Titli Starlife update Tuesday 14 May 2024

The Episode starts with Manikant and Maina getting surprised seeing the decorated breakfast table. Everyone comes and smiles seeing the flowers. Koel asks why did you decorate the flowers. Dhara says it looks so colourful. Maina says its lovely. Garv comes.

Titli asks everyone to sit. She takes care of everyone and gives different types of tea to them. Manikant taunts Titli and goes. Garv looks on and goes. Hiren says it’s the same like I had many years ago, during college times. He asks Titli from where did he learn this. She says Jaishri taught this to me. He says so I found this taste similar. Hiral asks why Aloo puri again. Jaishri says Titli is coming for pagphere today. Hiral thinks she will fight with me for that bracelet.

She makes an excuse and says I have to do overtime and help dad. Paresh and everyone get glad. Chintu praises Titli. Jaishri asks her about the gift. Hiral says I gave her a bracelet. Titli asks Garv to listen. Koel asks her to come and do the rasams. Maid asks why are you doing this rasams for Titli. Koel says I m doing this for my son’s happiness, go and call everyone. Maid says I called them, they refused. Titli asks shall I go. Koel says no, I will go. Maid says no one listens to Koel. Koel comes back. She says everyone is busy, its okay, I m enough to do this rasam, come. She asks Titli to break the coconut in one shot. She says I will know you and Garv have become one, I also did this rasam after my marriage.

Titli takes the coconut. Garv comes and holds her hand. They break the coconut. Koel says this rasam wasn’t for you, but the bahu. He says she is mine, so this rasam is also mine. Koel says you got mad for her. Titli thanks Garv. He says its not easy for me to forget what happened last night, I promised to always support you.

He says I really love you, I didn’t wish to hurt you, trust me, I felt bad seeing you sad. She says I also felt bad seeing you annoyed. She gets Bhakti’s call. Bhakti says I think Garv apologized, so you are happy. Titli says no, he didn’t apologize, he helped me. She enters the room. She sees the romantic decorations. She says I will call you later. Garv hugs her and jokes. They dance. They get close to kiss. Koel calls out Titli. Titli laughs. He gets Paresh’s call. He asks how did you call. Paresh says we had to call you and Titli for Pagphere.

Garv says we will come. Titli says we will ask the family. He says I m your husband, I will decide. They go out. Koel says there is Mu dikhai rasam in evening. Garv says we have to go for Pagphere rasam today evening, Paresh invited us. Koel says yes go, we are doing useless things here. Maina says you should have asked us once, Titli. Garv says I told yes, we didn’t know about this rasam. Koel scolds him.

Titli says we should have asked them. She calls Paresh and says sorry, we can’t come today. He asks why, what happened. She says everything is fine, I will talk to you later. She cries. Titli hugs Garv. Chintu says she isn’t coming. Hiral smiles. Jaishri says we should have asked her Sasural before calling her home, they will decide about her. Baa says she will handle it.

Chintu calls Dhrishti and asks about the family. She says like my posts, comment on it, then you will get your answer. Dhara looks on and messages him. He thanks her. She asks him not to worry, she is there to take care of his sister. Garv cheers up Titli. She runs. Koel invites people for Mu dikhai. Maina argues with Dada ji. Alpa jokes. Garv says I was thinking to do both the rasams today, we will go there for Pagphere and then come back for Mu dikhai rasam.

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