Destined by fate starlife update Monday 18 December 2023

Destined by fate 18 December 2023: Vikrant promises Sayuri to fulfill his promise and requests to have water. Sayuri warns him that she is here for his daughter and if something happens to her, she is not obliged to stay here. Rashmi peeps into window and listens to their conversation. Sayuri brings juice for her and asks what is she doing here. Rashmi says she was feeling thirsty and searching for water. Sayuri offers her juice and says she hasn’t changed in a year. Rashmi panics and asks if she is Sayuri. Sayuri says she is Sayuri whom Rashmi tried to kill but escaped death. She laughs and says Rashmi will also die now as she mixed poison in her juice.

Destined by fate 17 December 2023

Rashmi panics more and pleads to save her as she has a small baby. She then realizes it was her imagination. Sayuri in Sachi’s style asks what is she doing here. Rashmi says she was feeling thirsty and returns back to mehandi artists.Kanha returns home and notices Saroj talking to a few boys. Saroj says they came to invite them for republic day function and asks Kanha if he will attend it with her and Nakul. Kanha says no.

Nakul enters and says bhai can’t miss children’s function and reminds their childhood events. Kanha agrees to attend function with them. Nakul calls Rashmi repeatedly and gets tensed when she doesn’t pick his calls. Rashmi asks Sayuri to get Vikrant’s initial on her hand. Vikrant enters and says she surely will. Sayuri acts shy and asks mehandi artist to write V on her hand, thinks V means victory against evil Vikrant.

Rashmi thinks they really seem to love each other and its waste to stay here. She notices Nakul’s missed calls and says she will go now. Vikrant asks her to finish mehandi work and then go. Sayuri says let the busy lady go and her assistant finish the work. Vikrant agrees, and Rashmi leaves.Faiba calls Vikrant and informs that a man has come identifying himself a doctor. Vikrant speaks to him and learns that he is the real doctor he sent, sends him back, and ask Faiba how the fake doctor looked like. She gives him description. He realizes its Kanha and Yash.

Faiba says Sayuri must have sent them. Vikrant says she can’t as she doesn’t know baby’s location. He thinks of punishing Kanha and Yash for their daring acts. Kanha and Nakul share a brotherly bonding over home-made laddus. Saroj gets happy seeing that. Vikrant gets suspicious on Sayuri and questions her.

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