Faltu Starlife update Monday 13 May 2024

Faltu 13 may 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan and Faltu doing the puja. Dada ji and Neil collide. Neil worries for Faltu and asks where is she. Dada ji says she has gone to Mittal house. Neil says I have to go there, she messaged and called me there, sorry.

He says its her family, its their personal matter. Neil says sorry, I don’t trust Ayaan. I have to go. Dada ji asks how shall I explain Neil, he will be hurt.

Faltu gives aarti to everyone. Dadi asks Faltu to be with her. Faltu says I will just come. She goes. Tanu and Savita taunt about Neil. Faltu meets Neil. Neil says puja is over, we shall leave. She asks for divorce papers. Tanu says Neil has come to take Faltu home. Ayaan asks why are you interested in them, I m going to my room. Faltu stops him and gives the signed divorce papers. Tanu smiles. Ayaan thanks her. Faltu apologizes to everyone. She says I m not alone now, Neil is with me. Everyone is shocked. She says I found happiness in Neil, I will spend my life with him. She recalls asking Neil to nod to her. Dadi asks her to see Ayaan once. Ayaan says I m fine, I m happy, when relation is dead, its no use to bear its burden. He cries. He wishes happiness to Faltu.

Faltu says yes, I will get happiness from Neil, don’t come in between. She leaves with Neil. Savita asks how dare she hurt my son. Tanu says she came here to insult Ayaan, you all say she is a Devi, she can never do wrong. Faltu says I wanted to make Ayaan jealous, don’t know what is he thinking, forgive me. Neil says I love you Faltu, I feel love for you, I have learnt living once again. She asks what nonsense, He asks what’s the problem, can’t I love you, we are perfect for each other. She asks him to stop it. She says enough, I love Ayaan.

Neil laughs and says I was just joking. She says don’t joke like that again. He says fine, sit in the car. He gets sad and thinks I wish this was a joke, I can keep you happy. Ayaan thinks of Faltu. Tanu comes and says you must be feeling so shattered, have food with everyone. Ayaan says leave me alone. She says Faltu has taken her decision, give me the divorce papers, I will submit it in the court. He says leave me alone. She goes. He says Faltu, you signed the divorce papers, I wanted you to think about me but you announced the marriage. The pic frame breaks. Neil and Faltu come home. She says everything was fine. Neil says I want to tell you something, Faltu signed the divorce papers and gave it to Ayaan, she ended her ties with Ayaan.

Dada ji asks what. Neil says we are getting married and gave the invitation to them. Dada ji asks what nonsense. Neil says Faltu, go and freshen up, I will tell the truth to Dada ji. She goes. Neil asks what’s the problem, I m marrying Faltu. Dada ji says you are coming between them. Neil says they are getting separated, Faltu gave divorce papers to Ayaan, I like her, you should be happy. He goes. Dada ji gets worried. Kaka asks him to let Neil and Faltu decide. Neil shows the wedding invites samples. He says its for Faltu and my marriage, I already got a date. Faltu comes. She says we have to go and check the shoes stock. Neil says this is our wedding invite. She gets shocked.

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