Timeless Love update starlife 19 Tuesday December 2023

Timeless love 19  December 2023: The Episode starts with Divya was emotional since her childhood days, she used to get upset during her annual function. She says she used to ask me always, but I used to ignore her questions, and she became curious. She says once she came to know that I have soft corner for Dev and she got a face of her father. Dev asks why you didn’t clear it before. Yamini says because I was not aware where is her father, don’t know even now. She says sorry.

Timeless Love 18 December 2023

Satyavati says how Divya can be so sure that Divya was her father? Yamii says someone did this bad joke with her, and made doubt raised in her mind. She says a lady used to call her from India and tried to develop this doubt in her mind. She says even I got a call from her, from an unknown number.Satyavati says whoever it is, it is Dev and Vidhi’s enemy. Just then they hear Vijay shouting and asking his men to keep the boxes. Hariprasad comes out.

Vijay says I have to keep my boxes her. Bimla hears the sound and says she will go and see. Everyone comes out and sees Hariprasad trying to stop Vijay. Hariprasad asks Vijay to go. Dev asks Bimla if there is any problem, he will handle. Bimla stops him. Hariprasad goes inside and tells that it is Kalumal’s stuff. Vijay plans to steal the Milapni Devi’s idol within 15 days.

Yamini tells Dev and Vidhi that she is going to London. She says sorry for the problems which happened in their lives because of her. Vidhi says I shouldn’t have reached conclusion and says sorry. Yamini gives shringaar stuff to Vidhi and blesses her to be happily married always. She says I wanted to come to your marriage, but thought that things will get ruined, so I didn’t come. Dev asks Yamini to take care. Divya comes there and gives her resignation letter.

Dev tears the letter and requests her to complete her internship. Divya asks after so much happening. Dev asks her to become like her mother and don’t quit.Dev comes to his room. Vidhi is sitting on the chair, gets up and touches his feet. He stops her. She says it is difficult for her to forgive herself. Dev asks her to stop blaming herself and says it is natural that you got hurt with whatever happened. Vidhi says I should have trusted you, I came to read diary that day. She says she has hidden something from him.

Amba asks Yogesh to wait for 72 hours and then Raichands will suffer. Vidhi gives her diary, in which she has pasted the news clipping about Dev. Dev hugs her.Later Satyavati comes to the dining table. Simmy comes there and wishes her happy birthday. Vidhi comes there and keeps the plate. Satyavati asks her if she will not get anything to eat today. Vidhi says whatever you want, will be served. Satyavati takes the dishes name, which is brought by Vidhi’s parents, then she takes sweets’ name which is brought by Mausi and Mausa ji. All the family brings the food items. Chitra brings the cake.

Satyavati cuts the cake and makes everyone eat it. Dev says it was Vidhi’s idea to celebrate her birthday this way. Satyavati appreciates Vidhi and tells Dev that the culprit’s face shall be blackened.

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