks him to either accept defeat or face it to win. She says your defeat will not be just your defeat, but my defeat also, and I will not let you defeat. Vidhi recalls Amba’s words and Dev’s words. She thinks she shall be with him. Dev promises his father’s photo frame that he will get back everything. Vidhi feels proud of him. He says you are my courage.Vidhi says you will get Raichand industries back. Dev asks her to be with him.

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