Bitter sweet love starlife update Tuesday 14 May 2024

The Episode starts with Vijay asking where is Vandu. Shivam says Vandu has come. Vandu comes running and smiling. She meets Vaibhav and says I won’t go anywhere now. He says I know your Kunal Sir likes to trouble you. She says I will marry my Vaibhav. She hugs him. Mrunal asks them to come to the mandap.

Vandu and Vaibhav sit in the marriage. Savita signs Vaibhav. Kunal comes and looks on. Vaibhav says I will always love you. Vandu smiles and wards off the bad sight. They smiles. Vaibhav sees Mrunal and signs her. Kunal and Bobby look on. Bobby says you had taken Vandu along to show the truth. Kunal says I have heard their plans clearly, I don’t know why they didn’t come there, Vaibhav is cheating Vandu, like Sonia cheated me, I m fine.

Kunal recalls Vandu’s words and goes.

Vijay asks Vandu to smile. Pammi asks why did Vandu go with Kunal on her wedding day. Vedika says she went to meet international client. Savita hears and makes a face. Vandu and Vaibhav exchange the garlands. Kunal is worried. Everyone is happy for Vandu.

Pandit asks them to come for kanyadaan. Pammi says her mum isn’t here, her brother and Bhabhi will do her kanyadaan. Vijay asks Hemant and Anagha to come. Vandu says no, my dad will do the kanydaan, he has given me mum and dad’s love. Savita says marriage happens by rituals. She scolds Vandu.

Vaibhav says Vandu didn’t run away, she went for work, let dad do the kanyadaan if Vandana wants. Vijay does the kanydaan. Pandit asks them to get gathbandhan cloth. Vedika says you are lucky Vandu, keep the relations well, stay happy. Pandit asks Vandu and Vaibhav to take the rounds. He chants the mantras. Vaibhav recalls marrying Mrunal. He stops the marriage and says mum got to know everything, she doesn’t want me to marry you, I love you, I got an idea. Mrunal says I m scared. He says I m with you, I will always be with you, mum will not give me anything if I go against her, I will lose the property, let me marry Vandu today.

Mrunal says no. He says I will marry Vandu, but we will enjoy our lives, I will prove she is a bad bahu, I will fight with her every day and divorce her, we will get married, if your house gets sold, then double bonus, I will keep Vandu’s money also, think well. Mrunal says you are saying right. She hugs him and says I love you. He says I love you too. FB ends. Vandu and Vaibhav take the rounds. She recalls Kunal’s words. She stops the rounds and looks at him.

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