Evil Affairs starlife update Tuesday 14 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki thinking Kapalika has to come, but there is no God stuff here. She hears Suguna’s words that if God related things come there, then it is hidden. She thinks where did they hide such stuff and thinks to question Suguna. She comes to Suguna and sees her doing the evil puja.

She apologizes to Suguna and tells that she knows that she is the senior and everyone respects her a lot. She says I thought you will know more about symbols and rasmein. Suguna asks her not to ask about Malik. Nikki says I have been doing rasmein with true heart, and asks where did the idols go before Malik had come here. Suguna says it is good that Sumitra didn’t hear her and asks her to go. Nikki is about to go. Suguna’s assistant tells her that if they cut her every talk, then she will get demotivated. Suguna stops her and tells that the villagers had buried the idols in the well, in south west direction. Nikki asks why? Suguna says south west direction is inauspicious that’s why.

Kapalika comes to Saudamini and get Nikki’s stuff from her and gives her gold coins. Saudamini asks when I call meet Malik. Kapalika tells that Malik has called for her bhog today. Saudamini gets shocked. Kapalika asks her to prove her loyalty towards Malik and then Malik will fulfill her wish. Saudamini thinks if she shall do this. She thinks she has to risk her life, as what is the use of living an ordinary life, if she wants to come out of this doom, and can risk her life many time. Nikki thinks how to find about South west direction. She takes a leaf and puts needle on it and keeps them in the water. She finds the direction.

Tantrik starts the evil puja and takes Nikki’s stuff from Kapalika. He says she is strong minded and determined. Aarohi sees Nikki going and thinks where is she going? Tantrik tells that this is the right time to make shaitani kundali of Nikki. He makes the kundali and checks on his fingers. He says she is born in Shatabhisha, and all her grahs are superior. He says such person is very pure and that makes him/her as powerful.

Kapalika says Nikki is Shatabhisha and her blood took Ghori Raj’s life. She asks what was the positive energy in her eyes. Tantrik says you have to go to her childhood and find out. Aarohi follows Nikki and thinks where did she go? She says where did she go, there is danger everywhere here. She is about to call her, and says if she calls her then everyone will know and then she will land in problem. Nikki is still walking there. She sees Aarohi and gets shocked. She thinks she can’t give the same excuse again and hides.


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